Thursday Update on Cost of Love 25th February 2021


Thursday Update on Cost of Love 25th February 2021

Ahaan coming to Pankti. He asks who did this, tell me. He covers her with the dupatta. He takes her inside the house. She recalls JD. He gets water. She says don’t say anything, its much noise here, diwali is celebrated here, there was much light just now, did you get answer, now go. He sees the burns on her hand and says I won’t go leaving you in this state. She says you have to go. He says no, I can’t leave you like this, tell me who did this. She says you think this is a house, its a jail with tall walls, you can leave from here, please go, don’t look back. He says fine, I will go if you get peace. He goes. She thinks of their moments.

JD is on the way and talks to Sheetal. She asks him when is he coming home. He says I have to go in a meeting, I can’t come home tonight, I can meet you in Vikram’s marriage directly, love you so much. He ends call. Driver asks where to go. JD says airport. Pankti sits sad. She shuts her ears. She goes out and sees Ahaan singing Har dafa….. She cries and sits down. Saansein meri….. plays……..Ahaan gets sad seeing her crying. He wipes her tears. He does aid to her hand. She says you didn’t go. He asks how would I go leaving you like this. She says I m fine, don’t spoil your diwali, go.

He wishes her happy diwali. She smiles and asks happy? He says you cry and smile, smile and cry, you are not happy, you are like diya who bring light in other’s house and get burn. She says you started knowing me much, what do you want, what’s there in me. He shows her the diyas. She lights the diya. He shows her the rangoli. She keeps diya in the rangoli. They feed sweets to each other and wish happy diwali. They light a cracker. He sees her smiling and smiles. They hear a car horn. She worries.

Anita and Pruva come home and see Pankti with Ahaan. Anita scolds Pankti and raises hand. Ahaan holds Anita’s hand. Pankti looks on shocked.

Anita scolding Ahaan. He asks her not to teach him about respect, else he will insult her, he has come seeing Pankti in problem, he can’t party leaving anyone in trouble. She says you don’t know what I can do, so just leave from here else….. He says you will call police, fine I will call. Pankti asks him to just go. He says I m trying to help. She says this is my life and my house, just go, for my sake. He says I have to go now. Anita says she is sensible. He says I m stubborn. He gets his guitar. He says listen to me carefully, if I know anything happened to Pankti, I will ruin your life, don’t think I m threatening, I can do a lot. He sees Pankti and goes. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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