Thursday Update on Cost of Love 17th June 2021


Thursday Update on Cost of Love 17th June 2021

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Aparna and Manav talking about Vikram’s hatred and anger. He says even Sheetal accepted Pankti, how long will Vikram keep this hatred. She says Vikram is young, he lost his dad, we should understand him and ignore his anger, give him some time, I m sure when Pankti comes in this house, Vikram will see our happiness and forget everything. He says we have seen much sorrow, happiness should come in the family. She says it will happen. Richa feels proud of Kaira and says you won’t have any problem to get job.

Kaira says its not easy as I did work in family business. They see a vacancy in Monty’s company. Kaira says Vikram may feel bad if I apply here, he won’t understand, he is possessive about every relation. Aparna says he is your brother, he will be happy with your success. Richa says I feel you should apply. Aparna says yes, apply and see.

Aparna says I have packed food for Ahaan. Manav says Ahaan is going London, not jungle. Aparna says he will miss homemade food there, I will give him tiffin. Ahaan asks Pankti about her luggage. Pankti asks him not to ask girls about their luggage. Kaira gives a list of shopping to him. Ahaan says its a big list. Aparna asks them to leave, they will get late. Ahaan sees Vikram away and goes to him. Vikram says all the best, I won’t wish Pankti. Ahaan says I understand and hugs him. Ahaan and Pankti leave. Poorva asks Anita why isn’t she happy, Pankti got a big chance to go London. Anita says Pankti will go to Ahaan’s house, you will go with Monty, what will I do, you call me selfish, I m scared.

Poorva says we will visit you and look after you. Anita says no, girls change after marriage, maybe I need permission from Monty and Ahaan to talk to you two, no I need to talk to them to save my future. Poorva says I understand your fear, you are afraid that you will fall lonely, this won’t happen. Anita goes. Poorva checks low balance in her accounts. She thinks of something. She checks the jewelry given by Monty. She thinks to sell it off. She smiles seeing the jewelry.

She says no, this won’t be right, this won’t be enough to give Anita. She prays to Lord. Kaira checks some office stuff. Manav says I have seen you getting office things. She says yes, I got everything from my desk. She misses office. He asks is your decision to leave company final. She nods. He says then you will miss us. She says yes, new journey doesn’t start till old one ends. He says I m also getting old, don’t leave me. She smiles.

Anita gets desperate and checks her cupboard. Poorva asks what are you doing. Anita says I m finding my diary. Poorva asks what’s in it. Anita gets the diary. Poorva asks where are you going, tell me. She says you both thought for yourself, let me think about myself. She goes. Poorva says mum is going to do something bad. She follows Anita.

Anita checks diary for details. She just finds old clients’ numbers. She thinks to contact old clients. She says I wish I could ask someone about JD’s accounts, why didn’t I think of this before. Poorva follows. Monty calls her and asks where are you. She says I m following mum, she is just after money. He asks shall I come there. She says no, I will call you if I need help.

Anita meets Manav and shows JD sending money for Pankti. She asks for account details. He says I have no account details. She asks why, JD is dead, but you are his brother. He says I m saying truth, I will give you money, give me your account details. She says fine. He says but I have a condition, you won’t come in Ahaan and Pankti’s way. She smiles and agrees. He leaves. Poorva comes and says I came to get answers, I got it, you can never change. She goes. Anita asks her to listen.

Reyansh telling Ahaan and Pankti about their rooms. He talks sweetly. Ahaan smiles. Reyansh says sorry, I will just come. He goes. Pankti goes to the shop to buy something for Ahaan. She buys evil eye for him. Ahaan says indians will always be indians, you are with me, no one’s bad sight can catch me. Reyansh says so sweet, Ahaan is right, no one can harm two lovers. Ahaan says anything for you… Reyansh says you agreed so soon, be a man. He gifts keychains to Pankti and Ahaan. Ahaan thanks him. Pankti says your style to welcome, none did this till now. Reyansh thanks them and asks them to come.

Pankti comes to her room. She likes it. She gets shocked hearing a sound. She then checks. She finds Ahaan bathing in. She gets him out. He runs around. She asks him what is he doing here. He flirts with her. She says I have a right to ask you to go and get rest, so that you can impress the world. She makes him out of the room and asks him to go. He says see you will come to me yourself. She says I won’t. He goes. Someone is inside the room. Pankti says I love you Ahaan and sees his pic. She goes to sleep. Someone comes to hold her and calls out Babu. She gets shocked and wakes up. She says JD’s voice…..She runs to Ahaan and asks him to open the door. She runs downstairs and hugs Ahaan. He smiles. He says I told you, you will come to me yourself, its so cold here, why are not wearing few clothes. He covers her up with his jacket. He says sit, I was just practicing. She hugs him.

Anita comes to meet Monty. She says I have come to deal Poorva, you thought you will get her without any payment. He says you were happy about marriage. She says I wanted to talk when Poorva is not around, my daughters are business for me. He gets shocked. She asks for ten crores. She says Ahaan also paid the same for Pankti, you are more rich than Ahaan, you should pay more, but I m giving you discount. He says I need some time. Anita says I thought you love Poorva and can throw money on me right away, fine I will wait. She goes. Ahaan and Pankti enjoy their time. Pankti dances and says I feel I can do anything here. He says I can get anything you want. She says icecream. He gets it from a lady. She says hat. He gets it from a man, saying sorry and thanks. She says dance. He dances. She says you…. He says I m always with you.

They walk on the streets. He clicks her pic. She poses. He says you didn’t had a big smile for me till now. She says Reyansh…. Reyansh comes and says great love story is going on, but we have come here for great singing, just prepare a good indian song, I will get coffee for you. He goes. Ahaan sings Har dafaa……on the streets. Everyone claps for him. Someone is shown reaching close. He presses the remote. Ahaan gets an electric shock when he plays the guitar. He faints down. Pankti gets shocked and asks him to get up.