Thursday Update on Cost of Love 10th June 2021


Thursday Update on Cost of Love 10th June 2021

Ahaan saying I have filed an affidavit in court, if anything happens to Pankti, you will be responsible for it. JD says I didn’t get Pankti. Ahaan says I know you kidnapped her. JD says I didn’t even touch her, where is she, tell me. Uday says Ahaan got this idea because of you, you disappeared from the restaurant. Pankti asks what. FB shows Uday and Ahaan finding Pankti everywhere. Ahaan says I will clear Pankti’s name this time, I will not leave JD and media if anything happens to her. He sees Pankti standing somewhere. He holds her and hugs. He asks where did you go without telling me. She says I m here, I didn’t get kidnapped. Ahaan says but you can get kidnapped, we can play this drama to sort our problems, you will stay with Uday at his house for some days, then I will find a solution by targeting JD, I will figure out how to expose JD. Uday says I m feeling scared, don’t worry, I will manage. FB ends. Uday says this time Ahaan will succeed, you will see. Pankti smiles.

Ahaan asks JD about Pankti. JD starts laughing and says I m tolerating this because of Sheetal, everyone has seen Pankti with you, you are blaming me, I should ask you, where is Pankti. Vikram comes and says Ahaan is saying true dad, Pankti is really missing, who else can kidnap her, your goons were after her. JD says we shall call police to solve this confusion. He says Ahaan, if you submit affidavit against me, don’t forget I filed a police complaint against you. Ahaan plays Anita’s recording. JD gets shocked when Anita blames her. Ahaan recalls recording Anita’s words. Ahaan says now your laugh will stop hearing this. Pankti reads the poetry and smiles. Ahaan says Vikram will give statement against you, when Anita said this, he was standing there, I can file a Fir against you. Pankti reads the lines written by Ahaan.

She thinks. JD sits and says I feel repeat telecast is going on, now you will say how much will I stoop, my soul has died, anyways I told you 17 times, everything is fair in love and war, you have snatched Pankti, so I asked police to remove you. Aparna shouts. JD says calm down, I didn’t knock down Ahaan, your son is here, ask him to stop this drama and tell me where is Pankti, I can find her, but my life can get easy if he tells me, I can make his life easy too. Ahaan says how many times should we prove that you are wrong, you can’t do anything, just dare to harm Pankti, I will defeat you and not let you do anything, don’t try to threaten me, just pray when I get Pankti, she is fine. Ahaan comes to Sheetal and says I m sorry, its time that JD gets punished, so you too started speaking, get fine soon, I m fighting a big battle, I need your blessings. He cries and holds her hand. He leaves.

JD drinks. He says where can Pankti go, is Ahaan joking with me. He calls Sinha and says congrats, I got Pankti, she is with me. Sinha says congrats Sir. JD shouts fool, you can never find her, shut up and listen to me carefully, someone kidnapped Pankti. Sinha asks who can kidnap her. JD says I have a doubt that Ahaan has hidden her somewhere, just tap everyone’s phones, I want all info. Kaira says JD is going to tap all phones. Manav says we will inform Ahaan soon, we still have time. Kaira calls Ahaan and gets number off. She calls Uday and says its not reachable, there is an idea, I will call Pankti, her number is switched off, I will message Ahaan, I hope he responds soon. JD gets shocked seeing a mic placed there.

Ahaan meeting Pankti at Uday’s house. Uday says AV will be ready till evening, it will be posted. Pankti says kids are playing with balls, they are hitting here again and again, I will throw back the ball, they will need it. Ahaan says no, someone is intentionally throwing the ball. He stops Pankti and makes Uday throw the ball. Uday talks to the kids. Uday throws the ball and asks kids not to throw ball into the house again. Ahaan sees the goons there and Pankti isn’t safe here.

The goon calls Sinha and says Uday and Ahaan were at the window. Sinha says fine, still be there, keep me informed. He is on the way with JD. Sinha tapes Ahaan’s phone. He tells JD about the call. Ahaan calls Monty and says I need to tell you something about Pankti. Monty asks what can I help. JD hears the conversation and says say something Ahaan, I know you lied about her kidnapping. Ahaan says I think Anita knows about Pankti, ask Poorva to keep an eye on her. JD hears him. Monty says sure, take care. Monty says Poorva, I m trying to understand what Ahaan couldn’t say. Pankti and Uday ask Ahaan why did he change his words. Ahaan says because of this…. He recalls getting a message from Kaira. He says Kaira’s message came on time, so I have changed my words, now JD has to get scared, we shouldn’t be scared now, I will switch off location so that he doesn’t track us. Uday gets a call and goes.

Pankti hugs Ahaan and says thank God, we got saved. Ahaan asks what happened, did you get scared, that one second was in our favor, Lord is with us, we are going in right direction, we will get all respect back. Uday comes and says AV has come. He plays it on laptop. They see Ahaan and Pankti’s solo album. Saansein meri….plays…. Ahaan and Pankti smile. They show their sad story in the AV. Ahaan in AV, says my Pankti disappeared from my life and songs, I don’t know where is she, please Pankti, if you can hear me, come back.

Kaira shows the AV to everyone. JD also sees the video. JD smiles seeing it and understands. He calls Sinha and says many people did see this video, just keep an eye on Ahaan and Uday. He says its a lie, Ahaan, it should be a lie, a game sketched by you, if this is true, you will be ruined. People see Ahaan’s video. Poorva says we shall go to police station. Anita refuses. Anita says with whom is Pankti now. JD says we are tapping calls, but we didn’t know anything by now, Ahaan’s video is getting viral. JD checks the video and says people will support Ahaan then.

Poorva says views are increasing, I will see till when you hurt Pankti. Anita says I m also confused. Poorva says you are bad in acting like before, leave it, Ahaan’s love will find Pankti, people will also help him. JD comes and says don’t worry for me, we shall find Pankti first. Poorva asks why this drama, you kidnapped her, I know mum knows about her. JD says you are talking a lot. He goes to hold her neck. Monty stops him. JD gets shocked.

Monty and JD taunt each other. Poorva asks Monty to let it be, its no use to talk to JD. JD says e will see who shuts whose mouth. Poorva asks Monty to come with her. They leave. Ahaan says Pankti’s respect won’t be back by this video, this can defame Ahaan as well. He gets a message and asks them to see, people aren’t respecting Pankti.

Ahaan asks Uday to check response of people. They read bad comments about Pankti. Pankti says we are on social media, if we want people to help us, we have to bear this. Ahaan says yes, we have to bear some bad to get good.