Thursday Update on Complicated Love 4th March 2021

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Thursday Update on Complicated Love 4th March 2021

Mishti continue her struggles against the goon.

Back at home, Pari restlessly walked across the room. Ansh tries Rohan’s number. Sukhmani pulls Pari to sit, and asks her to be courageous. Mishti will be fine. Pari breaks into tears, she says it was her fate but she unknowingly gave it to Mishti. Mishti again took over her problems. She says it was her plan to go to Lonavela, she shouldn’t have headed Mishti towards it. Rohan already warned her that matters are worse. She blames herself to have put her sister in trouble. Arnav scolds Pari for blaming herself, and says if Pari was there they would all have been equally tensed.
Rohan calls Mishti’s name again. Mishti ran into a hole of leaves and covers herself with leaves. The goon reached the clearing and wonders where was she lost. Mishti prays for her protection and lay down still. The goon says it’s their area, they will soon find her. Mishti watches his foot almost slipped but he runs the opposite direction.

Mishti now hears Rohan’s call. She gets up at once, senses the voice. The goon had turned around. Mishti calls Rohan back and runs towards him. The goon runs towards them. Mishti tightly hugs Rohan while trembling. He hugs her back tightly and caress her hair. The goon spots them and runs backward. Rohan says everything is fine, she is safe. They soon watch the man return with his partners. The man says she slapped him twice, they shouldn’t spare her now. Rohan holds Mishti’s hand tightly and signals her to run.

It was dark at night. The goons still chased Rohan and Mishti while they were hiding behind a tree. Mishti was tired and felt unwell. Rohan convince Mishti to lose this place as soon as possible, she can’t give up. Mishti’s hand slips over a cliff. Rohan and Mishti roll down the steep, over leaves. Rohan lay over Mishti, removing the dust from her hand. He notices a bruise over her arm and kisses it. He says he would have lost his life, had Mishti been hurt today. Mishti hugs Rohan. Rohan kiss her forehead while she rubs her hands into his hair. Rohan comes to realization at once and sits up. He recalls Mishti running over to him.

Mishti felt weak and hurt over the shoulder. Rohan helps her get up and place her head over his shoulder. He notices her back was filled with blood. He place her head over his shoulder again and tears her shirt. Then takes a hand key and rubs a disinfectant over her cut. Mishti cries in pain and clutches Rohan even tightly. He says it’s done. They sit together with their faces close. Rohan observes tears over Mishti’s face, he rubs a finger over her face. They hear Veer’s voice, who had reached looking for them with the police. Rohan and Mishti part away. Veer was happy to see Mishti and hugs her, while she was hurt on her bruise. Veer says he is much relieved to see her fine, I love you.

“Rohan clutches his fist. He thinks
For a moment, life was so beautiful…
They were together and alone…
Why this isn’t the truth of his life…
Why this dream is so beautiful…
Why he feels disturbed watching her into someone else’s arms… “

Mishti wonders why she can’t feel Veer’s warmth of happiness. If she has fallen in love with Rohan. This restlessness may have a single answer, that she now loves Rohan.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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