Thursday Update on Complicated Love 3rd September 2020


Thursday Update on Complicated Love 3rd September 2020

Rajdeep asks Mauli how it feels being a renowned doctor, she has been in the city for years and must have a huge circles. Mauli says she knows a lot of people, but only childhood friendships are special; such connections can never be made again. Nandini recall she told the same to a fellow on her birthday, and today nodded at Mauli. Both were teary. Mauli suggests about placing an order now.
In the room, Dida tries to hold the charger from the other bed and fell over the bed. Mamma runs to help her but Dida furiously forbids her to even touch her, she had eaten up her son. Mamma backs up at once.
Rajdeep was discussing about doctors. Kunal offers mushroom dish to Nandini but Mauli says Nandini is allergic to mushrooms. Rajdeep was clueless about it. Kunal pays the bill although Rajdeep insists. Mauli says this time the bill is upon them, next time they will come to their house. Nandini and Mauli hug each other tightly. Mauli asks for Nandini’s contact number. Rajdeep says Nandini broke her phone, they may call his number anytime. After they have left, Kunal thinks this man seems strange. He was doubtful that they both looked happy.
On the way back, Nandini thanks Rajdeep to make her meet her old friend. Rajdeep demands a gift in return. Nandini screams at a jerk of the car. Rajdeep tells her to go upstairs and get his gift ready. Nandini says today she will tell him she is pregnant.

At home, Mauli asks Kunal how he felt after meeting Nandini; it seemed she was hiding something. Her eyes were so dull. Kunal was of the view that no matter Rajdeep was a bad person, but a good husband. Mauli says Nandini must have been cheerful today if Rajdeep had kept her happy. Kunal insists that people change with the passage of time. Mauli was of the view that Rajdeep lies on people’s face, he just shows off all the care for Nandini. The husbands who show off a lot of care for wives are surely doing wrong behind their backs. Kunal takes it personal, and asks Mauli to pass on a red book to him. Mauli gives him the book saying its black, he flips the other side to be the red. Mauli says she hadn’t seen this side. Kunal gives the same lesson about men to Mauli in a philosophical way. Kunal’s at once points at the injury he got while he dived into the pool. Mauli asks why he didn’t tell it in the hotel, Kunal says it needed love with care which he couldn’t get in the hotel. Mauli now brings the first aid box to wipe his injury.
Nandini decorates the bed with rose petals writing Thank You. She wish Rajdeep accepts their child as he has accepted Mauli; she hoped the child brings a new beginning to their life. There was a door bell. Nandini gives last touches to her decorations. Rajdeep stood outside the house with another lady and calls him inside. Nandini questions Rajdeep who she is. Rajdeep says she is his gift. He pours a drink for themselves, and reminds she had pushed him away on bed yesterday. She must be thankful he didn’t bring a new wife. He blames Nandini to plan a meeting with her friend behind his back. He takes the other girl into the room. He smirks reading Thankyou on the bed, kiss the cheek of Nandini and shuts the door at her face. Nandini cried outside the room, devastated on the floor.
Mauli says it was her mistake, she didn’t ask Nandini directly if she was happy or she had a problem. She asks to meet Nandini once more. Kunal promises they will take their visiting card tomorrow and meet her, but he was sleepy right now. Mauli hugs Kunal in the bed and requests him to meet Nandini right now.
Nandini cried sitting on the floor.
Kunal and Mauli get into the car to leave. Mauli compliments Kunal to be a very good husband. Kunal says he promised to walk with her, and atleast they got a chance of late night drive because of Nandini.
Rajdeep had fun with the other girl in bedroom.
Mauli was determined not to spare Rajdeep’s life if Nandini is really in trouble.

Sweety was looking for her husband across the street. Mauli and Kunal come there. Mauli sense she doubted Prem again, Sweety was apologetic and promises she won’t do it again. Kunal tells Mauli to go inside with Sweety, she won’t go to Nandini alone as he can’t take risk. They will speak about it later.
The next morning, Rajdeep comes to Nandini who sat on the floor lost. He says he knows how to teach lessons to ladies like her. Nandini replies she didn’t do anything wrong, but what he did was a sin. Rajdeep clarifies what a man goes out for what he doesn’t get at home.
There, Kunal and Mauli were making bed together. Kunal was irritated of Prem and Sweety’s drama. Mauli tells him to sleep for a while. Kunal says he has a lot to do today, Dr. Naik even offered him a job and he is ready to take it. Mauli says they would discuss about it later and tie her hair in a bun before leaving. Kunal untie her hair and asks if she couldn’t sleep whole night? Mauli says she is really worried about Nandini. Kunal thinks about it and promises sometime during lunch today.
Nandini was bringing morning tea for Rajdeep when she get morning sickness. She goes into the washroom to puke. Rajdeep gets a call from Kunal. In the washroom, she sits on the floor and speaks to her baby that since Mauli is back in their lives she will handle everything. Rajdeep comes to inform her that Mauli and Kunal are coming for lunch. Nandini was excited.

Rajdeep warns her to tell Mauli anything about their personal lives, else he would kick her out of her life. He forces Nandini to smile and clicks a shot of them together.In the hospital, Mauli spoke to her mother on phone. She insisted on Mauli that Mayank won’t give the interview and she has to use her influence to get him a job. Mauli feels helpless while the call was disconnected. Kunal came to pick Mauli. In the car, Mauli tells Kunal that it was her mother’s call, but she has now understood that the differences between her mother and her can never be over, she has to live with them. She notices the bouquet Kunal had bought for Nandini, he presents Mauli with the rose.

Nandini had prepared all the food for lunch. Rajdeep comes home and asks to taste it but spits after a single bite calling it much spicy. Nandini says Mauli likes spicy food. He shouts at Nandini asking who? Nandini was afraid. Rajdeep breaks all the bowls on floor shouting at Nandini. He asks whose house is this. Nandini replies it’s his, Rajdeep says the food must also be his choice then. He tells her to go and clean the house, and retouch the makeup as well. Nandini was worried about the food, Rajdeep says he would order from outside. Rajdeep hands their photo frame on a wall.
Mauli and Kunal arrive and were attentive towards the frame. Nandini comes out of the kitchen and greets them. Kunal presents her with the bouquet and the gift. Nandini offers them tea or coffee but Mauli says they want to eat from Nandini’s hand cooked food.
While at lunch, Rajdeep was over caring for Nandini. He doesn’t let her serve and instead pours the food for Nandini in her plate. Mauli takes the first bite and asks Nandini if she cooked this? Nandini explains that the taste has changed over time because Rajdeep likes lesser spices. Rajdeep says things change over the course of years Mauli. Nandini says things don’t change, it’s the situations that change. Rajdeep calls his wife as extremely emotional and hugs her. Nandini says it was only because she met her friend after long. Rajdeep gives the first bite into Nandini’s mouth, she at once feels nauseatic and uneasy. Mauli offers to check her nerve but Nandini explains it’s an uneasy stomach, she takes a leave from table
As soon as Nandini reaches the washroom Rajdeep comes to twist her arm from behind. He asks if she knows they are here for a business deal, her drama is taking away their attention. Outside, Mauli was worried about what is happening. Kunal insists that he went out of care for his wife but Mauli still goes to look in privacy what’s going on. Nandini was crying and explains to Rajdeep that she is really unwell. Rajdeep tells her to do the drama of being well then, this business deal is very important for them. He was about to slap Nandini hard on face when Mauli walks into the washroom from behind.