Thursday Update on Complicated Love 26th November 2020


Thursday Update on Complicated Love 26th November 2020

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Kunal hurries with the child. Mauli consoles the lady. Kunal returns with the baby and says their child is out of danger, handing him to the father. Kunal forwards his hand to shake Mauli’s, as they have finally saved the child. Mauli doesn’t hold back his hand and instead leaves with her suitcase. Kunal follows Mauli and asks if everything is fine. Mauli reminds Kunal that they decided they won’t anymore speak to each other. Kunal says this earthquake came at such a time, and there are less doctors and more patients. Mauli wasn’t in a mood to talk and instead walks on.

Ishaan was busy with a client when a call interrupts. It was his mother scolding him for always being busy. Ishaan says he is really busy with preparations of wedding. His mother says he didn’t take their consent and didn’t listen to any of them at all. Ishaan says he missed them a lot, and wish he and Papa had come to his engagement. A lady taps at his shoulder and says here she is.

Ishaan tightly hugs his mother, cheerful of the surprise. She was excited to meet his daughter in law, though his Papa isn’t happy with his decision; she anyway took the flight to come to him. Ishaan orders two coffees and sits with his mother. His mother asks to meet Mauli first and was impatient. Ishaan tells his mother that Mauli isn’t in Mumbai right now.

Mauli carries her bag through the crowd and slips, her belongings falling off her hands. Kunal comes to help her and says his tent is just besides hers. Mauli was angry at him and asks why he even came here? Kunal reminds Mauli this is a relief camp and they are doctors, by why Mauli behaves so oddly. Mauli grabs her belongings and tells him to go away, she can manage her own work.
Ishaan’s mother was upset that Mauli isn’t in Mumbai anymore. Ishaan says Mauli is a doctor, and there was an earth quake in Gujrat. He convinced her to go and save lives, though she didn’t want to go. Ishaan’s mama observes that Mauli holds her work important than marriage. Ishaan says they can meet Mauli’s family and Mishti if not Mauli.
Mamma calls Kunal and asks about Pari. Kunal tells Mamma he came to Gujrat for relief camp. Mamma asks if the same camp as Mauli went. There, Mauli tells Ishaan on phone that Kunal is also here. Ishaan tells her not to be hyper at all, she and Kunal are both doctors. Kunal shares with Mamma that Mauli’s behavior is really strange. Dida was suspicious as she stood behind Radhika. Ishaan was with his mother in the car and after the call he asks his mother why Mauli is so hyper because of Kunal. His mother was clueless who Kunal is? Ishaan says Kunal is Mauli’s ex-husband and both are at the relief camp. He says they are both professionals, doctors; he assures his mother that their job is the only commonality between them right now.
Dida was unhappy that Mauli is being forced on a way Mauli doesn’t want to go on.
At night, a man was shouting at Mauli that his wife is allergic to this pain killer. Kunal comes to handle that the allergy through this medicine is really mild, it might vanish by morning. Dr. Mauli is a competent doctor and he must trust her. After the matter was resolved, Mauli tells Kunal she can handle her problems and doesn’t need his assistance.
In the tent, Kunal wonders what happened to Mauli that she behaves weird since morning. All of a sudden, he hears Mauli’s screams for help. He goes to her tent, Mauli was terrified and tightly hugs Kunal who stood hands up and still.

Mauli hugged Kunal and fearfully screams of a cockroach over her bed. The cockroach flies and vanishes around the room. Kunal joyously calls the cockroach not to come to Mauli’s tent at all. Mauli was offensive that he was making fun of her situation. Kunal says she had called him for help, and he, in spite of all the insults he bore came for her help. He turns to leave, but the cockroach reappears. Mauli screams and jumps over Kunal again, the cockroach flies to Mauli’s head. Kunal catches the cockroach, throwing it out of the tent. Mauli pours a glass of water for herself. Kunal complains he is welcome by the way.

Mishti asks Ishaan why they have come to the restaurant. Ishaan says they have to meet someone who is dearly important to him in life. Mishti exclaims she is important in his life. Ishaan says there is another lady as well, who is most important in Mishti’s life? Mishti says it’s her mama, and understands that it must be Ishaan’s mother. Ishaan turns Mishti’s chair to his mother. Mishti doesn’t shake hands with her, takes a round of the lady and complements her to be beautiful, then touches her feet. Ishaan’s mother presents her with a gift.

Mauli stood in queue while busy with her cell phone. The vegetable and daal had finished by her turn, only bread and pickle were left. Kunal observes Mauli eating dryly with pickle only. He brings his share of curry to Mauli. Before Mauli could object he says she would need energy even to fight to him, so take it.
Mauli gets hiccup while having soup. Ishaan at once rubs her back and attends to her, then tasting the soup he scolds the waiter for making Mishti’s soup as spicy. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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