Thursday Update on Complicated Love 25th February 2021


Thursday Update on Complicated Love 25th February 2021

It was morning. Pari offers Radhika to come over with her to the temple, later on she can return home through auto. Radhika argues the temple isn’t 10km away. Mishti convince Radhika to go with Pari, she is offering a lift. Radhika agrees. Pari says this is magic, Mishti.

Mishti comes to the kitchen and cleans up the kitchen. Her foot was twisted in heels while she falls off. Rohan comes running to the kitchen and holds her hand in support. Mishti wasn’t ready to hold it. Rohan now thinks of an idea, he holds a wooden spoon so that Mishti doesn’t have to touch his hand. It doesn’t work. Rohan tries to support her over the wooden chopping board. Mishti was still on the floor, his foot aches badly. Rohan now holds her in his arms. She looks away annoyed, then innocently says he can leave her on the floor.

Rohan says she was already on the floor. Mishti thinks this is an embarrassing situation and Rohan must be enjoying. Rohan carries Mishti to her bed. She cries out of pain. Rohan asks if there is any pain relieving spray or balm. She points towards the cabinet. He bends to apply the balm, Mishti flinches that she will do it herself. Rohan tells her to relax, he will help. She screams out of pain as he rubs the balm. Rohan was upset and thinks he wish to get all the pain away from her. He holds her foot and twists it.

Mishti slaps him over the shoulder while screaming that he wish to break her foot. Rohan smiles and asks her to move the foot. Mishti was excited that the pain vanished, what he did. She thanks Rohan. He turns to leave the room, then comes to take the balm as she practiced boxing championship over his back. Mishti smiles while he had walked out of the room.

Ansh stops Tani while she leaves the apartment. Rani says there is a pool party at her friend. Ansh inquires which friend. Tani says she made a new friend, and poor Robby must be waiting for her. Ansh offers her a walk, but Tani says she already committed Robby and will meet him in the evening. Ansh watches Tani go with Robby in his car.

Mishti thinks about Radhika’s words in the morning when the doorbell rings. Sukhmani comes in excitedly with caramel custard for Mishti. Mishti tastes the custard in excitement, and enjoys the dessert. She leaves it in the fridge to enjoy it later.

Ansh sat on the bench, thinking about Tani and Robby. Rohan passes by and joins Ansh. Ansh replies its nothing. Rohan says something is wrong. Ansh shares with Rohan that all girls are same, they initially show full bonding, and cheap flirting but all of a sudden there is a new boyfriend and they forget you. Rohan smiles that not all these girls are same. Ansh says any girl he met till today is same. Rohan says may be Ansh’s approach to get the girls is wrong. Ansh requests Rohan to show him the right way.

Rohan says last time he was about to have a full and final pack up, he wonders what Mishti would do this time. Ansh blackmails if Rohan wants him to have repeated heart breaks. Rohan laughs that everyone in his family is emotional blackmailer. He advices Ansh to respect each girl, be friends with them. Every relation will start with friendship, when he finds someone special then he should come to him. Ansh thanks Rohan for changing his perspective. Rohan asks about the perspective of his exams. Ansh takes flee, boasting his exams were all good.

Sukhmani watches the cards in Mishti’s room. She says the days are very near, and asks Mishti if she is happy. She eyes Mishti closely as she doesn’t reply at once. She then speaks to Mishti that she asked if she loves Veer. The answer is important for both of them. Mishti says she is extremely happy. She couldn’t speak to Veer that day, she was so tensed and even troubled her. Sukhmani says she thought she didn’t really pay attention to whatever Mishti had said. Mishti says Sukhmani heard her keenly, and she loves it when someone claims her to be like her mother. Sukhmani offers her advice and an ear to discuss any problem, if Mishti faces in life. She promises to be always with her, without judging her. Mishti thanks Bua and promises to share with her, if any trouble is there. Sukhmani hugs Mishti. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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