Thursday Update on Complicated Love 18th February 2021


Thursday Update on Complicated Love 18th February 2021

Mishti gets a call from Veer. He asks where she is. She says she came out as she had something important to do, she tells him she is with Rohan. Rohan gave her a lift, as they both had to go Andheri. Veer says alright, he will meet Dadi then.

Ansh tells Sukhmani he must meet Tani. Sukhmani says she must be asleep, then asks Ansh to speak to her as a friend that she has lost completely, she is extremely stressed. He should explain to Tani that whatever she is doing isn’t right for her. Ansh promises to speak to her.

Pari goes to answer the door bell. It was Veer. She tells him Mishti is out. Veer says he came over to meet them. It’s about planning surprise party for Mishti. Pari says she was exactly thinking to call him.

Rohan stops at a signal. A flower vendor stops by them, he asks Rohan to gift them to Bhabhi and say I love you. Rohan looks towards Mishti. The young boy throws the flowers in the car. Rohan laughs and pays the money to vendor. Mishti leaves the car and gets into a rickshaw. Rohan wonders what the hell. He races the car from the signal.

Veer says they will bring three tier cake for Mishti with exotic fruit cake. They must keep Mishti out of the house. Pari wonders who would make the arrangements. Veer says he can ask Rohan then. Pari asks Veer to spend the most of time with Mishti, and make her feel special; she deserves the best. She can keep Rohan at home. Pari recalls he hadn’t purchased any gift for Mishti and thinks about going to market. Veer shows the car keys he bought for Mishti. Pari was excited and thinks about a dramatic idea to give it to Mishti.

Rohan chases Mishti’s rickshaw. Mishti was distressed about the vendor’s words and Rohan’s laughter. Rohan stops his car right in front of Mishti’s rickshaw. He comes out of the car with the bunch of rose. Mishti comes out and questions what the hell, what is he doing. Rohan asks what she is doing, why she got out of the car, what is the problem. Mishti asks why he bought those flowers. If she would be happy if he will give her the flower. If he enjoyed buying the flowers. Rohan says he bought those flowers, not gave her. And if she even accepts these flowers from her, what will happen at the most.

Mishti looks towards the flowers, then Rohan. She beats him with the same bunch of flowers while crying. Rohan stands still. She walks away from him. Rohan picks up one of the flowers which was still unbroken. Mishti thinks there is a problem, whenever he is around she feels confused; she must de-root this problem else her stable life will be in trouble.

Veer tells Pari he really believes they must send Mishti with Rohan. He wants to help out with the part preparations. Rohan comes home and was upset. Veer asks about Mishti. Rohan replies Mishti had to go on opposite direction, she left in auto. Veer asks Rohan to stay with her for her birthday party. Rohan wasn’t ready. Pari says they were thinking, Rohan should stay back at home. Radhika and Sukhmani also say there can be a war if Rohan and Mishti are left to spend the day together; it’s a bad idea. Veer asks Rohan to promise he won’t fight with Mishti again. Rohan and everyone else laugh. Rohan says Veer is being extra dramatic since his marriage was fixed, he must go inside and enjoy with Mishti; he will be here. Veer takes Rohan aside to speak to him. He discuss the guest list with him, and says he invited his friends. Rohan had an objection. Veer was of the view that his friends must meet his extended family.

The next morning, Radhika wakes Mishti up on her birthday. Pari and Ansh were also there in the decorated room. Pari blows a balloon right close to her ears. Mishti sits up. Ansh blows rose petals over Mishti through a fan. Both siblings giving hugs and kisses to Mishti. Radhika takes everyone from over her. Sukhmani joins with Arnav who offers to give her birthday bumps. Mishti cries in pain, while everyone else enjoys. Pari asks Mishti to get ready. Veer is coming for her shopping. Mishti wonders if he even remembers her birthday. She gets a call from Veer. The family leave the love birds all alone. On the call, Mishti complains he didn’t call him on midnight. Veer says he came over on Holi but was embarrassed. He asks her to get ready, he will be there in twenty minutes; and love you. Mishti replies me too.

Rohan comes to the hall and was about to hit Mishti. She was ready to go with Veer. Rohan walks to the balcony without saying a work. Mishti close her fist tightly, she thinks avoiding her would be her defeat. If her beats races, it doesn’t mean she is falling for him; she can’t fell weak and let this happen. Radhika asks if she should make Gajar ka Halwa. Mishti says please, it’s her birthday and her favorite dish must be prepared. Rohan half turns his face to look egoistically towards her only.

Veer was in parking. Pari calls him to come soon, else when would they do the preparations. Veer replies he is coming soon.

Mishti comes to balcony. Rohan was busy with the plants. She says he lives in the same house, can’t he wish her. Its against basic manner, not wishing. Rohan says usually she has problem with him, he thought better not to disturb her on her best day. Mishti says its good wishes only. Rohan walks closer and asks if she really wants him to wish her… plucks a white rose from behind her and says Happy Birthday Mishti. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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