Thursday Update on Complicated Love 10th December 2020

Thursday Update on Complicated Love 10th December 2020

Kunal corrects Mauli that he only wants Mauli to leave the house. But if Mamma and Dida wish to leave, they can; but this house belongs to them and they can return anytime. Mauli says she never knew he would fall down to such an extent. Kunal asks if she has now recognized him, he was always the same. Mauli asks Mamma and Dida to leave, Kunal clarifies to Mamma and Dida that they belong to him. They must take a decision only by considering how much Pari needs them, she is deprived of motherhood since long now and needs them more. Dida cries that she was half dead when her young son died, the other half of her finished off when Kunal and Mauli had parted. She wish to live in the house which her son constructed for her. She joins her hand in apology to Mauli.

Mamma holds Dida’s hands and says she doesn’t need to apologize. She requests to think about Dida, she might not live for long if she shifts the place. Mauli accepts that Radhika would also not leave else who would take care of Dida. She accepts she was a step after all, everyone else had been connected through blood. She accepts to leave and calls Mishti outside. She says Mishti is also his daughter, Mauli can’t take her in the middle of night to wander around the streets. Mauli was now furious and forbids Kunal to interfere in Mishti’s matter. He clarifies Mauli has no place to live at this moment, she must first find some place for herself then take Mishti from here. Mauli tells Mishti not to worry and stay here with her Dadi and Dida; she will soon return to bring her daughter back.

Mishti stares at Kunal furiously, then walks into the room. She throws her toys at Pari and curses her Buddy to be a bad man. She questions why they shifted here? Her mother had to leave because of Buddy, she then cries with her stuffed toy. Pari claims her Buddy to be the best in the world, he isn’t an evil man. Mishti cries and asks why her Buddy did so. Pari says he did everything for Mishti only. She wished the Santa Clause, and her Buddy if fulfilling that wish.

Kunal convinces Dida that they must free Mauli from the old shackles so that she moves on in life. Radhika asks how Mishti will live without Mauli. Kunal says they will take care of Mishti, he is here and won’t let anything happen to Mishti. Mahek tells Kunal that may be Mishti will now hate Kunal badly. Kunal was ready to sacrifice this for Mauli’s sake. He wished Mauli and Mishti understand him and even forgive him. He convince everyone that they have to stay united at such a time. Radhika was worried what if their plan backfires, and costs them even more than this. Kunal was sure Mauli would call Ishaan for help at this time of the night. But Mahek says they can’t be sure if Mauli agrees to marry Ishaan or not.

In the restaurant, Ishaan was waiting for Mauli with table decorated for her. He thinks about calling Mauli, but hopes she does comes tonight. Pari whispers into Mishti’s ears that Santa Clause was her Buddy. Mishti asks why he became a Santa and doing all this. Pari says it was her Buddy’s plan to bring Ishaan and Mauli together. Mauli calls Mishti from outside. Mishti runs out into the hall. Mauli had come with police. The inspector asks Mishti if she wants to go with her mama or stay here. Mishti thinks about her conversation with Pari. She tells Mauli she will live here with Dida and Dadi. Mauli was taken aback. She cries and accuses Kunal again, she then requests Mishti to tell the inspector she wants to go with her. The police leaves by suggesting Mauli to seek legal help tomorrow morning. Mauli also walks outside, Mishti runs behind her. Mauli walks in the midst of the street. Kunal’s claims over the house echo in her mind. A car approaching from front hits Mauli. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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