Thursday Update on Colours Love Glow Tv


Thursday Update on Colours Love Glow Tv


MARCH 15TH, 2018

Mohini is tensed in her room, shtabdi comes there and ask why you called me? mohini says you father sent money yesterday, give me my money, shtabdi says I am not in mood to give you, mohini says your father promised me, shtabdi says 1st give me a gift, ok I will take it, she opens her cupboard and says wah you hided your jewelry before hand, mohini ask what?
paro ask Maithili that did you see shantanu? Maithili says no, rudra says don’t worry he will come, mohini comes and says my jewelry is missing, call bsd, rudra says calm down, paro thinks that sunehri is missing, shantanu is missing.. she as rudra to come, she takes him in room and tells him that shantanu and sunehri love each other, I saw them together, rudra ask when? paro says 2 days before, rudra says why you didn’t tell me then? paro says I tried but, rudra says but you had to tell me, it was important, I will not leave that bastard.

shantanu stops the car, sunehri ask why did you stop, he says because my work is done, she ask what? he ask do you love me? she nods, he says sorry but i have to do the work for what i came here.
paro tells about shantanu and sunehri to everyone, danveer says to paro that what, sunehri ran away with shantanu, Maithili says maybe they got married, rudra is stunned too., mohini says its a lie, my daughter cant do this, samrat says what are you saying paro, she didn’t leave a letter even, mohini fumes and says that this paro is trying to allege my daughter, my daughter cant do this, you must have told this to my daughter, she is innocent, you must have made her learn all this, rudra says calm down kakisa, sumer comes and says sunehri ran away, that’s why she was worried yesterday, mohini says that my daughter have 2 brothers and her father is alive but she cant be found, rudra says calm down, I am trying to trace them. samrat ask sumer to come with him and find sunehri.

shantanu comes back to ranawat villa, all are stunned to see him alone, shantanu says I am sorry to all of you, mohini says this much big cheat, sunehri comes there too, paro hugs her and says thank god you are fine, paro gives a tight slap to shantanu, she says I trusted you, you said that everything is finished between you and sunehri then why you did that? mohini hugs sunehri, samrat comes to shantanu, sumer and samrat beats him, danveer stops them, sumer says that he tried to make our sister run and you are stopping us, rudra says don’t stop them kaka, sumer is doing right thing for 1st time, sunehri says no, don’t beat him, its not his fault, I told him to run away, shantanu says that I came here to protect your family but don’t know when I started loving sunehri, I knew that your family will never accept me but I never got love, sunehri loved me a lot, I thought about my duty so thought to forget my love but sunehri came in room, sunehri says I told him to run away with me, shantanu says I am a junior lever officer, I came in your house and got a family love, sumer says ok now go from here, we will find another guard, leave from here. shantnau turns to leave and thinks that plan b is that sunehri will die in crave of her love, they will be hurt, danveer stops shantanu and ask him to see in his eyes and say that he love sunehri? shantanu nods in yes, he ask will you marry her and will you live with us post marriage, mohini says what are you doing, he doesn’t even have parents, danveer says that they didn’t love after thinking, he ask shantanu will he marry sunehri? shantanu says yes, danveer blesses him, they touch his feet, sunehri goes to paro and says sorry, forgive me, paro smiles but is tensed, danveer calls pundit ji, he tells everyone that pundit ji said we can do the engagement tomorrow and we will do the marriage on a near good day.

at night, paro is tensed, sumer and all are busy in preparations of engagement, paro stops rudra and says sorry for not informing about them to him, she says that shantanu, I don’t find him good.. rudra ask from which mud are you made, 1st you liked him and now.. shtabdi comes there with coffee, Maithili says I told you to make tea, nobody drinks coffee here,

the lady which said in function that she had seen shantanu in birpur calls paro, she says that I recognized shantanu, paro ask where, suddenly call drops. shtabdi si going and strikes with sumer, they fall on sofa, they share an eyelock, sumer touches and they feel something, Maithili disturbs them and ask what happened, they leave each other.

in morning, Maithili and paro are working in kitchen, Maithili goes from there, paro calls the birpur lady again, lady says I had seen him in your marriage in birpur, paro ask what> she says my grand son have photo too, I am sending you his photo, paro receives MMS of photo, as the MMS is opening, paro waits with bated breath but mobile switches off, paro is frustrated, she puts mobile on charge and checks the photo, she is shocked as hell, she recalls her marriage with varun and how mala said to shantanu that she ahs seen him earlier, she recalls how lady from birpur recognized him and how shantanu stopped her from seeing a pic, she says this shantanu with varun? this means he is not a bsd officer and he came here to take revenge of his companion’s(varun) death.

paro thinks what to do, should I talk to rudra, he can be so dangerous if he si a man of tejawat, I have to tell this to major saab, Maithili calle her that pundit has come, shantanu and sunehri sits together for engagement, paro comes in hall and tries to find rudra, shantanu looks at her, paro thinks that I have to behave normal otherwise he can doubt on me, Maithili ask paro what happened, paro ask where is rudra, she says don’t know, paro says I have to tell you something, mohini scolds Maithili to bring milk, Maithili goes, shantanu looks at her, paro smiles, paro tries to talk to danveer but he ask her foe some work, mala comes to paro and ask what happened, paro is about to say but lady interrupts them, paro is going, shtabdi strikes with her and her phone falls, paro is shivering, shantanu notices her, paro says that I am going in room, she goes from there, shantanu thinks why she is behaving weird, she comes to shantanu’s room and thinks to find some solid proof, she takes out a bowl in which shantanu said that he has brother remaining, she opens it, shantanu comes there, paro is shocked, shantanu closes the door, paro sees in bowl and its varun’s pic, shantanu says welcome, he takes out his gun, he says do you remember this guy, varun? he is my brother, paro is shocked and ask then how can you be in bsd, he says this is not a difficult task, they give me medals and I wore them and became officer, you were a fool to believe my innocent face but your major doubted nut you saved me from him all the time. he comes close to paro, paro is terrified, he touches pistol on his face, he says that ranawat killed my brother, paro ask why you are doing this with me? he says I want to see this fear on ranawat’s face only then I will get the peace, I thought to get engaged to sunehri then ditch her and kill her so that ranawat will feel pain of losing his own family member but nevertheless you got to know the truth so I going to kill you and ranwat will feel more pain.

rudra comes home, mala says paro is finding you, rudra goes to see. paro says to shantanu that my major killed a betrayer, he was betrayer of this country, shantanu throws paro away, rudra listens to paro’s scream, rudra goes to shantanu’s room, he is shocked to find paro there, shantanu points gun at paro’s forehead, rudra is shocked, shantanu says look this time the game is in my hand, you killed my brother, rudra ask what? paro tells him that he is brother of varun, rudra says leave paro, I killed your brother, kill me but leave paro, shantanu says I am grabbing paro because I want to see this fear in your eyes of losing her, you love her a lot so I am pointing gun at her, rudra ask him to leave paro, shantanu says I will not leave like this, ask forgiveness for killing my brother, paro says no major saab, you didn’t do wrong by killing varun, rudra says ok I ask forgiveness, he sits down on knees and says sorry, shantanu says not like this, says sorry for killing your brother, rudra says this and holds the bowl stealthily, he gets up and throws bowl at shantanu, shantanu loses his balance and leaves paro and gun, rudra holds paro and points gun at shantanu, shantanu says kill me, rudra says I am sorry to kill your brother because I think he should have rotten in jail then being killed at spot, he would have got slow painful death in jail, I shouldn’t have killed him on spot but now I am not going to give you easy death, you will rot in jail, shantanu says you are doing mistake by not killing me, I will come again to take my revenge.

aman grabs shantanu, aman says he used his real name in bsd too, shantanus says praise me for this, rudra says you did a mistake by coming in your house, shantanu says you did mistake by leaving me alive, he says that everyone can show their strength, when loin is being caught, rudra is about to beat him but dilsher stops him and says he is just probing him, sunehri is crying, shantanu looks at her and says I don’t love, I had to do this drama, what happened? is it a heart break that you are crying, have you seen yourself that I will love you? aman says shut up, shantanu sees gun in aman’s belt, he throws away aman and takes his gun, he points gun at paro and fires it, rudra shouts paro, paro falls on ground, aman catches shantanu, all goes to see paro, Maithili says paro is fine, bullet didn’t struck her, dilsher says bullet stuck in wall, shantanu says maybe she is saved now but I will not leave her, I will come back, aman take him away.
doctor checks paro, she says to rudra that paro will tell you what happened to her, rudra comes to paro and ask her what happened, are you fine, mala laughs and says paro will tell you, she leaves, rudra ask why are smiling, is this a joke, will you tell me what happened, paro puts her hand on his mouth and says that if you stop talking only then I can tell you that you are going to be father, rudra says ok but.. he then realizes that he is going to be father, he doesn’t know how to react and is short of word, totally stumbled, paro ask should I say it again? rudra says no but then says yes then says no.. he is confused.

Scene 4
dilsher to danveer that the day was weird, mohini says yes the day had pricks with it, before celebrating anything, remember that my daughter’s relation broke 2 hour ago, danveer says thank god our daughter is saved from that shantanu, he says to dilsher that I have sent sunehri to some relatives’ house, she will feel better and will recuperate from incident, dilsher says good, danveer says we got happy news, Maithili bring sweets, she goes to get it.
rudra drinks water and says means that you are going to be father no I mean that I am going to be mother, god what I am saying, are you happy, paro says I am very happy, think that I am going to be mother and you are going to be father, they hug each other.
at night, paro comes to Maithili and says that when my child comes in world then I want that he calls you maasi not kaki, maasi is like mother, my child is lucky to get love of two mothers, Maithili cries, paro says I understand that you are feeling pain, are you angry with me, Maithili says shut up, go and take rest, rudra sees all this and smiles.

rudra brings paro in room, he says how you do it paro, how you got to know that Maithili is sad, he says I am worried and skeptical whether I am ready for this child, I mean can I be good father? he lies his head in paro’s lap but then gets up and says you will feel pain, paro says no and makes him lie in her lap, she says don’t worry, I know you will be a very good father, rudra says I am tensed to think what if repeat the same mistake which my parents did, paro says don’t think like that, everything will be fine, our child will have my innocence and your intelligence, he will have your stubbornness and my calmness, rudra says yes, he will have your love and my anger in him. paro says when child will sit in your lap you will forget your anger, get ready major saab, lot of happiness is coming in your life.

PRECAP- all ranawat family are happily preparing to welcome child, they are selecting clothes and toys while song itni si hansi itni si khushi plays, sumer ans shtabdi comes there and tells mohini that they are going to be parents too, mohini and all are happy.,