Thursday Update on Anupama 9th June 2022


Thursday Update on Anupama 9th June 2022

Anu picks landline hearing bell. Vanraj speaks and says Baa’s phone is off, so she should inform him that he reached Hyderabad. She asks him to call Baa every 3 hours. He says he is not her father’s servant. She warns not to drag her dead father in between and says she is illiterate, but knows that mobile telecaller in Hyderabad will not speak in Gujrati. Vanraj stands fuming. Rakhi informs her resort owner friend about Vanraj and Kavya’s being colleagues and not honeymoon couple and their illegal affair and seeks her help. Anu prepares pickle. Samar gets excited seeing pickle and asks if she doesn’t feel bad seeing papa’s affair. She says she doesn’t and feels pain instead. He says they are hiding it from family and what if family finds out about it. He says they need to protect it as much as they can. Vanraj and Kavya’s romance continues. He tells her that he saw Rakhi, then shows her news paper advertisement of her. Kavya says he gave her a shock. Rakhi holding news paper thanks god that they didn’t see her. They both start taking selfies, and she clicks their romantic pics.

Anu teaches dance online to students at Nandini’s house. Nandini praises her and says she wants to be her daughter. Samar gets tensed hearing that and thinks anything but daughter. Anu says she is her daughter and always welcome to her house. Kinjal rushes in and informs Anu that Baa is calling her after Rakhi sent her some pics. Anu rushes home. Baa shows Rakhi’s selfies and says why did she send them to her, she has apologized for morning’s mishebavior and has booked rooms for them in resort, maybe she wants to show venue for Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding functions. Family gets excited hearing that. Anu agrees to go and thinks if its Rakhi’s evil plan or she is thinking too much. Nandini tells Kinjal that she will not come as its family event. Kinjal insists. Samar feels dishearted hearing that. Mamaji suggests him Nandini is a self-made girl and he should convince her by asking to pay her own bills. Samar does same and Bapuji says he will also contribute if Nandini falls short of money. Nandini agrees. Baa calls Dolly and her family also and asks Anu to inform Vanraj. Anu messages Vanraj that they are going, just then gets busy guiding in Toshu’s packing. They all book a tempo traveler. Baa surprises family by wearing Punjabi suit. Family insists Anu to wear Punjabi suit. Bapuji says his daughter will wear jeans. Anu shies.

Vanraj and Kavya’s romance continues. Resort owner informs Rakhi that Vanraj has booked a special surprise cake and champagne for his girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow at sharp 12.

Anupama and her family leave in a tempo traveler for resort. They play antakshari. Samar says he is happy that mummy has come out with us. Baa asks Anu if she informed Vanraj. Anu says she messaged him. Baa says he will call back when he finds time. Mamaji says Vadodara is 90 km away. Bapuji asks when had they gone out last time. Anu says to a relative’s wedding when Pakhi was 6-7 years old. Baa says Vanraj didn’t accompany them even tehn. Anu feels sad thinking it was 8 years ago, if Kavya was with Vanraj in their bedroom for a week then. Family continues antakshari. Rakhi eagerly waits for them. They reach resort. Baa says however Rakhi is, she chose a nice place. Anu helps unload luggage from dickie. Her sari gets stuck. Kavya is seen swimming behind and enjoying juice with Vanraj. Anu frees her sari and stands uncomfortable seeing another couple romancing and thinks what will Baa and Bapuji think seeing this. Vanraj and Kavya are seen behind them.

Rakhi thanks Baa for coming. Baa comments not to order bitter guard today as someone is speaking sweet. Manager speaks to Rakhi, and she says she has arranged snacks and tea for them at poolside. Anu says not poolside. Rakhi asks why. Samar says Baa and Bapuji will feel uncomfortable there. Family leaves for their rooms. Vanraj sees Anu’s message and calling her yells that he went out for 2 days and she went on vacation carelessly. Anu says even family is with her. He scolds that Bapuji should rest and asks where is this resort. She says Vado..Just then Rakhi clashes with Anu and drops down Anu’s phone. Phone disconnects. Rakhi thinks if Vanraj sees Anu, he will silently leave and her plan will go waste. She sees Vanraj and Kavya coming towards them and hurriedly gets Anu into her lift.

Samar, Toshu, Kinjal, and Nandini reach their rooms. Kinjal asks Nandini to feel comfortable and since they are sharing room she can pay only 50% rent. Nandini says if she wants to spend quality time with Toshu, she can inform her and she will go out. Kinjal says she can go to Samar’s room. Samar hearing their conversation gets happy. Baa feels excited seeing big hotel room and its luxury items. Bapuji says he cannot digest Rakhi changing suddenly.

Rakhi drops Anu to her room and says she booked honeymoon suite for her samdhis, who knows if Vanraj comes suddenly. Anu thinks she is living in a big room out of house for the first time, a lot is happening for the first time, life is teaching something new and she should learn it; tears come by themselves and one has to find happiness, so she will find happiness in each moment. Vanraj and Kavya try to open their room and walk in. Anu hears Vanraj’s voice outside and walks out, but not finding anyone thinks if he was here, she heard telecaller speaking in Gujrati, if he is in this resort, then thinks its impossible. She feels uneasy, walks out, and rings Vanraj and Kavya’s room bell. They both think who came to disturb them.

Shah family enjoys breakfast at hotel’s garden restaurant. Rakhi says tonight they will have dinner outside together and not in rooms. Baa asks if it will cost cheap for her. Rakhi says for a change and she will arrange dinner at poolside. Kinjal tells Samar that he can spend time with Nandini there. Samar loudly says he can spend time, confusing family. Anu says Bapuji needs dinner early. Bapuji says he can adjust one day for family. Rakhi says one day doesn’t matter. Anu says Bapuji’s health will be affected. Bapuji says one day doesn’t matter. Anu agrees. Vanraj on the other side gets romantic with Kavya and says he can’t wait for tonight. Rakhi also says she can’t wait for tonight.

Back in room, Anu speaks to tweety and says this is the first party where she will not cook and like Samar says, she will enjoy to the fullest forgetting everything. Vanraj gets ready in a tuxedo and Kavya in a beautiful black gown. Vanraj looks at her and acts as getting heart attack. She worriedly asks what happened. He says she is looking so hot that he will get heart attack. She asks not to act. He says once Toshu played same prank and Kinjal laughed a lot. She says they are not kids. He says let us play adult’s game. She says her lipstick will spoil. He says girls are worried more about lipstick than boyfriend and says let us go now. She says they planned to celebrate in room with champagne and cake. He says still there is time for 12 midnight. Rakhi gets ready for party and thinks she is too good, Shah family will remember this party whole life.

Vanraj takes Kavya to a dark hall. She asks why did they come here. He says to celebrate her birthday. He hopes he claps and turns darkness into light, he does same and shows her birthday arrangements. Kavya gets happy seeing that. Vanraj says a special arrangement for the world’s most beautiful girl. She gets emotional. He asks her not to spoil her mascara and eyeliner. He apologizes her for not paying attention to her in lieu of family. She says he gave the happiness of whole life in these 2 days. Rakhi watching them hiding nearby thinks Kavya got her surprise, now its time for Mr. Shah’s shock.

Shah family walk into poolside restaurant. Kinjal signals Samar to go to poolside and sends Nandini there. Rakhi welcomes them all. Baa says its already 11 p.m. and she will go to her room. Rakhi stops her and says she and Kinjal always attend their celebrations, so even they should. Bapuji says that is why they are here respecting her wish. Anu asks Bapuji not to have sweets. Bapuji says just 2 pistachios, Anu says 1. Anu then asks if he is feeling cold and goes to get shawl from room when she sees red velvet cake and reminisces Vanraj getting same for Kavya, she gets more shocked seeing Kavya written on it, but just then a lady thanks waite for getting her daughter’s cake and relaxes. She returns with shawl and asks where is Samar. Rakhi thinks when father is busy romancing, how can son lag behind.

Nandini goes to poolside searching Samar and gets happy seeing Lol written in pool. Samar holds her. She asks if he saw, her lol written in pool. He says its his lol and says I love you. She turns in surprise. He says a lots of lol to you Ms. Lol. She party ways in shock. He extends his hand. She says lol, lots of later, they will speak about it later as everyone must be waiting for them. She walks away nervously while Samar stands there sadly looking at Lol sticker and breaking it. Shah family enjoys dinner. Rakhi looks at watch repeatedly. Baa asks why is she looking at time repeatedly. Nandini returns with shocked expression. Sweety asks what happened.

Kavya wishes to write her wish on balloon. Vanraj asks her to go ahead. She writes it. He asks what did he write. She says its between her and god. Balloon falls away. Vanraj goes to pick it, but just then a girl picks it. He requests to return it. Girl says its her favorite and can she keep it. Kavya says its okay. Girl leaves thanking them and returns to her table. Balloon falls again near Anu. Anu picks it and is shocked seeing Mrs. Kavya Vanraj Shah written on it. She reminisces earlier similar incident and drops balloon on candle in a shock. Vanraj sings happy birthday to you to Kavya. Family hears him and Baa says this is Vanraj’s voice. Rakhi says she is right, isn’t it Mrs. Shah/Anu. Vanraj gifts ring to Kavya and says I love you. She hugs him and thanking him says this is the most beautiful birthday ever. Rakhi walks in clapping and saying Oh My God. Bapuji walks in next followed by whole family and stand shocked seeing Kavya and Vanraj’s affair.

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