Thursday Update on A Magical Love Story 5th August 2021


Thursday Update on A Magical Love Story 5th August 2021

Roshni teasing Aman and shouting its Suhaagraat. He says total rubbish. She says you are so cute and pulls his cheeks. Chotu says I m also cute, pull my cheeks also. They see everyone laughing and running around. Dadi says it looks so beautiful. Phupi says we stay in Switzerland and I don’t remember. Dadi says its Lucknow, its Aman’s magic. Sara says Aman never did this magic for us. Aman signs Chotu. Chotu says Aman caught cold and isn’t able to say anything. They all play with he snow. Aman sees Roshni. He asks them to make the snow. He does the magic and drops more snow around.

He signs Roshni to come. Parveen climbs up the tree. Aman says Chotu reaches everywhere, we can go to pool side and talk. Parveen chants the spell and gets the black apple in her hand. The tree disappears in the pool. Aman says now extra clothes also went, back to real life. Roshni says I like it when you get uncomfortable hearing suhaagraat word. He says nothing like that. She says then say it and show, suhaagraat. She laughs.

He says total rubbish. She sings a rap. She falls inside the pool. Aman also enters the pool. Parveen sees them and drops the apple in the pool. The apple spreads its numerous roots. Aman kisses Roshni’s hand. He gets caught by the snake type roots. Aman’s eyes turn black. Roshni’s hand gets the evil effect. His eyes turns normal after he kisses her hand. Kaise mujhe….plays…. Aman kisses her and lifts her in arms. They go inside the room. The buds on the tree grow. Parveen smiles and thinks its happened as I thought, the poison went inside Roshni’s veins from Aman, this will poison their bodies and also their lives, I will get close to my aim, just Aman can free Roshni by taking poison inside him, he will die, I will become the queen of jinnat.

Its morning. Roshni smiles seeing Aman. Kahani hamari…plays… Roshni wakes him up and laughs seeing his tensed face. He smiles. He does magic and scares her showing a chudail. She asks him to help. She hugs Aman and gets scared. He jokes on her. She sees the chudail laughing. He also laughs. Chudail disappears. He shows his magic stick.

She says ghosts are dangerous than jinns. He says its good, I love such ghosts, you came into my arms because of that, what will you do if you get more ghosts in your way. She hugs him. They smile. She starts crying. He says I m sorry, I was joking, there is no ghost here. She says I m scared, our lives had many problems and misunderstandings, my mum gave me much love, but family is also imp, I got family love here, I feel safe, precious and yours, I don’t want to lose this feeling. She hugs him and cries. He says whatever wrong had to happen had happened, nothing can make us away now, we will never get separated. She asks him to promise. He promises. He holds her to kiss. Chotu says this always happens, you play kissy kissy, who will have breakfast, Dadi is calling you. Aman stares at him. Chotu says everyone is sleeping, I have everything on my shoulders. Aman lifts him and smiles. Roshni laughs. Aman says you like it a lot. He hugs Chotu.

Salma asks the servant to hurry up, its Roshni’s engagement. Sara and Saima take the gifts. Phupi asks what’s happening. Aman comes and asks what’s all this. Dadi says your Nikaah is happening again. Phupi asks what, are you cheating Roshni. Dadi laughs and says he is marrying Roshni again. Salma asks Aman is he happy. He says a lot, because I know it would be happy for her, that her mum is part of our marriage. Sara asks who will come from your family. Salma says Roshni’s family is here, with me. They all say aw… and hug her. Salma says you all gave much love to Roshni. Parveen looks on. She says you can celebrate, it will happen what I want, there will be mourning in this house, not Jashn.

Dadi asking Roshni to see everything. Roshni smiles and asks what’s happening. Dadi your marriage happened without elder’s blessing, so we thought to keep the marriage again. Roshni hugs her. Parveen looks on and thinks its time for the poison to affect, why is this happening slow, I have to increase its speed. Saima says its sangeet tonight and then marriage. Salma gets emotional. Roshni cries. Aman asks Roshni to stop crying, else family will think she doesn’t want to marry him. She nods.

Chotu makes Aman ready. Salma makes Roshni ready. Everyone smiles. Saima and Sara come. Saima says its a big crisis, maybe this marriage doesn’t happen. He asks why. Sara says hair dresser didn’t come, just do the magic. He says no, Dadi said this is Roshni’s Maayka, I can’t see her before ceremony. They take Aman to Roshni. Chotu follows. Sara says Chotu always spoils their romance. Aman and Roshni say that’s true. Aman goes magic to set Roshni’s hair. They look on. Maine tujhko dekha….plays…. Roshni smiles.

He makes her ready and says perfect. She calls him lucky. She says ask me why. He asks why. She says because you are the world’s most beautiful wife. He says I did so much and I m lucky. She says yes, I m much beautiful, who is lucky. He says you are right, Ruby used to say this. She asks who is Ruby. Chotu asks who is Ruby. Aman says shut up Chotu, Ruby….. she is my ex girlfriend, Chotu wasn’t born that time. Roshni argues and gets jealous. Aman says Ruby was a hair dresser, she was more beautiful than you, her eyes were extremely beautiful, she was taller than you. He asks her to come. She refuses and asks him to dance with Ruby. He says something is burning, Roshni is jealous.

Roshni says I don’t want the hairstyle. She keeps her hair loose. He says wow, loose hair style suits you. He praises Ruby’s hair. She gets angry and throws her hair clips. The door gets broken into pieces. Dadi comes and asks what’s happening here. Aman says Roshni is Ayana, ask her. Dadi asks Roshni why is your hair so messed up, it will be a problem in dance, fix it. Chotu says I will come with Aman. Roshni says I will win in the dance contest, you have to do what I say. He asks if I win, will you do what I say. She says yes. Chotu asks if I win. They ask him to shut up. She goes. Chotu says you have lied, right. He says I was making her jealous. Chotu says I knew it, you can’t have any girlfriend. Parveen does her magic. Poison spreads in Roshni.

Roshni gets angry about Ruby. Aman asks her to listen. She goes. They dance on Banno ki saheli…. Aman makes Roshni wear the bangles. Everyone dances. Roshni sees Parveen smiling. She worries seeing her hand turning black. Aman says you lost. Roshni says I missed one step, fine, you and your Ruby have won. Parveen stares at Roshni. Dadi calls Parveen. Aman gets romantic. Roshni says I m not jealous of Ruby, I have lost, tell me, what do you want. He says I want you, you said right, I m lucky to get Ayana, there is no comparison with anyone, your eyes are innocent, lovely and beautiful. Chotu asks and my eyes. Aman catches him. Roshni thinks to ask Tabeezi how is Parveen doing the magic.

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