Thursday Update on A Magical Love Story 29th July 2021

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Thursday Update on A Magical Love Story 29th July 2021

Aman saying I learnt this from you, the magic to sink in your eyes, your talks, smile, style…. She slips in the pool. She comes out. Aman smiles seeing her. Kabir comes there and looks on. Aman also jumps in the pool. Thodi jagah….plays…. Aman hugs Roshni. Kabir breaks the mirror in anger and goes. Aman asks do you want more magic. They lift in the air. Roshni smiles. Aman asks Roshni to get ready. He gives her a towel to dry hair. He goes. Roshni says his eyes are cute, I like him, but I should get such cheap ideas.

The mirror pieces fly in the air and join back to form a huge mirror. Aman and everyone dance in the party. Cutie pie….plays… Kabir sees Roshni. A mercury like liquid come out of the mirror. It flows on the ground. Phupi goes to get the gift for Aftab. She gets caught inside the mirror frame. Dadi asks Aman to dance with Roshni. Aman hugs Kabir.

Kabir and Aman smile seeing Roshni. Sara also steps on the liquid and gets caught in the mirror. Aman claps for Roshni. Saima and Aftab sit for the gifting ceremony. Everyone gives them gifts. Roshni thinks where did mum go. Roshni also goes inside the mirror. Salma, Parveen and Chotu also get captured.

Kabir and Aman see off Saima and Aftab. They come inside the house and don’t see anyone. Aman sees some liquid dropping down. He moves Kabir away. He liquid drop disappears. They see the huge bubble. Aman recalls Tabeezi’s words. Aman says its the illusion mirror, I felt it with Tabeezi, who got it here, if the mirror gets angered, then…. we have to find it fast. They find the entire family trapped inside. Aman says we have to take this mirror to Tabeezi soon. He tries to take the mirror. The books begin to fall. Aman says Kabir do something, if his mirror breaks, my entire family will die, Choti, mum… Kabir is leaving. Aman says Roshni…. Kabir stops and thinks I have to save everyone to save Roshni. He asks Aman to throw the mirror in the air. Aman throws the mirror. Kabir uses his powers. Aman gets shocked. He calls Baazigar. He also uses his powers. Everyone comes out of the mirror.

They all wake up. Aman asks are you fine. Roshni says Khan Baba…. Aman sees her. Kahani hamari…..plays…. Aman cries. He lifts Roshni and takes her. Kabir thinks I won’t let Roshni regain her memory until the star shower night, I will snatch everything from Aman. Dadi wakes up Tabeezi and asks how did you come here. Tabeezi says I don’t know, someone trapped me in illusion mirror. Parveen sees Kabir. Tabeezi says just ilme jinn can answer me. Kabir thinks its time to make someone out of my way. Aman takes Roshni to room and asks her to open eyes. She sees him and smiles. Kabir comes there. Roshni asks why are you seeing me like this. Kabir cuts his hand and drops a blood drop down. Roshni gets under his control again. She forgets Aman and asks him what is he doing. Aman says you fainted, so I had to get you here. She faints again. Aman goes out. He sees the black drop and recalls Tabeezi’s words.

Aman asking Kabir about the blood drop. He sees it gone. He says I felt someone was here. Kabir says there is no one. Aman says I need to talk. Kabir says I know, about my powers, mum made me away so that black jinn doesn’t cast shadow on me, but its tough to trick jinn, I also have blood and magic in me, how would I tell mum that her big sacrifice isn’t of any use, her heart would break, its not her mistake, fate finds its way. Aman says you have a big heart Kabir, you said true, mum’s heart would be broken. Kabir says brothers’ wishes and love are same. Aman says I m going to Tabeezi to find some way. Kabir says I m also going to Tabeezi, I will reach there before you. Tabeezi turns and gets shocked seeing Kabir.

She says you here…. it means you did all this. Kabir does his magic. He stabs her. She falls down. Aman comes there and sees Tabeezi. Kabir takes the disguise. She asks what are doing here. He says Roshni was getting her memory and then Sifriti jinn has blinded her memory. She says he is dangerous, just trust Kabir and be with him until the star shower night, you can defeat the jinn, they are weak on that night and choose their king, he wants you to fall weak, you don’t fight him and try to get Roshni, stop trying all these things for some time, let this happen, fate finds its way. He asks what happened to your hand. She says maybe I got hurt by the illusion mirror. He goes out and recalls her words. He goes back. He gets shocked seeing Tabeezi stabbed. He calls Kabir. He sees the phone ringing there. He gets shocked. He sees Kabir getting back to his form.

Kabir answers and says Aman…. Aman asks what are you doing. Kabir says nothing, where are you. Aman says I just met Tabeezi, she said we have to be together to defeat Sifriti jinn, we have to protect Roshni, I trust her, I have to listen to her. Kabir says I also trust her, I m there for Roshni, I mean we are there to save Roshni. Aman cries an says you care for me a lot. Kabir says you can’t think of it. Aman says I don’t know what I did that fate gave me such a brother. Kabir says I also think so. Aman says a brother’s love makes you do anything. Kabir says lucky people get a brother like you. Aman says same here. He calls Farah and says your mum isn’t fine, admit her to hospital soon. Roshni wakes up and sees the birds getting her letters. She says its my handwriting. She checks.

Aman says Kabir hates me, he wants to kill me, I would have sacrificed my life, but I can’t tolerate this when its about family, I will fight him to save my family. Dadi says Kabir can’t stay here. Parveen says no, we have to keep him here until the star shower night, if Kabir knows we know his truth, what will he do. Aman says after dad went, I felt my brother is with me, then I learnt that brothers can lie and plot against family. Parveen says if we have to save the family, we have to pretend that we don’t know his truth. Aman says yes, if he can lie to break the family, then I can lie to save the family. Parveen thinks I have to keep Aman and Kabir in front of my eyes, so that no one knows the real truth of that night.

Roshni recalls Aman and her moments by reading the letters. She cries happily. She says I have to meet Khan baba now. Kabir asks didn’t you sleep. Aman says no, there is much lies, cheat, I lost my sleep, will you support me on the star shower night. Kabir says I will never leave you, brothers have same wish and love, I will always be with you. Aman sees Tabeezi there and says its late, I should go. Kabir turns and sees Tabeezi. He says Aman has seen Tabeezi’s hand and didn’t say anything, nice, Aman is playing a nice game, did he think he can win in cleverness, I m hurt, I have to end this soon. Farah calls Aman and says mum isn’t here. Aman says she is here, take care. He calls Baazigar. He says why isn’t Baazigar coming. He sees Kabir going. Roshni runs to Aman. Kabir comes in between. She recalls Kabir.

She says you…. Aman goes to Tabeezi. He calls Farah and says reach the hospital fast, Tabeezi is with me. Roshni says you trapped me, you took my clips and killed my family and me. Kabir says it hurts, people remember just evil, and forget the good, you don’t remember that I gave you a new life. She says I will tell everything to Khan baba. He stops her by his magic. She faints. Aman says a brother’s love makes you do anything, I will show you and teach how to play a game. He takes Roshni’s avatar.