Thursday Update May 31 on Young Love Glow Tv

Thursday Update on Young Love Glow Tv

May 31

Gauri’s mother carries on asking Jagat questions about giving priority to Gauri but instead he kept on going back to Anandi and praising Anandi. She continues that before marriage he ran around Gauri but now there is nothing but taunts for Gauri. She asks why Anandi doesnt go back to her parents, she continues that Anandi is there to remind the family of the hurt that she has gone through.

Anandi wishing that Jagat and Gauri have the strength to get through this, she calls him, Gauri sees it recalls the past and pick it up. She tells her that she will never let her be happy and to leave them alone to get through this. Anandi protests that she would never think like this, Gauri says she doesnt know how to act and fake emotions like her and in truth Anandi must be happy about what is happening.

Jagat takes the phone and shouts at Anandi and starts to blame her for what happened and that she always tries to call him, Anandi tries to explain that everyone is worried and that was the only reason she called, she reminds him in the past she has always mantained and tried to have minimal contact with him. Jagat takes everything incorrectly and points the finger at Anandi that she has put the wool over family’s eyes, he always talks about her Manhanta. Anandi shouts at Anandi and tells him that she will stay here until the day she dies, Jagat continues that she is only there because she doesnt want Gauri to be the Bahu of that family. Jagat tells her not to become a real life teacher as its beyond her, he tells Gauri that he will forget that Anandi was ever in his life.

Anandi cries her heart out in her room. She remembers her childhood marriage and good times she had with Jagya. She also remembers his changed behaviour and his harsh words on the phone about her plotting to get him back from Gauri by hook or crook. She angrily wipes away her tears. She says she has had enough. She takes out a bag and tosses all of Jagya’s nishani’s into the bag. She locks it and throws away the key out the window. DS sees the key and wonders where it came from and if it came from Anandi’s room. She comes inside and sees Makhan carrying a bag out, she aks him about it and Makhan says Anandi gave him the bag and asked him to throw it into a well or get rid of it in any other way. DS is puzzled. She has Makhan keep the bag in the store room.

DS goes to the store room and opens the bag. She is shocked to see all the memorabilia Anandi had kept of Jagya for so many years and wonders what made Anandi throw it all away.

Jagat and Gauri return home. Jagat makes Gauri take rest. Gauri feels bad about Jagat’s exams. She tries to tell him that it is her fault, but Jagat doesn’t let her finish. He says he doesn’t know why dean is so mad, but he will convince him later and asks Gauri to take rest.

In Jetsar, Anandi goes about the house chores mechanically and DS observes this. She asks Anandi why she is in such a hurry. Anandi says she has to go to school and now her only focus is for her girls to do well and get good marks. DS asks her if she talked to Jagya. Anandi hesitates and says she did and that everything is fine. DS observes this.


Thursday Update  on Young Love Glow Tv