Thursday Update May 31 on True Love Glow Tv

Thursday Update on True Love Glow Tv

May 31

Jogi Thakur’s and Tapasya’s scene. Ammu enters the room and asks Tapasy about Ichcha and her happinessin sasural. Tapasya replies that Ichcha is happy that is why I am here. Jogi interrupts and says this is the new beginning for Ichcha and Everything will be fine, no need to worry. They discuss about Phakpheras rasam.
On the other hand in Bundela Haveli, Vansh asks Veer abt his relationship with Tapasya, Veer turns his back towards Vansh and says he loves Tapasya and they are happy. Everyone is shocked because they all know abt Divorce. Vansh angrily leaves the Hall. Suddenly the Phone rings and Chanda picks it up. It was Jogi Thakur’s phone. He asks abt PhakPheras Rasam. Chanda handover the phone to Gunwanti and she handovers the phone to Daddaji. Daddaji replies that its not a good mahurat (proper time) for Phakpheras rasam so we will see to it later. Jogi agrees and consoles Damini. He tells Damini what Daddaji said. Everyone in Bundela Haveli leaves the hall one by one except Veer and Ichcha.
Later they showed a scene of Daddaji and Veer’s Dad. Daddaji blames himself for every wrong decision. He blames himself for teaching everyone that man has the power to take right decision but he fails.
Tapasya who is removing her mangalsutra and was talking to herself. Suddenly her Phone rings and she angrily sees it. Veer was calling her. She picks calls after few messeges. Veer asks her to meet him in an hour. Tapasya teases him. First she acts as if she cant listen him because of poor network coverage, than by asking him to say “Please” and finally by asking him to say “Thanks” when she agrees to meet him. Veer does all the three things.
Later Tapasya dresses beautifully and was going to meet Veer, Nani asked her where she is going, Shopping ?!? Tapasya replies that she is going to see Veer. Nani asks where is ur Mangalsutra? Tapasya replies that she removed it herself as she wants to see how Veer reacts to this. He was begging to meet her.
Nani wishes Taps best of luck in her venture, but Taps says she doesn’t need it since luck is always with her.
At the Bundela house Ichcha comes to Vansh with medicine but he refuses and says she’d be better off cutting his wound deeper. He leaves from there as Mai comes in and says he’s going to be waiting in Veer’s room for Veer-Taps. Mai goes to Ichcha and thanks her for everything she’s doing. The phone rings and on hearing Damini’s voice, Mai hands it to Ichcha. Damini hears sadness in Ichcha’s voice and asks about it, but Ichcha says its nothing. They talk for a while about how much they miss each other.
Taps goes to meet Veer in a restaurant. Before Veer can explain why he’s called her here she orders them both drinks. Veer continues explaining that he’s called her to ask her something for Vansh’s sake. Taps says she’s done so much already for Vansh and Veer agrees, saying he knows how much help she’s been. He asks her to come home with him and Taps smiles.
Thursday Update on True Love Glow Tv