Thursday Update 7th June on This is Love Glow Tv

Thursday Update on This is Love Glow Tv

7th June

The Episode starts with Romi getting the girl out of cupboard and apologizing to her. She says its fine. He says I saw Mihika from keyhole and gives her money. She says but work did not happen. He says its fine, we will continue the work tomorrow, keep this, and leave from room after 5 mins, we will meet tomorrow. He leaves.

Aaliya asks Mani is he still working. He says yes, I m not getting sleep. She says this work won’t look good after marriage. He says I know, but is anyone waiting for me now, when there is no one in life to share things, you become workaholic, everyone feels to share things. She recalls Mihir’s words. Mani asks what are you thinking. She says I m happy for you, you are marrying Shagun, you won’t be alone now. He asks her to go and sleep.

Aaliya checks
ten side effects of loneliness. She reads on net and worries for Mihir. She calls him and his number is not reachable. She says it will be awkward to go to Mihir’s house now and calls Adi. Adi asks are you fine, what you want to meet Mihir now, why. She asks him not to ask questions and just come. Adi says I m coming. He thinks why does Aaliya want to meet Mihir, does she want to meet me, Mihir said when girl calls you to meet by any reason, it means she is interested, I will get ready and meet Aaliya.

Mihika confronts Romi and asks who was with him in the hotel room. He says no one. She shows earring and asks him. He says I don’t know. She says I got this from that hotel room, I did not wish to create scene infront of Ashok. He asks are you coming in Ashok’s words, and denies everything. He leaves. She cries and says I know Romi is hiding something from me.

Adi and Aaliya go to meet Mihir. Aaliya says he is not opening the door, we have to open door. Adi says he would be sleeping, come. She says I know Mihir better than you, do you have to spend time with Mihir or not. He thinks Aaliya wants to spend time with me. She asks him to find keymaker. He says where will we get keymaker at this time. She says we can try, come.

Adi and Aaliya go to keymaker and she wakes up the man asking him to make key of the door, its emergency. Adi says yes, we will give you 100rs. She asks Adi are you mad, just 100. She says I will give 500rs. He says Ishi Maa says we should not waste time. The man asks why are they bargaining. Aaliya says I will give 1000rs, come. The man makes the key. Adi says be careful, everyone is sleeping. Neighbor asks them what are they doing, don’t disturb our sleep. Adi apologizes. The man makes key. Adi says key is not proper.

The man asks Adi to make key himself. Aaliya says no, you make it, Adi is mad. The man gives the key. Aaliya takes key to open door, and Mihir opens the door. He asks why are they here. Aaliya asks why was he not receiving call. Mihir says I was sleeping, neighbor called on landline. The man calls them mad and asks for payment. She says I forgot my purse, Adi you pay. Adi says I have 300rs, and will card work. The man says they are strange. Mihir pays money. The man asks Mihir to put both of them in mental hospital, and goes.

Aaliya holds Adi’s hand and asks Mihir to scold her, not Adi. She says I was worried. She says Adi, we will leave. They leave. Mihir shuts the door. Aaliya says that was hilarious, I m so happy, thanks Adi. She kisses on his cheek. Adi holds his cheek and smiles. They sit in the car. Adi sees her smiling. She asks him to drive.

Its morning, Pihu gets glad seeing Shagun. Shagun hugs her. Pihu says I had fever and missed you. Shagun says I missed you too. Pihu asks why did you not come to me. Shagun says I was helpless, she did not let me come. Pihu asks who, tell me I can understand. Shagun says I will say, promise you won’t tell anyone. Pihu promises. Shagun says Ishita did not let me meet you.

She thinks wait and watch Ishita, see what I do. Pihu asks why did Ishita stop you, does Ruhi knows that aunty is so bad, we will tell Ruhi, and she will scold aunty. Shagun says no, she is our guest, we should not say bad about anyone, its not good manners. Pihu asks why is she bad. Shagun says some people are like that, leave it. Pihu says I won’t talk to Ishi Maa. Shagun says no, just talk less, maintain some distance. Pihu says I love you and hugs her. Shagun says I love you too.

Romi talks to the girl and says I saved your name as Bunty in my phone. She says fine. He says I want to meet you again, can we meet, I feel comfortable with you. She asks if your wife knows then.. he says she won’t know, I m happy with you, I want to be with you. She says I also want the same. Mihika comes in room. He says fine Bunty, we will meet tonight. He goes. Mihika sees Bunty’s incoming call and answers. The girl says I called to say we will meet at 11.30, I m glad knowing you are glad with me, we have to try that we do all this. She ends call. Mihika fumes and says whats going on.

Ishita talks to Raman on phone and is glad to get good news. She asks when are you coming, I will tell everyone. She tells Mrs. Bhalla and Amma that Raman is coming back. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma talk, about getting makeover for Ishita. They say we all will get makeover and ask Ishita to get makeover. Ishita asks why, I don’t need makeover if Raman is coming, I have to make food for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says Neelu will make. Ishita goes to give breakfast to Pihu and asks Shagun to give it. Shagun asks Ishita to go and give it, and sends her. Ishita goes.

Mrs. Bhalla says I will ask Simmi to call parlor girl at home. Shagun says Ishita made breakfast with love, she has no idea what will happen now. Pihu says Ishi Maa is bad and mumma is too good, I have to do something that Ishita goes. She gets hindi serial tricks to trouble Ishita and make her leave from home.

Pihu asking Ishita to say story to her and feed food by her hands. Ishita smiles. Shagun thinks what happened to Pihu suddenly. Ishita tells the story and feeds Pihu. Pihu bites her finger. Ishita screams. Pihu asks did you get hurt. Ishita says no. Shagun says great, Pihu is my daughter. She goes. Mihika asks Romi whats his plan today. He asks why. She says I was thinking to go for movie, then we will go for lunch. He asks are you mad, can’t you see I m going for meeting, I m getting late. She asks him to postpone meeting. He asks have you lost it, I thought you have business sense, you were speaking as if you are business tycoon, its boards of directors meeting, it does not get cancel or postpone, whats wrong with you. He goes. She says I m husband’s sense too,
I will catch you red handed today.

Aaliya suggests Mani to take Shagun out, you promised Adi that you will take care of Shagun. He says I will take care of her, but I have much work. She does not return his phone. He agrees to call Shagun and make some plan. She says you will call her right away. She calls Shagun. Mani talks to Shagun and asks can we go for lunch today. She says sure. He asks her choice of food. She says Spanish. He says I also like Spanish food, we will meet. He ends call. Aaliya gets excited. He asks her to have breakfast now.

Simmi asks Mihika what is she finding, is there any problem. Mihika cries and tells everything. Simmi says Romi will never change, I will talk to him. Mihika says no, I can’t bear this, I will catch him, don’t tell this to Ishita, she is already worried.

Ruhi sees Ishita’s finger wounded and asks her what happened. Ishita says Pihu has bitten me by mistake. Ruhi asks how can she, and gets angry. Ishita stops her and Ruhi rushes to Pihu. She gets Pihu and asks her did she bite Ishita’s finger. Pihu says yes. Ruhi asks did you say sorry. Pihu says no, I have no time now. Ruhi gets Pihu to Ishita and makes her apologize. Pihu says sorry and runs. Ishita says leave it, she is getting late for school. Ruhi says I will do dressing. Ishita smiles seeing her. She says the happiness she got when she said stories to her daughter, and now Ruhi is doing dressing to her wound, I m touched. Ruhi does the aid.

Mihika tries to know about Romi and reaches the hotel. She says Romi can lie a lot, but I will not leave him. Mihika fumes. Ishita gets served by parlor girls. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma ask her to sit quiet, be silent, we want you to look good, get hair color too. Ishita asks why. They ask her to change her look. Ishita jokes on Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says I used to drink bitter gourd juice for healthy baby, and Raman was born bitter. They all laugh. Shagun and Pihu look on. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to have burgundy color and Raman will like her. Shagun thinks Ishita loves her hai, now see what I do. The parlor girl says I made color ready. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, make my nails beautiful. Shagun sees the hair color and adds more crème in it. She says Raman likes your long hair, we will see his reaction now.

Mihir tells the man that he is launching this product on Adi’s name, I want someone dynamic to manage this launch, you can’t do this, just send files from HR, it has to be someone young. The man goes. He says someone young and fresh, who has great vision to support this launch. He thinks of Aaliya. He calls Aaliya. She says what, but I work for Appa. He says yes, but you have experience, its for Adi, you know him, its just for three months, think its temporary job. She agrees and says I will come there.

Pihu takes the oil bottle and says sorry Ruhi, I m troubling Ishita as you made me say sorry to her, she made my mumma cry, I don’t like her, she wants to make me away from my mumma, I won’t let this happen. Mihika comes home and is upset. Ishita asks her why does she look upset. Mihika makes excuse and says I m just tired. Shagun comes and Ishita compliments her. Ishita asks where are you going. Shagun says on lunch. Ishita asks with Mani. Shagun nods. Ishita laughs and says I like seeing you like this. Pihu looks on and thinks I will trouble Ishita and make her leave.

Thursday Update on This is Love Glow Tv