This Week’s Spoiler on Promised love 15th to 19th March 2021


This Week’s Spoiler on Promised love 15th to 19th March 2021

Azaan tells the attacker that he is ready to pay him any amount to know about the mastermind of the conspiracy against Shayra. The attacker confesses that surayya was the mastermind behind the conspiracy. 

Noor is bailed out of prison and asks Azaan for a divorce. Noor and Azaan signs the divorce papers. Noor comes back to the house to get memories and ends up playing with azaan and Shayra.

Noor is worried in her room and holds Yasmeen’s photo frame from falling. She recalls Razia telling that the same rasams will happen for Noor and Faiz. She recalls yasmeen telling that Azaan will take care of her. She recalls Shayra regarding her as her younger sister. She then thinks of Surayya’s words. She thinks if they come to know about the truth then they will hate her, she thinks it is her duty to take Shayra out of the guilt.

She sits to write the letter to Azaan that she is leaving from the house before anyone wakes up, but before that she wants to convey the truth to them, writes that Shayra was not responsible for Ammi’s death. Noor comes to Shayra and Azaan’s room and keeps the letter on the side table. She cries and runs out. She then comes to Razia’s room and says sorry. She then leaves the room. She comes out with her stuff and calls the driver. She keeps her bag in the car, looks at the house and cries.

Dilruba says I don’t like when begum sahiba insults you and says she doesn’t know who you are. Asgar asks do you know who I am? Dilruba says I will come with you to Sultanpur and will take care of you. Asgar asks him to go. Dilruba says I love you more than Surayya would love you. Asgar looks on angrily. Mashuqa tells Shayra that Dilruba went to confess his love to Asgar. Shayra is shocked.

Surayya comes to Razia and apologizes to her. She says make me your Servant, but don’t send me to Sultanpur. Razia says you are my Devrani and asks her to respect herself. Surayya says I belong to a royal family, but I don’t have any respect. Just then they hear Asgar bring Dilruba to the hall and beat him. Asgar asks how dare you to think that I will keep a transgender with me. Shayra comes and tells that you can’t beat him and behave inhumanly with him. She says you can’t even touch Dilruba.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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