This Week’s Spoiler on Complicated love 15th to 19th March 2021

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This Week’s Spoiler on Complicated love 15th to 19th March 2021

Mishti and Rohan were unable to sleep because of Veer and his mother’s bitter words. Both join each other at the balcony to discuss it.

Radhika gets a call from Jalandhar. She informs Radhika that they will be reaching Mumbai for Mishti’s wedding function. She was excited and tells Radhika about all the arrangements she had done for her visit. Radhika couldn’t explain anything. After the call, she cries in front of Pari that the relatives from Jalandhar are coming. She asks Pari to bring the guest list, she must begin to call everyone now. She then goes to her own room, so that Mishti doesn’t blame herself. Pari was hurt by Radhika’s condition.

Rohan finds Veer’s engagement ring in his clothes. He decides to tell Veer about herself and Mishti. They aren’t mistaken, and Veer is his friend. He can’t hide it.

Pari finds Rohan’s phone ringing in the hall. It was Neil. She wonders who Neil is. Mishti comes there and says Neil is Rohan’s college friend, they learnt photography together, and he lives in New York. Pari comments they became friends yesterday, and Mishti knows about his friends as well.

Mishti makes up that when she and Rohan were talking to each other, Neil called. Pari asks Mishti to relax, it’s weird that she knows about Rohan’s friends in a single day. She had been together with Veer for a year, still she didn’t know Rohan was his friend. After Pari has left, Mishti thinks Pari showed her a huge truth. She came to know Rohan more than Veer. 

Mishti tells Radhika she has seen her parent’s relationship break. She didn’t want so, but it happened to her as well. When she was in the forest, she never thought about Veer for a single second. She could have died, but she never envisioned Veer. And when Veer finally arrived, she wasn’t happy to see him. A dying person only craves a single look of love. She couldn’t have lived in such a relationship. Radhika says she was right then, it wasn’t love then.

Arnav tells Rohan that Veer has planned an outing with friends in IC club. Rohan feels bad that Veer didn’t invite him where they always met, may be Naina had said something to Veer. He wonders if Veer knows about him and Mishti.

Mishti purchases a watch as gift for Rohan. She was spotted by Veer, while she talked on phone with open laughter. Veer feels broken how Mishti could be so happy, while he has lost his smile all together. He just doesn’t get it why she didn’t feel the compatibility between them, and now is so happy after breakup. Mishti hires a cab. Veer follows Mishti but loses track of her car amidst heavy traffic.

Veer was in the club and drinks. Rohan tries his number but Veer ignores. Mishti stops Rohan outside. Rohan asks Mishti who told her he was here. Mishti smiles her spy are spread across. Rohan says Mishti shouldn’t have come here, he wonders how Veer would react or misbehave. Mishti says she broke Veer’s heart, and they must face this situation together. They go inside hand in hand.

Mishti tells Rohan she was relieved to see Veer with all those girls, she believes she can live her life with Rohan without any guilt. But then later, she realized Veer isn’t what she just saw. He can’t move on in his life so easily after a breakup. He wants to destroy himself. Pari accepts her mistake to Arnav. Since she has fallen for Rohan, she has been lost. She didn’t spend any time with Arnav. But she didn’t do anything deliberately. She only spoke about Rohan, but it was a huge matter and life changing moment for her; who else she must have told about it then

Rohan tells Mishti it’s a drink and grab case. Veer hit someone with his car. They hurry to police station.

Veer says he had said sorry to the guy several times. Rohan forces Veer to say sorry. Veer apologizes and agrees to pay all the loss. The other guy didn’t want to file a case. The inspector was now irritated, gets them to sign the papers.

Later, at home Mishti comes to Rohan’s room. She asks how Veer is. Rohan says he doesn’t know what it would take, but this is not the right time to tell Veer. They must take every step cautiously. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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