This is Love Friday Update on 31 January 2020

This is Love Friday Update on 31 January 2020

Karan calling Ruhi. Rohan takes the phone. He says I asked Karan to invite you for dinner, he was making excuses, I want to invite you and Aaliya for dinner, I know you are in different phase now, we can’t fix this, but we can remain friends, you take care of Karan so much, I will get a chance to thank you. Ruhi says I will have to check my schedule and also talk to Aaliya, I will let you know. Karan asks Rohan why are you in hurry. Rohan says I m in hurry to spend time with Aaliya, I just want Ruhi to come for dinner. He goes. Karan says that’s why he was insisting to invite Ruhi, since he wanted to invite Aaliya, but will Aaliya come.

Aaliya asks Shaina to have lunch. Shaina says I m in hurry. Ruhi asks her to end the fight with Raman, he didn’t have food and left. Aaliya says I got goosebumps hearing him, you said you were in clinic, Raman said you were in lounge, you should talk to him. Shaina says I will meet him for dinner and talk to him.

Kiran comes and says I got sarees for Aaliya and Ishita. Shaina says thanks, I don’t have time, you ladies sit and talk, I will talk later. She goes. Raman and Mani come home and stop Shaina. Raman says Ishita, you are lying, even Mani has seen you at the club.

Mani says I have seen Ishu and called her out, she didn’t listen to me. She asks did you two go mad together, I understand Raman was drunk, but Mani would have been in senses, I was at the clinic, what happened, ever since I have returned, you all have changed.
She asks Raman what was he doing there. Raman says I know you were with Sahil, he introduced you as Shaina Shah, tell me if he is blackmailing you. She says I don’t want to answer you, you are saying the same thing, I m really busy, many patients are waiting for me. She goes. Mani asks Raman to relax, maybe he made a mistake, she won’t lie. Raman says she is lying. Ruhi says we have to do something. Mr. Bhalla says I will give her denture box at clinic and explain her. Aaliya gives coffee to Ruhi.

Ruhi says Rohan had called me and invited us for dinner. Aaliya says I don’t think its a good idea, I don’t want to meet him, I think you should go, Karan helped us a lot. Ruhi says so much is happening in the house, I will refuse to him, I won’t go. She messages Karan. Karan says I knew her answer. Karan says Ruhi said she won’t come, I will tell the cook not to make extra food. He goes. Rohan says Ruhi will have to come else my plan won’t be successful, I will make sure that Ruhi and Aaliya come.

Kiran asks Amma what is she preparing. Amma says I m making special pulao for your Appa. Kiran asks shall I help. Amma says help in eating it, come. Bala says wow, its smelling so nice, I m going for classes and then meeting my friends, even we should plan a family get together. Amma says nice idea, I will talk to Bhallas.

Mr. Bhalla’s car breaks down. He checks the car. He sees Shaina and calls her out. She leaves. He follows her in an auto. Shagun asks what, why will Ishita lie, Sahil’s wife, no way, Mani wear your glasses, you would have seen someone else, this can’t happen. Ramn says she isn’t the same since she has come back from London. Shaina hits an old man by her car. Mr. Bhalla looks on. The people scold the rich people for doing such accidents. Mr. Bhalla says that lady will help the man. Mani says I was shocked when she ignored me. Shagun says you two should apologize to Ishita at her clinic.

Raman says no way, she was there, how stupid is that, I won’t apologize. Shaina scolds the old man. Mr. Bhalla looks on and thinks what happened to Ishita, she isn’t so rude, is this our Ishita or someone else. He runs and gets hurt. He says I have sprained my feet. Shagun says sort everything out, keep your ego aside. Mani gets a call. He says an imp deal is going on, I will have to leave. Shagun says I will take Raman to clinic. Mani goes. Shagun says we can go there and talk to Ishita, come with me. Raman gets a call. He asks what, dad fell down, we are coming.

Aaliya says whatever is happening isn’t right. Yug asks her to take medicines and rest. He asks shall we go to colony and check orders. Aaliya says no. Yug gets a message. The man writes… meet me at chowk and don’t get anyone along this time, don’t make any mistake. He says I have got the message from workshop incharge, I will go, be at home, Raman and Ishita may fight again. She asks why are you tensed. He says nothing, don’t worry. Everyone worries for Mr. Bhalla. Shaina comes home and asks for the dentures. Mr. Bhalla says you changed your dress again and worn the saree.

Ishita says I have worn the same saree, how did you get hurt. He says stop this drama, it happened because of you. She asks how. Sahil beats the man and asks how did you lose the packet. The man says I met with an accident and crowd gathered there, I lost that packet. Sahil says you won’t be alive now. Shamshad says no, just this man can get the packet back, police hasn’t seen him.

The man says give me a chance. Sahil agrees. The man says you saved my life. Shamshad asks him to find the packet. Shaina asks what are you saying. Mr. Bhalla says you knocked the old man and spoke so rudely with him. Shaina asks what, who does that. Mr. Bhalla says I thought how can Ishita do this, you didn’t stop when I called you, I ran after you and got hurt. She says I was at clinic, you are mistaken. Raman says stop the drama, we all can’t be wrong, tell me what are you hiding. She says I was at the clinic. Mr. Bhalla says don’t lie. Ananya gets her phone and says we shall leave if you collected the dentures, patients are waiting for us. Shaina says you came on right time.

Yug saying who is blackmailing me. Vishal comes and says I saw you and came here, what are you doing here. Yug says I m here for Aaliya’s locality project work, you can go. Vishal says no, you have tea at the stall, I will take milk. Yug says I will just call the man. He calls and gets a message….you lost the last chance, your life will be ruined now. Karan asks how did I forget this. Malhotra says Sudha called me and she was very angry. Karan says lets make this event successful. Rohan says its no use as mom isn’t here. Karan says we will help the poor and needy by raising the funds. Rohan says fine if you think so. Karan goes to attend the call. Malhotra says I did as you said. Rohan says I have told this with proper understanding, Karan won’t invite Ruhi

and Aaliya on my saying, make sure that their names are included in guest list and Karan invites them himself. Malhotra says sure.
Shaina asks Ananya to say she was at clinic. Ananya says yes, we were at clinic, we just came to take the dentures. Raman says we are not mad and blind, either you aren’t Ishita or you are hiding something. Shagun says calm down Raman, just talk to her and sort this. Ishita argues with them and goes. Karan says good job why did you include Ruhi and Aaliya’s name. Malhotra says they are big names, we should invite them, I don’t think Raman will come, you personally invite them. Karan says I will. Malhotra calls Rohan and says Karan is going to call Ruhi and Aaliya. Rohan says well done, make sure he calls them and invites. Ananya says I did what you said, don’t do anything to my family. Shaina says you have to lie more. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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