This is Love April Teasers 2019 Glow Tv

This is Love April Teasers 2019 Glow Tv

This is Love Teasers April-2019  Glow Tv 

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Monday 1 April 2019

Episode 1277
Ruhi loses her cool when Raman hands over her projects to Aditya. Simmy is furious when Kiran makes a grave accusation against Param. What is it?
Episode 1278
Simi is shattered when Param attempts suicide. Ishita gives valuable advice to Kshitija for her safety!

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Episode 1279
An upset Simi refuses to understand Ishita’s point. Ruhi gets into an argument with Adi for hijacking her projects. Later, Raman and Ishita too have a war of words!
Episode 1280
Aliya wants Aditya to support Ruhi. On the other hand, Raman is upset with Ruhi for accepting a job offer of his rival company. Later, Romi and Mihika get into an argument.

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Episode 1281
A furious Raman strives to separate Ruhi and Nikhil. The Bhallas and Iyers celebrate Kshitija’s birthday, while Param makes a vicious plan against the Bhallas.
Episode 1282
Santosh gets annoyed with Simi for confronting Ishita. Ruhi slaps Nikhil on finding a girl in his room. Will she break up with him?

Thursday 4 April 2019

Episode 1283
Ruhi is disappointed with Nikhil’s behaviour. Shagun frames Nikhil in a call girl’s case. What happens next?
Episode 1284
Param tries to create a rift between Ishita and Simi. Riya becomes furious on seeing Nikhil’s secret video. Will Param’s plan work?

Friday 5 April 2019

Episode 1285
Raman reconciles with Ruhi. Ishita is shocked with Param’s behaviour. What is his intention?
Episode 1286
Raman panics after learning about Ruhi visiting Nikhil. He tells Shagun about it. Will Ruhi learn that Nikhil was framed?

Monday 8 April 2019

Episode 1287
Ishita discovers Raman and Shagun’s misdeed against Nikhil and criticises them. Elsewhere, Romi gives few tips to Aliya to impress Aditya.
Episode 1288
Ruhi is devastated to learn that Raman ruined her relationship with Nikhil. In a fit of rage, she lashes out at Raman.

Tuesday 9 April 2019

Episode 1289
The Bhallas get upset with Ruhi for giving shelter to Nikhil in the house. A furious Shagun slaps Ruhi for confronting Raman and wants her to stay away from Nikhil.
Episode 1290
Simi secretly helps Ruhi meet Nikhil. Raman decides to visit Param’s house. Is Ruhi in trouble?

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Episode 1291
Param stops Ruhi from revealing the truth to Ishita. Ishita accidentally calls Anami and tells her about Raman and Ruhi’s problems. Bala shares a plan with Raman to distract Ruhi!
Episode 1292
The Bhallas and Iyers prepare for the karva chauth rituals. Aditya tries to cheer Aliya up. But what is Param up to?

Thursday 11 April 2019

Episode 1293
Ishita gets into trouble for helping Simi. Raman catches Ruhi and Nikhil together!
Episode 1294
Shagun once again makes a plan to separate Ruhi from Nikhil. Meanwhile, Ishita is worried about Ruhi while Raman tries to comfort her.

Friday 12 April 2019

Episode 1295
Param provokes Nikhil against Raman and Ishita. In a fit of rage, Nikhil insists Ruhi to do something for him. Will she agree?
Episode 1296
Shagun reveals to the Bhallas that there’s something brewing between Param and Pooja. Meanwhile, Raman keeps an eye on Nikhil and Ruhi.

Monday 15 April 2019

Episode 1297
Ishita asks Ruhi about her decision to live-in with Nikhil. Later, in a very indirect way, she talks about the cons of living-in! Will Ruhi get the hint?
Episode 1298
Ruhi tells Nikhil that she isn’t ready to live in with him. But, what makes Santosh faint?

Tuesday 16 April 2019

Episode 1299
Ruhi tells the family members that she is going to marry Nikhil soon. Aditya clears Ishita and Raman’s doubts about him. How?
Episode 1300
Santosh stuns everyone by announcing that she is ready to conduct Ruhi and Nikhil’s wedding. Aditya questions Romi about his relationship with Pooja. How will Romi respond?

Wednesday  17 April 2019

Episode 1301
Nikhil learns about Romi and Pooja’s affair. The Bhallas feel uneasy when Param brings Nikhil home during the Diwali celebrations.
Episode 1302
Nikhil stuns Raman with the news about Romi and Pooja’s affair. Raman beats Romi up! Will Ishita and Ruhi find out about it too?

Thursday 18 April 2019

Episode 1303
Nikhil is angry at Raman for hiding Romi and Pooja’s love affair from the family. Meanwhile, Romi sets out to kill Nikhil.
Episode 1304
The Bhallas are worried about the tension between Raman and Romi. Nikhil plans to compel the family to fix his and Ruhi’s marriage date.

Friday 19 April 2019

Ishita reluctantly decides to get Ruhi and Nikhil married while Raman strives to stop their marriage. But what is on Nikhil’s mind?

Episode 1305
Ishita slaps Romi and Pooja on learning about their affair. Nikhil is glad to win Ruhi’s trust but is he really trustworthy?
Episode 1306
Ruhi and Nikhil get romantic. Meanwhile, Nikhil plans to trap her to avenge Raman. Can Raman and Ishita save their daughter?

Monday 22 April 2019

Episode 1307
Nikhil spikes Ruhi’s champagne. Ishita slaps Simi for speaking badly about Ruhi. Raman finds Nikhil’s room and beats him up.
Episode 1308
Ishita and Raman try to convince Ruhi about Nikhil’s real intentions. Will Ruhi believe them?

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Episode 1309
Raman locks Ruhi up to cancel her Sangeet, but later Simi helps her to escape. Ishita lashes out at Simi for helping Ruhi.
Episode 1310
Ruhi threatens to kill herself if the Bhallas don’t let her marry Nikhil. Pihu unintentionally hurts Ananya, making Ishita take the blame on herself.

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Episode 1311
After Ananya breathes her last, Ishita gets herself arrested. She lies in the court that she killed Ananya. Who will find the truth?
Episode 1312
Simi and Santosh curse Ishita for killing Ananya. Raman strives to find the truth behind Ananya’s death and prove Ishita’s innocence.

Thursday 25 April 2019

Episode 1313
Ishita asks Pihu not to reveal the truth to anyone. The story takes a leap where Ashok now wants to reopen Ishita’s case. Will he find out the truth?
Episode 1314
The story takes a leap. The Bhallas are in Budapest on a business trip. Ruhi, who has become the biggest business rival to Raman, plans to cancel his business deals.

Friday 26 April 2019

Episode 1315
Ishita is anxious about meeting Raman after a long time. Ruhi challenges Raman over a business deal
Episode 1316
Ishita and Ashok talk to Raman as the investors for his company. Later, Ruhi insists Ishita to invest in her company and refuses to be a part of the Bhallas.

Monday 29 April 2019

Episode 1317
Ishita is upset with Raman’s weird behaviour, while Simi intends to avenge her. Aliya consoles Aditya and tells Ishita about Raman’s suffering.
Episode 1318
Simi wants Ishita to stay away from the Bhallas. Bala sets out to mend Romi and Mihika’s relationship. Ishita is concerned about Raman’s welfare.
Tuesday 30 April 2019
Episode 1319
Raman’s indifferent attitude leaves Ishita surprised. She sees Simi giving meds to Raman and feels curious. Later, Ishita spends time with Adi and Ruhi.

Episode 1320
Ishita learns that Simi is responsible for Raman’s memory loss. Ashok is guilty for his misdeeds and discloses a shocking truth to Ishita. Simi defame Ishita read on This is Love Teasers May 2019 Glow Tv