Teasers on Unspoken Bond July 2022


Teasers on Unspoken Bond July 2022

Vanlata executes her diabolical plan against Nandini and gets her kidnapped!

Starlife Unspoken Bond July 2022 Teasers

Friday, July 1, 2022

Episode 36

Gunn provides Darsh a wicked plan to avert the wedding after Mohan tainted his drink. Darsh and Nandini, on the other hand, have a love relationship.

Episode 37

Nandini exhibits a surprising state when Vipul and Chetan notify her that her wedding has been postponed. Darsh stays true to his choice later.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Episode 38

Namrata hides from Darsh and Charmi as they discover Nandini imprisoned in the mortuary room. Later, the Rawals are concerned about Nandini’s unexpected choice.

Episode 39

Namrata is informed by Darsh that she betrayed his trust by misleading the family about his operation. Later, Nandini attempts to make amends with Namrata.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Episode 40

Darsh marrying Nandini annoys Namrata. Nandini, who comes to the Rawal residence with a sincere plea, is reprimanded by Vipul, who also stands up for her.

Episode 41

Gunjan intends to make Shobhit feel bad about Charmi. Later, Nandini tells Darsh that she overheard her conversing with Rakla, but she later lies to him about it.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Episode 42

Shobhit apologizes to Gunjan and accepts her offer to give her a diamond ring. On the other side, as he assists Nandini in donning a saree, Darsh and Nandini become closer.

Episode 43

When Darsh forces Nandini to wear the jewelry, their relationship improves. Later, Darsh’s violent outburst surprises the family.

Tuesday 5  July 2022

Episode 44

Nandini gears up for her haldi ceremony when the family arrives in Goa. In the meantime, an unexpected visitor is en route to attend the wedding.

Episode 45

Vanlata executes her diabolical plan against Nandini and gets her kidnapped. On the other hand, Darsh waits for her at the venue.

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Episode 46

Mohan taunts Nandini and forces her to marry him. Elsewhere, Darsh realises that Nandini is missing and grows paranoid.

Episode 47

Darsh stops the wedding midway upon finding out that he is not marrying Nandini. Elsewhere, Nandini escapes from Mohan’s clutches and heads towards the venue

Thursday 7 July  2022

Episode 48

Shamika leaves the venue when Namrata gets reprimanded by the Rawals. Later, Rajvee supports Nandini as she tries to prove her innocence.

Episode 49

The family shower their blessings as Darsh and Nandini tie the knot. However, Shobhit is in a dilemma during his wedding with Gunjan.

Friday 8  July  2022

Episode 50

Nandini gets emotional as she is now a part of the Rawal family. Later, Darsh’s peculiar behaviour stuns her.

Episode 51

The Rawals observe Darsh feeling irritated during his post-wedding rituals with Nandini. Later, an agitated Darsh recalls his secret meeting with Charmi.

Saturday 9  July 2022

Episode 52

Charmi’s words echo through Darsh’s mind, and he swears to punish Nandini for her wrongdoing. Later, Nandini gets confused when Darsh locks her in the bathroom.

Episode 53

After finding the truth about Nandini, Darsh feels shattered. Later he decides to take revenge and vows to wreak havoc in her life.

Sunday 10  July  2022

Episode 54

Darsh tells Nandini to keep pretending to be happy for Rajvee’s sake. Shobhit’s love turns into hatred, when he assumes Darsh is happy with Nandini.

Episode 55

Shobhit surprises Gunjan with a diamond necklace and they share a romantic moment. On the other hand, Darsh misbehaves with Nandini.

Monday 11  July  2022

Episode 56

The Rawals gather along to perform some post-wedding rituals. However, Namrata accuses Nandini and Gunjan of theft as some gold coins go missing.

Episode 57

While Nandini leaves the guesthouse, the Rawals panic as Rajvee feels uneasy. Later, Nandini changes her mind and stays with the family for Rajvee’s sake.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Episode 58

Shobhit deviously overheats the soup cooked by Nandini for Rajvee. Subsequently, Darsh stumbles upon the overheated soup and unleashes his wrath upon Nandini.

Episode 59

Nandini cancels the honeymoon while Gunjan and Namrata go out shopping. Later, the Rawals learn some unexpected news related to Darsh.

Wednesday 13 July 2022

Episode 60

Shobhit recollects his cunning act as he vows to seek revenge against Darsh. Later, he gets annoyed as Gunjan tries to get romantic with him.

Episode 61

Nandini impresses the Rawals by presenting an idea to reduce their loss. Later, Rajvee shocks them by deciding to appoint Nandini as the business head.

Thursday 14 July  2022

Episode 62

While Nandini rejects Rajvee’s offer, an irritated Shobhit taunts Darsh for supporting the former. Later, Darsh seeks revenge against Nandini.

Episode 63

Nandini confronts Darsh when he continues giving her a hard time. Later, his mother asks Nandini to attend the Board Members meet as he faces a predicament.

Friday 15  July  2022

Episode 64

While Darsh tries to finalise the Miranda plot deal, Nandini decides to reject it. Later, the family is shocked after learning the reason.

Episode 65

While the newlyweds go out on a lunch date, Nandini and Darsh fake their romance. On the other hand, Gunjan creates a scene.

Saturday 16  July 2022

Episode 66

Darsh presents an interesting challenge for Nandini while playing a game of truth and dare. Later, Shobhit receives a shocking news.

Episode 67

Nandini and Darsh get into a huge fight which is overheard by the family. In a fit of rage, he makes a revelation about Charmi.

Sunday 17  July  2022

Episode 68

When Nandini and Darsh argue, Rajvee sides with her and reveals the former’s bet. Later, Nandini demands to meet Charmi and questions Darsh.

Episode 69

When the truth falls apart, Nandini decides to leave the Rawals as she had enough of Darsh’s aggression. Upon realising his mistake, Darsh tries to stop Nandini.

Monday 18  July  2022

Episode 70

Darsh fails to stop Nandini from leaving and breaks down before Rajvee. Elsewhere, a fuming Shobhit vows to never let Darsh unite with his love.

Episode 71

Darsh apologises to Nandini and swears to win her over with love. Elsewhere, Rajvee rebukes Namrata for her materialistic attitude.

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Episode 72

When he fails to win Nandini back, Darsh decides to build a school in her father’s name. While Shobhit tests Gunjan, Nandini reveals to Darsh what hurt her the most.

Episode 73

As a part of a ritual, Darsh sings a song in praise of Nandini. While Bansuri tries to convince her to give him another chance, Nandini decides to go away.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Episode 74

Nandini apologises to Shobhit for all the sacrifices he made. Later, Darsh gives a proposal to Nandini to work for Rawal Sweets to pay off the debts.

Episode 75

When Nandini agrees to become Darsh’s secretary, the family is euphoric. Later, Chetan makes arrangements to get Nandini and Darsh close.

Thursday 21 July  2022

Episode 76

Darsh fights the men when they try to trick him, leaving Nandini impressed. When Rajvee narrates an incident from Darsh’s childhood, he feels demotivated.

Episode 77

Nandini accidentally gives Darsh wrong medication and gets reprimanded by Namrata. However, Darsh takes a stand for Nandini and makes a promise to her.

Friday 22  July  2022

Episode 78

Nandini learns about marketing from Rajvee when Namrata insults her efforts. Later, she accidentally sends a hate mail to Namrata.

Episode 79

Darsh gets worried to learn that someone is trying to sell low-quality products in the name of Rawal Sweets. Later, Nandini suggests a way to handle the problem.

Saturday 23  July 2022

Episode 80

Shobhit employs Gunjan to spy on Darsh while the latter investigates the Rawal factory. Later, Nandini resolves to save Darsh as he gets arrested.

Episode 81

Nandini finds a clue about the culprit ruining the Rawals’ name. In an attempt to catch him, she lands in trouble . Who can save her?

Sunday 24  July  2022

Episode 82

After saving the reputation of Rawal sweets’, Darsh gets promoted as a CEO. Later, Nandini and Darsh share some romantic moments.

Episode 83

Shobhit loses his cool after Gunjan tampers with the family business. Later, seeing Darsh and Nandini’s bond, he vows vengeance.

Monday 25  July  2022

Episode 84

The Rawals admire Darsh and Nandini when they get handcuffed together. Later, the family is taken aback as Darsh does the unthinkable.

Episode 85

Darsh offers to help Nandini when she struggles to write her speech. While Darsh reads a romantic poem to Nandini, Gunjan gets jealous.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Episode 86

The Rawals give a fantastic dance performance for Rajvee and Vipul’s anniversary. Later, Shobhit gets jealous as Rajvee appreciate Darsh.

Episode 87

Nandini gathers courage and delivers a heartwarming speech, impressing everyone. Later, Vanlata curses Darsh after getting offended by his befitting reply.

Wednesday 27 July 2022

Episode 88

Nandini is overjoyed when Ritesh informs her that Darsh could regain his eyesight. However, Shobhit hatches an evil plan upon learning about it

Episode 89

When Gunn tries to frame Nandini for infidelity, Darsh stands by her. On the other hand, Shobhit comes up with a sinister plan to end their relationship.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Episode 90

As Nandini transforms into Darsh’s chamber, they become close. Shobhit, on the other hand, makes Darsh mistrust Nandini by using Ritesh.

Episode 91

While Nandini dreams of Darsh getting his sight back, Darsh believes he isn’t good enough for her. Darsh goes to a riding school the next day.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Episode 92

Darsh receives a stern warning from Nandini for putting his life at danger to win her favor. Later, she bakes treats to convey the idea that he is great just the way he is.

Episode 93

Shobhit is relieved when Rajvee demands that Ritesh move in with them. Later, Shobhit lies to Darsh to get him to seem possessive.

Sunday, July 30, 2022

Episode 94

After leaving the theater, Nandini goes home to watch it with Darsh. Darsh makes love to Nandini while she describes a passionate scene.

Episode 95

To find out more about Darsh’s health, Shobhit requests Nandini to go see Ritesh. Then, in accordance with his strategy, he sows a seed of suspicion against her in Darsh’s mind.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Episode 96

Darsh engages in a game to court Nandini as he grows envious of Ritesh and Nandini’s bond. Meanwhile, Parul makes a startling demand of Rajvee.

Episode 97

Ritesh accidentally interferes with Shobhit’s strategy and succeeds in making Darsh uneasy. Later, Shobhit treats Nandini in an inconceivable way.

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