Teasers on Never Say Goodbye July 2022


Teasers on Never Say Goodbye July 2022

Suman discovers a strange girl inside the house late at night, she becomes terrified.

Starlife Never Say Goodbye July 2022 Teasers

Friday, July 1, 2022

Episode 313

Ravish’s thoughtfulness is appreciated by Sujata and Vividha. Suman is carrying out her nefarious scheme in the meantime.

Episode 314

Vividha visits Raghav’s home while disguising herself. Will Raghav and Guddi discover Vividha’s secret?

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Episode 315

Sujata acknowledges Ravish’s compassion for Vividha and Madhav. Suman questions Madhav’s presence in the home. Will she learn what Vividha is doing?

Episode 316

Vividha requests that Madhav bring Atharva’s hairbrush and toothbrush, and she promises to obtain a DNA sample from him.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Episode 317

Guddi is seen by Vividha, who is posing as a maid. Will she understand what Guddi and Suman are planning?

Episode 318

When Suman discovers a strange girl inside the house late at night, she becomes terrified. Vividha discovers Madhav is missing in the meanwhile.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Episode 319

Finding Madhav brings relief to Vividha. Later, Guddi attempts to troubleshoot Vividha, but Raghav steps in to stop him.

Episode 320

Upon discovering Kajri alive, Suman freaks out and incites her to disturb Sujata. In the meantime, a tantrik assaults Vividha and kidnaps her.

Tuesday 5  July 2022

Episode 321

Madhav gets restless unable to find Vividha. Later, Suman kidnaps Madhav and Vividha with the help of the tantrik.

Episode 322

Vividha cries for help as Suman locks Madhav in a suitcase. Further, Guddi carries out Suman’s plan against Raghav.

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Episode 323

Suman sets out to kill Madhav. Can Vipul and Guddi foil her plan? Will Vividha expose Suman?

Episode 324

Vividha exposes Suman and Chintu before everyone. How will Ravish and Atharva react to this?

Thursday 7 July  2022

Episode 325

Furious, Kalindi sets out to kill Atharva. Sujata and Vividha plead with her to free him. However, what has made Kalindi take such a violent step against Atharva?

Episode 326

Suman gets shot when she attempts to kill Atharva. Later, Atharva goes under medical treatment.

Friday 8  July  2022

Episode 327

Sujata is arrested for killing Suman. As the trial begins, how will Ravish prove Sujata’s innocence?

Episode 328

Vividha reveals Guddi’s misdeeds in front of everyone. Later, Ravish stays away from Atharva and Vividha so that they get closer.

Saturday 9  July 2022

Episode 329

Madhav falls down while playing with Atharva and becomes unconscious. Later, Vividha gets furious at what the doctor reveals, while everyone else is stunned.

Episode 330

As Ravish organises Atharva and Vividha’s marriage ceremony, Vividha is happy to have accomplished her dream.

Sunday 10  July  2022

Episode 331

Atharva and Vividha complete the wedding rituals and leave for their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Ravish hits a lady with his car. Will she survive?

Episode 332

Guddi falls in love with Ravish. Atharva and Vividha spend some romantic moments together but something is bothering them at the farm house.

Monday 11  July  2022

Episode 333

Atharva and Vividha return home safe. They narrate the incidents they experienced to Ravish, Guddi and Sujata.

Episode 334

Ravish and his family are shocked to find a strange girl in their house. Later, Sujata and Ravish try asking her name, but another shock awaits them.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Episode 335

Ravish, Atharva and Vividha rescue the girl from kidnappers. Later, they try to know about her background. Will the mystery girl reveal anything about herself?

Episode 336

Atharva tells Vividha that he has doubts about the girl as she discusses her evil plans over the phone. Meanwhile, the family names her Kangana. She gets close to Ravish.

Wednesday 13 July 2022

Episode 337

Kalindi apologises to Ravish and requests him to let her in the house. When Ravish refuses, Kangana tries to convince him. Will she regret this?

Episode 338

Vividha is concerned for Kangana but is unaware of her intention. Later, Kangana attacks Kalindi!

Thursday 14 July  2022

Episode 339

Vipul and Bhumi are anxious to know about Kalindi’s whereabouts, while Atharva wants to get Ravish and Kangana married.

Episode 340

As Kangana misleads Ravish and his family, Vividha grows suspicious of her. Later, Atharva is keen to spend some romantic moments with Vividha.

Friday 15  July  2022

Episode 341

The police investigate a goon’s murder after finding his body in Ravish’s compound. Later, Atharva confronts the police for suspecting Kangana.

Episode 342

Bhumi panics upon Vipul’s disappearance. Later, Ravish and Atharva set out to find him. Has Kangana killed him?

Saturday 16  July 2022

Episode 343

Ravish, Atharva and the family members are shocked upon seeing Vipul’s dead body. Later, Bhumi accuses Kangana of murdering Vipul!

Episode 344

Vividha and Atharv get into an argument at their first meeting. Atharv wants Sujata to forget her husband. Vividha apologises to Atharv for misunderstanding her. Kailash tries to manipulate Sujata into selling her the haveli. Vividha helps Kailash get his calf back from a few thieves.

Sunday 17  July  2022

Episode 345

Bhumi is devastated about Vipul’s gruesome murder. While Guddi feels Kangana is involved in it, Vividha refuses to believe her.

Episode 346

Kangana panics on not finding Kalindi’s dead body. Ravish, Atharva and Vividha execute a secret plan to win Kangana’s trust.

Monday 18  July  2022

Episode 347

Kangana intends to mislead Madhav, while Vividha suspects her. Later, Vividha and Atharva tell Ravish that Kangana is trying to create a rift between them.

Episode 348

Atharva and Vividha suspect Kangana’s secret plan. Later, Atharva and Ravish organise a grand party at home, while Sujata keeps an eye on Kangana.

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Episode 349

The Forensic department investigates a case in connection with Vipul and Kalindi’s murder. Meanwhile, Ravish sets out to prove Kangana’s crime.

Episode 350

Ravish, Atharva and Vividha panic on seeing Kangana with her slit throat. Who is behind this mysterious attack?

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Episode 351

Ravish, Atharva and Vividha seek Guddi’s help to find Kangana’s attacker. Vividha panics on thinking about Kangana’s mysterious case while Atharva tries to console her.

Episode 352

Atharva, Vividha and Sujata fail to find Kangana’s phone. Atharva asks Ravish to check the hospital records of the day when Vividha gave birth to Madhav.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Episode 353

After learning about Kangana’s behavior from Madhav, Vividha visits her room. What will Kangana think of her when she sees her?

Episode 354

While Ravish investigates Kangana and Madhav, Kangana kidnaps Vividha. Atharva makes an effort to save Vividha.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Episode 355

While Kangana takes custody of Madhav, Atharva guards Vividha. Who will save Madhav?

Episode 356

Vividha is troubled by thoughts of Madhav as Ravish and Atharva search for him. Kangana welcomes Madhav to her home in a different location.

Saturday 23  July 2022

Episode 357

Kangana claims to Atharva and Vividha that she is Madhav’s mother. Ravish uncovers Kangana’s tragic story.

Episode 358

Ravish tells his family that Kangana is mentally unstable. Atharva manages to cheer up Vividha and plans a romantic date.

Sunday 24  July  2022

Episode 359

Vividha is grateful to Atharva for his concern and the two spend romantic time together. She is curious to know about Guddi’s feelings for Ravish.

Episode 360

Guddi is eager to spend time with Ravish. Atharva, Vividha and their family celebrate Madhav’s birthday. Will Ravish confess his love to Guddi?

Monday 25  July  2022

Episode 361

Guddi shares her grief with Ravish. Further, he proposes to her for marriage. Vividha sets out to rescue Kangana from the kidnappers.

Episode 362

Atharva scolds Vividha for rescuing Kangana. Guddi gets dejected when Vividha offers shelter to Kangana in the house.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Episode 363

Vividha sets out to promote the business. However, she is dejected as Kangana takes Madhav into her custody.

Episode 364

Vividha is on a mission to discover a secret. Guddi suspects Ravish when he keeps an eye on Kangana.

Wednesday 27 July 2022

Episode 365

Ravish is shocked as Guddi believes he is in love with Kangana. Vividha discovers Kailash Kashyap’s misdeeds against her and Atharva. Will they avenge him?

Episode 366

Kangana convinces Vividha that she would take care of Madhav. Later, Atharva waits for Kailash to show up, but starts feeling unwell.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Episode 367

As Vividha and Atharva fail to save their daughter from Kailash, she is sad. The family members of Atharva and Ravish are viciously attacked by a female. What is her name?

Episode 368

Everyone is found comatose in the house by Ravish, Atharva, and Vividha. When they discover that Kangana was stabbed, they are horrified. Can they solve this puzzle?

Friday, July 29, 2022

Episode 369

When Ravish, Atharva, and Vividha discover Kailash’s burned-out vehicle, they assume he is already dead. Later, when they get an unknown package, they become terrified.

Episode 370

Vividha and Atharva make the decision to have the young girl’s DNA tested. Is she their daughter?

Saturday, July 30, 2022

episode 371

A dejected Vividha is attempted to be cheered up by Atharva. When Madhav admits that he is Kangana’s son, the two are taken aback. Did Kangana tell Madhav the truth about it?

episode 372

Kangana has incensed Vividha by keeping Madhav away from her. Khushi and Madhav are rescued from an accident by Ravish and Atharva.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

episode 373

When Madhav gets back home, Vividha feels relieved. Kangana lets Vividha know about her trip to the attorney.

Episode 374

The lawyer warns Vividha and Atharva that they risk losing Kangana’s case. Madhav and Khushi quarrel.

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