Teasers on Emperor Ashoka June 2022


Teasers on Emperor Ashoka June 2022

Kaurwaki is heartbroken when Ashoka tells her to leave the palace and break all ties, irrespective of whether he returns dead or alive.

Glow Tv Emperor Ashoka June 2022 Teasers

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Devi takes Ashoka to Kaurwaki who is critically injured while saving his life from Sushim’s attack and he confesses about knowing Kaurwaki’s true identity. ‘Uttar’ surrenders as ‘Kaundana’ at Bindusara’s court and commits suicide, proving Ashoka’s innocence.

Ashoka holds himself responsible for Kaurwaki’s agonising condition and vows to renounce all ties to protect his loved ones from harm. Meanwhile, Charumitra’s attempts to seduce Bindusara go in vain.

Thursday 2 June 2022

Helena is scared that Ashoka will set heads rolling until he finds Kaundana and she fears being caught. Sushim assures her that he will hide her in his quarters as Ashoka will never venture there. Meanwhile, Ashoka takes utmost care of Kaurwaki.

Helena is safely brought to the quarters by Sushim and Siamak. Sushim plans on using Nirankush as a bait so that Ashoka gets into the trap of a dangerous assassin, ‘Virat’, who despises Ashoka’s family. Also, Ashoka narrowly misses to spot Helena.

Friday 3 June 2022

Helena is spotted by Vit and he complains about an intruder, Bindusara and the entire family are worried about a ghostly presence. Later, even Bindusara catches a glimpse of Helena and faints, thinking it is ‘Rajmata’s Ghost’. Will Helena be caught?

Kaurwaki is heartbroken when Ashoka tells her to leave the palace and break all ties, irrespective of whether he returns dead or alive. Will she be able to keep his word? Earlier, a scroll from Virat mocks Bindusara and calls for Ashoka to visit him.

Monday 6 June 2022

Consumed by a desire to fight the evil Virat, Ashoka makes his way to the mysterious well, and leaps into it to explore it. Dharma gets to know the truth about Kaurwaki. Sushim tries to lay his hands on Kaurwaki but she fights back with vigour.

After reaching Virat’s den located in the well, Ashoka fights a giant eagle, defeating the beast and earning the right to meet Nirankush. In a gripping finish, a dumb Nirankush does his best to reveal Kaundana’s identity. Can he give Ashoka the clue?

Tuesday 7 June 2022

Nirankush dies before naming the traitor. When Ashoka confronts Sushim, he is fooled into believing that Kaundana is Helena’s ghost. Later, Ashoka meets Bindusara and says that Kaundana is alive and Helena is Kaundana. They dig open Helena’s grave.

Helena and Sushim hatch a scheme to murder Bindusara, Dharma and Ashoka in a fatal move, to ensure their road towards power is clear. A bomb is put near the stage where a play is to be performed. Who will stop this bloodbath?

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Ashoka and Kaurwaki perform their parts in the staging of ‘Shakuntala’, while Sushim waits for his bodyguards to initiate the deadly plan. However, the two aides are caught and Sushim is left annoyed. Will this play bring Ashoka and Kaurwaki closer?

After Kaurwaki’s identity is unveiled, an explosion takes Nayak’s life. Sushim demands an inquiry, suspecting Kaurwaki, but Ashoka makes strong claims about Helena being responsible. Finally, he swears to bring justice and destroy Magadh’s enemies.

Thursday 9 June 2022

Ashoka orders his guards to find Helena at any cost but all his efforts go in vain. Later Alatoclis’s widow, Lasandra, from Unan meets him and offers to reveal Helena’s hideout, in return for his help to defeat Anthios who killed her husband.

Lasandra lures Siamak with her beauty and gains his trust. Although, Helena is sceptical about Lasandra’s visit, she eventually gets convinced and follows her escape plan. Later, a veiled woman is nabbed and brought before Bindusara. Is she Helena?

Friday 10 June 2022

Lasandra and Ashoka’s alliance brings Helena to the court and Bindusara is astounded to see her alive. However, Siamak kills Helena, seeking Bindusara’s sympathy. Siamak demands that he be sent to Takshashila. Will he be allowed to go?

Bindusara breaks the suspense by picking Kaurwaki over Anandini as a bride for Ashoka, and Chanda for Sushim. Earlier, Lasandra influences Siamak and Sushim for crippling the throne by robbing the kingdom’s vault and holding Ashoka responsible.

Monday 13 June 2022

Anandini adulterates the ‘Ubtan’ to be applied to Kaurwaki’s body, that eventually scars the latter’s fingers. Earlier, Ashoka and Kaurwaki enjoy their special moments. Sushim and Siamak take the advantage of this situation and put their plan into action.

Finally, the day has arrived when Ashoka and Kaurwaki will tie the knot. Earlier, Kaurwaki tries to warn Chanda about Sushim and advises her to call off her wedding. Devi confronts Anandini about adulterating the ‘ubtan’ and slaps her.

Tuesday 14 June 2022

On realising his daughter is alive, Jagannath arrives in court to give Kaurwaki’s hand in marriage to the brave Ashoka. He regrets misjudging Ashoka which makes Bindusara proud of his son. Sushim and Siamak are jealous with envy and decide to complete their plan on crippling the kingdom’s wealth at the earliest.

Ashoka and Bindusara disguise themselves to catch Sushim and Siamak red-handed, but the plan backfires. Earlier, Lasandra informs Ashoka that the treasure has been stolen by his brothers. Later, Jagannath is working his way at destroying Ashoka’s kingdom. Elsewhere, a sage informs Devi that there will be obstructions in Ashoka and Kaurwaki’s marriage.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

In her attempt to save Ashoka and his kingdom from her father’s conspiracy, Kaurwaki disguises herself as an assassin and tries stopping Ashoka by fighting against him. Will Ashoka see through her plan? Earlier, she pretends to be ignorant towards the accessory, found by Ashoka, that had fallen off her father’s robe. Ashoka suspects Jagannath’s hand in stealing the treasure and goes after him

Ashoka notices the wound on Kaurwaki’s hand and plans to reveal the truth by challenging her for a sword fight. Kaurwaki confesses the truth about her father before Ashoka and helps him in retrieving the kingdoms wealth. Elsewhere, Devi challenges Jagannath and vows to have Ashoka and Kaurwaki married. With Jagannath having an evil plan up his sleeve, will that be possible?

Thursday 16 June 2022

Bindusara and Ashoka have a rift, when the latter refuses to divulge the name of the traitor who stole the Kingdom’s treasure. Ashoka’s conspirators get him cornered to reveal Jagannath’s name. When Bindusara has a duel with Ashoka, Dharma intervenes. However, Kaurwaki finally reveals the name of the traitor. Are all the relationships at stake with this incident?

Ashoka exposes the complete truth to Bindusara and they vow to avenge the traitors in the family. Bindusara promises to make Ashoka the emperor after his marriage to Kaurwaki. He takes his first step by offering Jagannath the opportunity to demand anything in exchange for Ashoka and Kaurwaki’s marriage. Earlier, Dharma reveals Ashoka’s true intentions to Bindusara.

Friday 17 June 2022

Viketkura, from the Mauryan territory arrives in Patliputra and plans to take over Magadh by killing Ashoka. Meanwhile, Bindusara takes the necessary steps for the wedding ceremonies and tries to trick Sushim and Charumitra by showing faith in them.

Dharma repeatedly sees visions of blood and approaches a sage for help. She is shaken after he advises Ashoka and Kaurwaki’s separation and also predicts a great war. Meanwhile, Radhagupt and Bindusara start their investigation and preparation for the upcoming enemy threat on Magadha. Till when will Ashoka wait to launch an attack on the Kalinga empire.

Monday 20 June 2022

Dharma repeatedly sees visions of blood and approaches a sage for help. She is shaken after he advises Ashoka and Kaurwaki’s separation and also predicts a great war. Meanwhile, Radhagupt and Bindusara start their investigation and preparation for the upcoming enemy threat on Magadha. Till when will Ashoka wait to launch an attack on the Kalinga empire.

Jagannath demands that Bindusara should completely surrender to him and bow before him at all times in exchange for Ashoka and Kaurwaki’s peaceful marriage. Bindusara signs an official agreement of his surrender to Jagannath in order to secure Ashoka’s happiness. Disappointed by Bindusara’s predicament, Ashoka seeks Kaurwaki’s help to save his motherland.

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Dharma has to make a choice between her son’s happiness and the well-being of the kingdom. She stops Ashoka from going on a war. Worried about Jagannath’s deal with Bindusara and possible blood shed in the future, Dharma starts contemplating Devi to be a suitable bride for Ashoka instead of Kaurwaki. But, with Ashoka and Kaurwaki madly in love with each other, will this be possible? Who is destined to be Ashoka’s wife?

Dharma arrives at Ujjain with Bindusara’s royal signet ring and provokes Viketkura for a duel with one of the brave warriors of Patliputra, in exchange for Magadh’s throne. On receiving Radhagupt’s secret message, Bindusara and Ashoka arrive at Ujjain with an army to rescue Dharma. Meanwhile, Sushim being an opportunist, poisons his sword awaiting to kill either of the survivors; Ashoka or Bindusara. Who will fight the evil Viketkura?

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Ashoka gets aggressive on hearing Viketkura’s words against his mother, Dharma, and slays him brutally. Earlier, Dharma asks both Devi and Kaurwaki to tie a sacred thread to Ashoka. Was this victory possible due to Devi or Kaurwaki’s bond? The envious enemies of Ashoka get disappointed with the victory, as it could be the beginning of his reign.

Tormented by the prediction that Ashoka and Kaurwaki’s union could bring about a disastrous war, Dharma is under pressure to force Ashoka to marry Devi instead of Kaurwaki. Earlier, Bindusara announces that Ashoka will be appointed the Viceroy of Ujjain, while Siamak will be sent to Takshila and Sushim will be the new ‘Yuvraj’ of Magadh, after their respective marriages. Later, Lasandra worries if Dharma’s dilemma will affect her revenge strategy.

Thursday 23 June 2022

Jagannath tries to humiliate Bindusara over the surrender pact and engages into an intense duel with him. Earlier, Dharma calls out Devi’s name instead of Kaurwaki during the religious ceremony. Will Dharma’s ongoing dilemma bring havoc in Ashoka’s life?

Charumitra overhears Ashoka, while revealing his future plans of killing his brothers to Lasandra. She immediately informs Sushim and Siamak about it. Sushim loses his temper, but Charumitra suppresses his anger and suggests that he wait for the right moment.

Friday 24 June 2022

Dharma finally decides to split the lovers, Ashoka and Kaurwaki, by asking Devi to marry Ashoka. But, will Devi take the plunge? Earlier, Kaurwaki convinces Jagannath that Ashoka is the right man for her, and she won’t back out from marrying him. Elsewhere, Charumitra informs Sushim that she has used the power of dark forces to separate Ashoka and Kaurwaki.

Charumitra, being a powerful sorceress, uses her witchcraft to make Kaurwaki her victim and leaves Ashoka clueless about the upcoming danger to Kaurwaki’s life. Earlier, Devi takes excessive sleeping drops to kill herself, to avoid being a part of Dharma’s plan in splitting Ashoka and Kaurwaki. Dharma is trying to save Devi, while the others are busy curing Kaurwaki.

Monday 27 June 2022

Ashoka gets shocked on hearing about the treaty signed by Bindusara for his marriage and decides to choose his nation over Kaurwaki by stepping aside from the marriage at once. Earlier, Jagannath uses Vitt as a medium to convey his message regarding the treaty to Ashoka. The enemies are happy to see Ashoka heartbroken.

Ashoka is heartbroken by Kaurwaki’s harsh words and he finally decides to marry Devi. Prior to this moment, Ashoka loses his temper and stabs Jagannath for insulting his mother. Kaurwaki feels helpless watching Ashoka marry Devi. Is this the end of Kaurwaki’s chapter from Ashoka’s life or the beginning of a new one?

Tuesday 28 June 2022

Ashoka and Kaurwaki burn the mementos they have of each other to bid adieu to their love and overcome their pain. In the meantime, Dharma confesses to Bindusara about her involvement in Ashoka and Devi’s marriage, this makes Dharma lose her trust in the eyes of Bindusara. Devi, on the other hand, feels guilty about destroying Ashoka and Kaurwaki’s marriage. Will Devi be able to make her place in Ashoka’s life?

Kaurwaki loses her temper on seeing Devi and starts accusing her of back-stabbing, but Ashoka backs Devi and confronts Kaurwaki for insulting his wife. Jagannath is pleased to watch Ashoka and Kaurwaki quarrel like enemies. Charumitra is worried about Sushim’s future, as she has put her life at stake while performing a ritual to destroy Ashoka’s marriage.

Wednesday 29 June 2022

Ashoka gets drunk before going for his first wedding night and visualises Devi as Kaurwaki. Devi gets upset with Ashoka’s behaviour and reprimands him for the same. Meanwhile, Dharma faints after Charumitra makes her feel guilty about destroying Ashoka’s life by separating him from his love. Dharma informs Ashoka about the prophecy predicted by the sage and her reason for asking Devi to marry him.

Ashoka looks on as Kaurwaki departs from the kingdom. Despite his assurances to his mother about accepting Devi, he seems to be disappointed by Kaurwaki’s cold demeanour. Does Ashoka really want Kaurwaki back in his life? Meanwhile, Siamak is worried about obtaining a crucial article that will help him wield his influence in Takshashila. Will he get what he wants?

Thursday 30 Thursday

On seeing Dharma catch Siamak steal the royal stamp, Sushim attacks her from behind and strangles her to death. Unaware of the incident, Ashoka and Bindusara, arrive at Dharma’s quarters and find her asleep. Meantime, Sushim and Siamak manage to escape successfully through the window. Unaware of his mother’s death, Ashoka shares his feelings with her by sitting next to her dead body. Elsewhere, Sushim and Siamak rejoice over Dharma’s death.

Ashoka rushes towards Bindusara on hearing him scream Dharma’s name and is shocked to find Dharma dead. He loses his mind and becomes violent, but Vitt manages to bring him back to his senses. Later, Sushim threatens Siamak when the latter decides to leave the palace. Charumitra gets to know about Sushim’s involvement in Dharma’s death and tries to hide the strangulation marks on Dharma’s neck, by putting a necklace around it. Will Ashoka be able to nail the culprit?