Teasers on Dream Girl June 2022


Teasers on Dream Girl June 2022

Rakesh sneaks into Manav’s house and attempts to kill Aarti. However, she shoots Rakesh in self defence!

Starlife Dream Girl June 2022 Teasers

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Episode 243

Rakesh gets misled by Ayesha (Aarti) regarding Aarti (Shikha) and is provoked to murder her. Rakesh tries to shoot Aarti with Ayesha’s help. As a journalist, he pays a visit to Navrang Studio. As Rakesh prepares to take her phony interview, Aarti and Raghu mistrust him.

Episode 244

Raghu confronts Manav and Karan about their misunderstanding of him and attempts to persuade them of Ayesha’s true identity. Rakesh is successful in his attack on Aarti (Shikha) and flees Navrang Studio. Raghu later becomes concerned about Aarti’s absence and hurries to locate her.

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

Episode 245

Raghu locates Aarti (Shikha) and makes every effort to save her from Rakesh and his thugs. His endeavor, however, is unsuccessful. Rakesh kidnaps Aarti and imprisons her in his fortress. Ayesha (Aarti) misleads Manav and Karan about Aarti in another scene. Aarti is trying to break out from her confinement.

Episode 246

With Raghu’s support, Aarti (Shikha) manages to flee Rakesh and his thugs. They later file a police report against Rakesh. Manav feels sorry for Aarti. Ayesha (Aarti) is taken aback when she sees Aarti living. Aarti chastises her for her transgression.

Friday 3  June  2022

Episode 247

Ayesha (Aarti) is desperate to destroy Aarti (Shikha). Raghu tries to warn Manav and Karan of Ayesha’s ploy, but they refuse to believe. Later, Rakesh sneaks into Manav’s house and attempts to kill Aarti. However, she shoots Rakesh in self defence. Raghu and Manav comfort Aarti.

Episode 248

Aarti (Shikha) thanks Manav and Karan for taking care of her. She expresses her feelings to Raghu. Manav discusses strategies to make his film popular and discusses the scenes with Raghu. Ayesha (Aarti) is glad to learn the story of the film. Raghu and Aarti profess their love to each other.

Saturday 4  June 2022

Episode 249

Ayesha (Aarti) is determined to attack Aarti (Shikha) during the shooting of a fight sequence in the film. Aarti gives a suggestion to Manav about the film scenes. Manav and Karan conduct the shooting session in a village. Ayesha and Aarti confront each other during the shooting.

Episode 250

The film unit is on tenterhooks when Ayesha (Aarti) and Aarti (Shikha) confront each other during the shooting of a fight sequence. Ayesha fakes innocence as she attempts to kill Aarti. However, Raghu sees through her act and hates her for it.

Sunday 5  June  2022

Episode 251

Raghu condemns Ayesha’s behaviour towards Aarti. He exposes her before Manav and Karan. Seething with anger, Ayesha discloses her identity and tries to kill Aarti. Later, she attempts to burn herself. However, she is saved and admitted to the hospital.

Episode 252

The doctors tell Manav and Raghu that Ayesha is suffering from memory loss. But Raghu is sure that she is faking it! He wants to get her arrested for her misdeed. Karan pacifies Raghu and Aarti and asks them to tie the knot.

Monday 6  June  2022

Episode 253

Manav hates Ayesha for deceiving him and his family, but she tries to prove her innocence. Raghu and Aarti happily tie the knot in the presence of a lawyer and Karan and Manav. A doctor claims that Ayesha is suffering from memory loss, but Raghu suspects her motive.

Episode 254

Raghu and Aarti have a romantic time. Ayesha congratulates them on their marriage. She tries to woo Manav, but he ignores her. Raghu, Aarti and Manav suspect her motive. Ayesha tries to make them realise that she is suffering from amnesia.

Tuesday 7  June 2022

Episode 255

Ayesha is enraged because Manav, Aarti, and Raghu suspected her plan. She chooses to remain in the hospital. Manav is shocked by Ayesha’s absence. Aarti, on the other hand, locates her and expresses her worry for her. Manav is assured by the doctor that Ayesha is suffering from forgetfulness.

Episode 256

Manav is pleased to see Aarti and Ayesha interacting. Raghu, on the other hand, is concerned since he detects Ayesha’s purpose. Raghu devises a strategy and enlists the assistance of the police and a doctor to assist Ayesha in regaining her memories.

Tuesday, June 8, 2022

Episode 257

Raghu, Ayesha, and Manav are overjoyed to learn that Aarti is expecting a child. Raghu manages to appease Ayesha at Aarti’s request. Raghu and Aarti are the proud parents of a newborn girl. Ayesha is happy about the same. The Ayesha’s continued amnesia worries the doctor. What is Ayesha’s secret?

Season Finale!

Ayesha is to be arrested by the police and the doctor, according to the court. Ayesha, on the other hand, continues to put on a show. She arranges for Raghu-kid Aarti’s to be abducted by a lady.

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