Teaser – Emperor Ashoka May 2022


Teaser – Emperor Ashoka May 2022

Monday 2 May 2022

Nirankush, Sushim’s aide and spy, visits Ashoka on the pretence of offering him the post of an Army Chief of Ujjain. Upon learning Ashoka’s whereabouts, Sushim decides to travel to Ujjain to meet and kill his brother. Will there be bloodshed?

While Sushim travels to Ujjain, Ashoka leaves for the Kumbh Mela. Unknown to each other, Ashoka and Kaurwaki cross paths on the way. Meanwhile, Mahamatya Khallatak stops King Bindusara from seeing Queen Charumitra performing black magic.

Tuesday 3 May 2022

Ashoka and Kaurwaki fail to come face to face even after being in the same vicinity. Sushim, on his way to the Kumbh mela, is determined to seek revenge on Ashoka. However, Ashoka inadvertently has a conflict with Sushim while trying to save a child.

Ashoka is shocked and aggravated to learn that the person who he almost sparred with was Sushim. He sets off towards Ujjain behind Sushim and tames a wild horse on the way to help him in his quest. Will Ashoka reach Ujjain before Sushim wreaks havoc?

Wednesday 4 May 2022

Sushim calls out Ashoka and is adamant on sparring with him, eager to end the much awaited showdown. Radhagupt plans to save Dharma and Vit from Sushim by sending away a different lady and her son as their decoys. Will this deception work?

Vit is apprehended by Nirankush’s guards after he steals laddoos and shares it with his friends. When Ashoka comes to his rescue, Nirankush plays a morbid game by blindfolding Ashoka and making him find Vit. Can the blindfolded Ashoka save him?

Thursday 5 May 2022

Having stopped Ashoka from killing Prantpal, Dharma leaves Dhaniram’s house. Later, Prantpal burns down Dhaniram’s house upon hearing that Ashoka has left. Starving while travelling, Dharma unknowingly visits Kaurwaki’s tent asking for food.

At Dhaniram’s home, Kaurwaki finds out that its inhabitants have left. In Pataliputra, Siamak, Sushim and Mahamatya Khallatak devise a plan to defeat Ashoka. Later, Ashoka and Kaurwaki cross paths in Rajgarh, where Dharma now resides with her sons.

Friday 6 May 2022

Ashoka wonders why the Dasi gave him a strange look. He gives the money he earned to his mother for the pooja. A well-wisher informs Ashoka about a wrestling competition in which Sushim is also participating. Will Ashoka finally clash with Sushim?

Dharma is furious seeing Ashoka spar with Bhupan and slaps the former on hearing about his intention of participating in the Magadha fight championship. At the championship, Sushim annihilates Bhupan, burying his face in the ground. Is Ashoka next?

Monday 9 May 2022

Nirankush makes Dhaniram push the cage in which Devi is imprisoned. Sushim is impatient as there is no news about Ashoka participating in the fight competition. Later, Ashoka pulls the Mugdar out of the ground and proves himself worthy to compete.

Bela and Kaurwaki go to Dharma’s house to get a glimpse of Ashoka. But when he leaves for Nalanda, Kaurwaki becomes melancholic again. Ashoka arrives at the castle to learn that he will be fighting a deadly warrior named Mallu.

Tuesday 10 May 2022

Siamak confronts Dharma over Bindusara’s identity while Ashoka continues his preparation and swears that Sushim, and anyone who protects him, will die. Ashoka’s well-wisher returns and gives an advice to win his impending fight.

Rumour spreads like wildfire that Chand, the warrior who dared to defy Bindusara, is Ashoka. Khallatak brings the news to Sushim, while Siamak rushes to Helena; as everyone conspires to ensure Ashoka’s downfall. But can they stop the unstoppable?

Wednesday 11 May 2022

Bindusara reprimands Sushim, claiming that he doesn’t have the qualities to be a king. Meanwhile, Ashoka has an encounter with a lion. Later, Sushim’s plan to kill Bindusara fails when Ashoka intervenes inadvertently. What will be his next move?

The crowd cheers on as Chand valiantly fights and defeats his opponent. Charumitra’s suspicion intensifies as Chand’s determination and confidence match that of Ashoka’s. Later, Kaurwaki is furious at her childhood friend for breaking her trust.

Thursday 12 May 2022

Sushim taunts Ashoka’s plain looking dinner and their upcoming fight. Meanwhile, Dharma sets out to stop Ashoka’s fight, after learning about it from Nayak. Sushim and Ashoka make final preparations and come face to face on the championship ground.

Sushim and Queen Charumitra resort to black magic to defeat Ashoka by pricking him with a poisoned needle. However, Ashoka gets back on his feet and fights back. Later, upon Dharma’s arrival, everyone comes to know that Chand is Ashoka.

Friday 13 May 2022

Bindusara forgives Ashoka and asks him to return to Pataliputra. However, Ashoka refuses to go back and doesn’t forgive his father for banishing him. Later, Radhagupt tries to make Ashoka realise the aim of his life and the latter bears his soul to him

Ashoka is love-struck yet again as he finally meets Kaurwaki who saves his life from an attack planned by Sushim. Later, Helena warns Sushim about Dharma, who could possibly reveal the truth to Bindusara.

Monday 16 May 2022

Dharma calls out to Vit at the nick of time to save him from falling off the edge of the building. Meanwhile, Kaurvaki takes up arms against Ashoka. Then, Dharma admonishes Charumitra for betraying and conspiring against the king and the empire.

Ashoka offers to help Kaurwaki reach Pataliputra and she is delighted at the sight of her lover. Charumitra tries to seduce Bindusara but he walks away from her. Later, Sushim’s anger reaches boiling point as he bemoans the rise of his enemies.

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Sushim learns that his reign will come to an end and that Ashoka will rise to greater heights. Meanwhile, Ashoka and Kaurwaki help Devi escape from Nirankush’s captivity. Later, Kaurwaki is saddened to see her father mourn her loss.

Ashoka reaches Patliputra and waits for Dharma’s permission to enter the city. Sushim and his cohorts try to influence Bindusara to stop him but he declines their wish. Dharma is reluctant, but allows Ashoka enter the city as it’s in his destiny.

Wednesday 18 May 2022

At the palace, Ashoka bows before Dharma and seeks her blessings while refusing to do so before Bindusara. Later, he runs into Siamak, scaring the daylights out of him. Unable to resist a challenge, Ashoka and Sushim meet for a sword fight.

Bindusara intervenes and stops Ashoka and Sushim from fighting each other, and warns the two about repeating their actions. Later, Dharma asks Bindusara to get Ashoka married with Kaurwaki. All this while, the evil Kaundana remains a mystery.

Thursday 19 May 2022

Bindusara instructs Ashoka to look into the case of undue tax collection. Later, Ashoka sees a man collecting taxes but fails to catch him. The next day, the body of this man is hung in the streets to remind Ashoka that he can never get to Kaundana.

Ashoka learns about stories of torture and cruelty from Kaundana’s workers. However, Ashoka is unaware that Kaundana is none other than his nemesis, Helena. Pataliputra is set to witness the surge of evil with Helena hell-bent on bringing destruction.

Friday 20 May 2022

With Magadha set to celebrate ‘Shravan Mela,’ princesses from kingdoms far and wide gather in Bindusara’s palace to win the hearts of Sushim and Ashoka. Kaurwaki arrives, under an assumed name. Seeing her, Ashoka insults her in front of everyone.

Kaurwaki accidentally enters Ashoka’s room and is humiliated yet again by him. She later vows to abstain from pursuing Ashoka, reasserting her own pride. Elsewhere, Princess Chanda has a conversation with Sushim and offers him a gift given to her by her mother.

Monday 23 May 2022

After seeking the advice of Acharya Radhagupt, Ashoka follows Sushim to find the mysterious Tantric. Thinking that he is going to meet his secret lover, Kaurwaki follows Ashoka. Will Ashoka find the Tantric’s hideout?

Ashoka enters a cave where he finds the Tantric who tries to attack him from behind. However, Kaurwaki alerts Ashoka just in time and he kills the Tantric with his sword. Later, the Tantric’s corpse is found hanging with a warning from the evil Kaundana.

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Accused of killing the tantric by Mahamatya Khallatak, Ashoka uses Kaurwaki to prove his innocence. With Sushim’s mentor dead, Ashoka and Radhagupt celebrate the start of their plan of unifying the country. However, Kaundana is yet to be subdued.

Siamak and Helena conspire to destroy Ashoka and Sushim simultaneously. Meanwhile, Dharma teaches the virtues of being a good queen to the princesses. Later, Ashoka notices Siamak eavesdropping his conversation with Bindusara regarding Kaundana.

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Siamak plans to kill Sushim and cuts the saddle on his horse, before they go hunting. Ashoka heroically saves Kaurwaki who rides Sushim’s horse and soon loses control, thus putting her life in danger. Later, Ashoka finds a ‘Kawach’ that will help him expose Kaundana.

Ashoka’s enemies rejoice his death. Sushim strikes a deal with Helena after knowing that she is Kaundana. Later, Ashoka returns safe and sound with Kaurwaki to the palace. With conspirators all around him will Ashoka be safe?

Thursday 26 May 2022

When Nirankush refuses to accept his part in Kaundana’s tax purge, Ashoka produces Dakshin’s body, who is a messenger of Kaundana, in court. In a convincing way, Ashoka manages to convict Nirankush and wins his kingdom a tax free year.

Ashoka and Sushim are about to give their verdict on the delicacies made by the princesses, but Sushim eats one of dishes poisoned by Siamak at the hands of Kaurwaki, and falls unconscious. Will Helena and Siamak’s conspiracy nail Ashoka?

Friday 27 May 2022

Sushim’s life is in danger due to the poison’s lethal effect. Bindusara warns Ashoka that he will not be spared if Sushim dies. However, Sushim survives. Later, Kaurwaki visits Ashoka’s quarters to apologise, but is in for a rude shock!

While Sushim tries to lay his hands on Kaurwaki, Ashoka intervenes and the two reach out for each other’s necks. Later, Bindusara orders Kaurwaki to be summoned to court for poisoning the food, despite serious objections from Ashoka and Sushim proving her to be innocent.

Monday 30 May 2022

Helena’s attempt to poison Ashoka backfires and she makes plans with Sushim, deciding to secure Nirankush’s release before exposes Kaundana. In the hearing, Kaurwaki is deemed innocent and cleared of all charges. Will Kaurwaki tell Dharma the truth about her identity?

Nirankush flees the prison after he receives a letter and tools for escape. When Siamak congratulates Sushim, the latter claims to be ignorant about Nirankush fleeing. Ashoka is the mastermind behind this, as he plans a trap for Kaundana.

Tuesday 31 May 2022

Ashoka follows Nirankush, but Sushim is aware of Ashoka’s plan and helps Helena escape. Meanwhile, Kaurwaki decides to help Ashoka. Sushim renders Ashoka unconscious, but, as soon as he is about to kill him, someone stops him. Is that Kaurwaki?

Kaurwaki reaches right in time and saves Ashoka. When Sushim is brought before Bindusara as a prisoner and as an accused for helping Kaundana, he turns the tables on Ashoka by blaming him for Nirankush and Kaundana’s escape. How will Ashoka justify himself?

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