Sunday Update on The Frontliners 22nd August 2021


Sunday Update on The Frontliners 22nd August 2021

Ishani saying we can start chemotherapy. Juhi says you know once treatment begins, cancer will spread rapidly. Shashank says she is right, we can take her abroad for treatment, its a very advanced stage, we have to tell the nurse. Sid says that her daughter has less time. Shashank says its the truth, its her right to know this. Jessica scolds Jignesh. The kids smile and joke on him. Jessica and Jignesh smile and hug. Shashank and everyone come. Jessica says I have to help Jignesh in work, give me discharge soon, please. Shashank says reports aren’t good. Jignesh comes and hears them. Shashank tells about the cancer.

They cry. Jessica asks what happened, why did everyone get silent. Juhi says let Jessica rest for some time. Nurse cries and tells her everything. Sid and Shashank console her. Nurse says I know the meaning of stage 4 cancer. Shashank says we still have hope, we can try. Jignesh nods to Jessica. Jessica signs no. She says I have less time, our marriage…. They cry.

Ishani and Sid also cry. Sid says don’t lose hope, we will find a way. Jessica says I will decide about it. Shashank says its your right. Everyone cries. They all go. Ishani comes to Sid. Sid says she is just 23 years old, her marriage was due in 3 days, her life is getting over, how can this happen. Ishani says I understand your pain, but your pain won’t get less, life doesn’t end, dreams don’t end, memories don’t end, my life was also over, then you came in my life. She wipes his tears. They hear a sound and go out.

Jessica asks Jignesh to leave, she just has few months, she won’t marry. He says I love you a lot. She says I don’t love you. She asks him to leave. He asks don’t you love me. She says I don’t love you. He gets angry and goes out. Sid and Ishani hear them. Jessica hugs her mum and cries. Sid and Ishani come to console. Sid asks her to stop Jignesh. Jessica says no. Nurse says he loves you, don’t punish him. Sid asks Ishani to just go. Ishani says Jessica doesn’t want this. He says sometimes we say that in anger which we don’t want to. Ishani runs to stop Jignesh. Sid asks where is he. Ishani says he left. Sid says I will take his number and call him.

Ishani asks can’t we fulfill Jessica’s dream, she wanted to marry Jignesh. Sid says she has less time, we should give her much happiness, we have to find Jignesh, we get angry on one whom we love the most. She thinks of scolding Sid. He thinks of scolding her. She sees a butterfly. He says we are doctors, and we know life is short and unpredictable, even then we feel we have much time to say and do things. He asks nurse to give Jignesh’s number, he wants to talk. Shashank says life is so strange Juhi, I survived in this age and Jessica is so young…. Sid calls Jignesh. Jignesh says I m here. Sid and Ishani smile.

Ishani says Jessica needs you a lot. Jignesh shows the ring. Ishani says wow. He says its my Dadi’s ring, Jessica wanted a grand proposal always, when our parents got to know this, they fixed the marriage, I couldn’t propose her, I got this ring for her. Sid says its lovely, this ring is for Jessica. Ishani says its very beautiful ring. Jignesh says I want to get flowers. Sid says not so soon, we will give her a grand proposal. Jignesh asks how, its a hospital. She says leave it on us.

Ishani signing Sid to talk to Jessica. Sid explains Jessica to live life as she wants, its in their control how they live. Jignesh gets nervous. Ishani says you get rehearsing it. He says I can’t do it. She says I will do it and show you, just close your eyes and think of the person you love. Sid enters the ward. Ishani sees him. She says I used to hate you, but when I was going to lose you, I realized that I should spend my life with you, you know whatever you did for me, no one did that, when you have come in my life, I don’t want to lose you, a small butterfly sits here when I see you, my heart beats a lot, I didn’t tell anyone, I got courage to tell you, I have to ask you something, will you be mine, Dr. Sid Mathur… Sid comes to her and holds. He says I just want to be yours. They smile.

Ankhon se padke….plays… her imagination ends. Sid asks what happened. She murmurs and gets up. Jignesh says she was reaching me how to propose. Sid says you love Jessica, just look into her eyes and your feelings will come out. Jessica comes and gets angry. She throws the ring and says you love me right, you just leave from my life. He cries and goes. Jessica cries. Ishani gets sad and holds Sid’s hand. He asks her not to be so sad. Ishani says I can’t imagine how much Jignesh is hurt, you would not know this. He says its not about me. She says we shouldn’t get into their personal matter. He says Jessica is still in shock. They go to talk to Jessica again. Jessica gets rude. She scolds Ishani.

Sid says you are crossing your limit, listen to me, you are lucky to get true love, you got a true life partner, he brings a smile on your face, your heart beats for him, accept him, don’t let your life go like this. Ishani smiles. Jessica hugs Sid and cries. Ishani holds them and thanks. Jignesh gets nurse’s call. She says Jessica wants to talk to you. He runs to the hospital. He sees Jessica with a rose. They cry.

Jessica proposes and asks will you marry me Jignesh. He nods and hugs her. Sid jokes on the nurse. Jessica faints. Sid and Ishani attend her and treat. Jessica gets conscious. She asks Jignesh not to waste his life, she has nothing left. He says I will save you, I won’t go anywhere. Nurse says Sid will save your life. She says don’t give false hope to anyone, forget about marriage, I can’t go outside the hospital. Ishani and Sid say we will get your marriage done in Sanjivani.