Sunday Update on Strange Love 18th July 2021


Sunday Update on Strange Love 18th July 2021

Shlok getting ready. Astha brings tea for him and asks what is he doing, is he going somewhere. He says not me, we are going. She asks where. He asks her to get ready as they will go on a romantic dinner date. She says fine, I will tell Anjali. He stops her and asks her to get ready fast. She thinks she will shock him with her beauty. Shlok waits for her. Astha comes back having a bath and dries her hair. He looks at her. He gets closer to her. She says what are you doing, let me get ready. He kisses her. Mahiya………….plays………….

She smiles and makes him sit. Maine khudko tujhme……….. plays………….. Astha gets ready. Shlok smiles seeing her. He holds her and her Kajal goes wrong. He laughs and says you are looking a ghost and really shocked me. She says I won’t talk to you, I m looking so bad. He says I like you in every look. She asks even like this. He says yes and corrects her Kajal. Tu hi mera hosh bhi……………plays…………

Its morning, Astha acts like Anjali and says I feel she will come and say this. Anjali comes and says the same. Astha laughs. Anjali asks why are you laughing. Astha says as you say saying what I thought. Anjali says Niranjan has to go to office soon. Astha says what are you trying to say, ask me what you want to ask. Anjali says stay away from Niranjan, its not easy to win over him. Astha says do you have any other fear. Anjali says if you understand this, then beware. I love you and Shlok a lot, I know he does not talk to me, but I don’t want to lose him and you, I fear…….. Astha asks what. Anjali asks where are my parents.

Astha smiles and says why do you want to know, do you want to know. Anjali says no. Astha says then don’t ask, your husband will be late, I will give him food. Astha comes in the kitchen. Sojal thinks to ask her why did she go in the temple and asks about puja. Astha says I felt like going, so I went, the puja was good. Astha thinks everyone is after me, I have many secrets. Sojal says I understand, you are not like you look, there is something, as you went after Anjali, what was there.

Niranjan asks about Shlok. Astha says he is sleeping, if you say, I will wake him up. He says did he not tell he has a meeting. Astha says no, he did not. Niranjan gets a call and says I m coming, I will come on time. Anjali asks him to have food. He says I had enough, don’t force me, tell Shlok that I called to office immediately. He leaves. Anjali asks how did you not know about Shlok’s meeting. Astha says Shlok did not tell me. Anjali says wake him up soon, he has to go, its first time Shlok did not go with Niranjan. Astha goes to the room. Niranjan thinks this is not right, it’s a big thing, I have to stop this, Astha you are just air, which wants to fight with wind, you don’t know wind ruins everything.

Astha comes to wake up Shlok and says he is sleeping so cutely that I don’t wish to wake him up, but have to. She asks Shlok to wake up. He says do you want to romance in morning, I have to sleep. She says you had a meeting with Niranjan, he got angry and left. Shlok gets up stunned and asks why did you not wake me up. She says did you tell me anything. He says I had to go with him, I did not even make the presentation. She says relax, I will make, you get ready. He says who can you make it. She says I used to come office, I will make it. He says fine. Astha makes the presentation.

He says don’t put I love Astha in it, its embarrassing. She says I did not write it, its ready. He says thanks, love you and leaves. Niranjan says if Shlok does not come on time….. The meeting starts. He says Shlok will be coming now, he is busy these days. Shlok comes and says sorry Baba. He starts the presentation. They like it and praise Shlok. Everyone leave. Niranjan says you know I respect time, you came late and I did not like this, what would I say if you came more late. Shlok apologizes and says I don’t know how did I forget this meeting, its good Astha woke me up on time, she did the presentation, else what would I do here, I m sorry. Niranjan is shocked.

Shlok says everyone liked Astha’s presentation, what else do we need. Niranjan says if you made this, I would have been more happy. Shlok says I will make it next time. Niranjan leaves. Anjali comes to Astha and asks about her parents. Astha says if you want to meet them, come with me. Anjali says no, I was just asking. Astha says then you should not worry, they are not your parents, leave everything on Lord. She says you said they are begging but alive, so you don’t worry. Anjali gets angry. Astha says Shlok went on you. Anjali says answer me. Astha says you have to come with me, else forget it. Anjali says I m not so weak as you think, I spend many years without meeting them, so let it be. Astha thinks to do something that Anjali runs to meet her parents.

Sid calls Jyoti and she cuts the call. Sid wonders why. Jyoti says I don’t want to give any hope to him. He calls again. She scolds him. He asks what happened, I called to know how are you, I m feeling to talk to you. She says I will cut the call if you say this. He says don’t stop me from worrying about you. She says this is wrong. He says I wrote a poem for your daughter and says it. She says the next lines. She laughs and says its someone else, you lied that you wrote it. Sid says keep smiling atleast for yourself. I want to see you happy, whats wrong in this. Sojal comes to Jyoti and she ends the call. She asks whose call was it. Jyoti lies to her.

Sojal thinks everyone is speaking a lot in this house, don’t know whats happening. Astha acts like Anjali’s parents got unwell. Anjali hears this. Astha says the address Virdh Ashram, fine I m coming. Anjali runs hearing it. Astha smiles and says now Anjali will go to meet them, I will also go to see them.

Anjali coming to the ashram and seeing some women standing in a group looking upset. She gets tensed and gets the courage to go ahead and see what are they watching. She smiles seeing her dad fine and playing. Tears roll down her eyes. Astha comes after Anjali. Everyone clap for him. Anjali comes to him and hugs him crying. Astha too cries seeing her. Anjali’s mum comes and sees her. Anjali says forgive me dad, I did a big mistake. She says no one does this even with their enemy, I m sorry. He says enough dear, look at your mum. Her mum opens her arms for Anjali. Anjali says aai and runs to hug her.

She says I did wrong with you. Anjali unites with her parents. Her mum asks her not to cry. Her dad says we don’t have any complaint with you. Her mum says yes, we know what you did, it was not your mistake. She says if we don’t understand you, then who will understand, you had to choose your life or us. We are proud of you what you did. We have lived our life, but you have your life to spend with your children, you did not do wrong choosing them, we are happy in your happiness, we don’t need anything else. Anjali looks at her mum crying.

Her mum says we knew the day who will turn your face from that house, your life will fall apart, you are thread which have united that house, the day you don’t support them, everything will be ruined. Her dad says don’t worry about us, this ashram is our family, now we are not worried about you, as we know there is someone in that house to worry about you. Her mum says your bahu is very nice, we saw a dream in her eyes which will give you strength to live your life, we want you to come to meet us sometimes. Anjali says do you have any problem here. Her mum says how can we have any problem in Astha’s presence. She takes Anjali with her as she made her fav food. Anjali smiles.

Later on, Astha watches tv in her room. Anjali comes to her. Astha asks where did you go, I tried finding you, how can you go without telling anyone, you are doing many mistakes, follow the house rules. Anjali holds her ears and says you are thinking you are my Aai. Why did you lie to me that my parents are ill. Astha says it was my filmi acting, did you like it meeting them. Anjali smiles and hugs her. Sojal sees this and thinks Lord tell me what did I do that Anjali does not love me. Astha says sorry, I sacred you, but what to do, you are so stubborn, I did this to make you go there.

Astha says you complicate the situation, you don’t agree to me, so I have to do the drama to make you do what I say, so from now on agree to me. Astha laughs. Anjali sees Sojal and asks her to come in. She says I need to talk to you, you both have to make Vat Savitri Vratt and be without water. Astha says I heard some people have fruits, why. Sojal taunts her. Astha says I can’t stay without eating. Anjali says if we love our husband and want him in every birth, then a wife can keep this fast by heart. Astha asks do you keep it. Anjali says yes.

Anjali asks them to go and do arrangements for ouja. She says I got new clothes for you both, have dinner soon, as you have to apply mahendi too. Astha says it will be fun and smiles.

The girls apply mahendi to Astha and Sojal. Jyoti comes there and smiles seeing them. Astha says see this, its so good, you can get it applied. Jyoti says no, I m fine. Astha insists and Jyoti agrees. Sojal asks how will you keep Vrath in this state. Astha says I did not ask her to make the Vrath. Sojal talks about Abhay and Jyoti’s mood spoils. She says I won’t keep this vrath as I don’t want Abhay as my husband in my next birth, he should not be any girl’s husband. Niranjan hears this and is shocked.

Shlok says Jyoti is right, Abhay does not deserve this and he won’t change, go and take rest. Jyoti leaves. Anjali sees Niranjan and leaves. Astha tells Shlok that she kept Vrath for him and she needs a gift. He says you want bribe, fine, come with me, I will give you gift. He teases her and leaves smiling. Sojal thinks Varad does not come close to me, everyone is romancing except us. Astha feels hungry and says I will have some fruits. He says cool. She asks how. He leaves. She waits for him. Music plays………..

She says how will I stay without food. He brings fruits for her and says have it as much as you want. She says I can eat only till 12am. She says I can’t have breakfast, lunch, not even water, my life is full of struggle. He says eat it fast. She shows him the mahendi. He makes her eat while being busy on phone. She takes the spoon and says I will have it. He sees her and says stop, its 12 now. He laughs on her. He says you are so funny. She says you will know when you have to keep the fast. He says you love me tahts enough for me. She says I m doing this as I love you.

Ajju and Kalindi have a talk about Avdhoot. Sid comes to meet them and they get tensed as Avdhoot did not go to office today. Sid brings sweets for them and asks Ajju to fix a meeting with Jyoti. He makes them have sweets. Ajju says don’t take Jyoti’s name, don’t tell Avdhoot about this. He says why, I love her, not any crime, whats wrong, I will shout and tell the world that I love Jyoti. Avdhoot comes and says its wrong. Sid looks at him.

Avdhoot says your love for Jyoti is wrong. She is married and its wrong to love a married girl. Sid says but Kaka. Avdhoot says not any word more, I know you dream to change the world, don’t you worry about our two families, will Jyoti’s family agree, and you call Astha Taai, she is their bahu, you won’t feel good if they end their relation with Astha because of you, this should not happen, if this happen, I won’t bear this. It will be good for everyone that you forget Jyoti. Sid says but Kaka…… Avdhoot says there is nothing to talk now. He leaves.

Sid gets upset. Ajju asks him not to worry as they will explain Avdhoot, Jyoti should get a good guy for her. Kalindi says we understand. Sid gets tears in his eyes and says Kaka is not wrong, I don’t want Astha to get into problem because of me, I love Jyoti a lot, but I m not so selfish to risk Astha’s relations. Ajju says don’t worry, she is brave and she knows about you and Jyoti, she supports you. She is a tigress, you don’t worry. Sid hugs her saying thanks, I love you Ajju.

Anjali serves breakfast to Niranjan. Shlok comes and says I have a meeting with Ravi, I will come late. Astha makes him sit and asks him to have food, then they have to go for puja. Shlok says I m not hungry. Astha says have some. Astha asks did you keep fast for me. Niranjan is shocked.