Sunday Update on Sacred Relationship 25th July 2021


Sunday Update on Sacred Relationship 25th July 2021

Kunal gets ready to visit factory and thanks Kuhu for agreeing to visit Balgopal temple. Mishti happily tells Abir that she is very happy that she is taking baby to temple. Abir insists her to accompany him to factory. She says she has to take care of Kuhu. He asks she spoilt his mood taking Kuhu’s name and asks even if she is upset. She continues her positive mood. He gets romantic, but she reminds him that he is late. He leaves. Mishti then walks into Meenakshi’s room and informs that Kunal and Abir reached hotel and checked in. She says she knows Meenakshi does everything for Abir’s happiness, though her ways are different, so she shouldn’t worry. Once she leaves, Meenakshi thinks at least one bahu is trying to reunite her with her son and another bahu is trying to separate them.

Kuhu walks to living room and acts as calling shop and insisting to send her butterscotch ice cream soon. She acts as getting panic attack and insisting to send it right now. Mishti hears her and says there is ice cream in fridge. Kuhu says its choc ice cream and she needs butterscotch. Mishti leaves to get ice cream.

In hotel room, Kunal continues blaming Mishti in front of Abir. Abir says takes Mishti’s side and says Kuhu is jealous of Mishti and tries to trouble her always, in fact surrogacy was Kuhu’s idea and not his and Mishti’s, in fact they just wanted to adopt a baby, etc. Kuhu calls Kunal and acting nervous says she got a bad dream and is feeling afraid. Kunal asks about Mishti. Kuhu says she left her alone and went to party with her friends.


Kunal fumes and with Abir rushes back home, he drives car continuing to blame Mishti. Abir calls Mishti repeatedly in vain. Kuhu smirks reminiscing steal Mishti’s mobile from her bag and keeps it in Mishti’s room increasing volume to blame her. They reach home, and Kuhu continuing her acting blames Mishti. Abir asks them to speak slowly as family will wake up. Kunal doesn’t. Parul and Nidhi walk to them and ask if something happened. Kunal blames that Mishti went to party leaving Kuhu alone. They ask how can Mishti do that. Kunal takes Kuhu to room yelling.

In room, Kuhu calls Jasmeet and informing her whole drama says she has trapped Mishti badly, now she will be heroine and Mishti villain. Jasmeet praises her. Kunal returns. Kuhu continues her acting in front of him saying she is sure Abir will scold Mishti for her irresponsibility. Kunal says he is afraid Abir will not. She continues fooling Kunal and blaming Mishti. She then shows butterscotch bars and shouts that Mishti even after knowing she doesn’t like butterscotch smell kept it purposefully here and asks to take it away. Kunal takes it away.

Abir fumes in his room thinking how can Mishti be so irresponsible. Parul maasi consoles him and says there must be some reason. They hear Mishti’s phone ringing there. Mishti rushes to icecream shop and requests shopkeeper to reopen it and get her butterscotch ice cream. He denies at first, but then agrees and walks in saying he may take time. Mishti eagerly waits and when he brings ice cream pays him and rushes home. She reaches her room and asks Abir why did he return back, if he can’t be away from her even for a minute. He says yes and asks where she had gone. She says to get butterscotch ice cream for Kuhu as she was craving for it, says they will enjoy it some. He realizes Kuhu’s evil plan and asks Mishti to bring ice cream.

Parul maasi informs Mishti that when she had gone out, there was an argument between Abir and Kunal. Abir confronts Kuhu for creating drama to blame Mishti. Kunal backs Kuhu and says Mishti is wrong. Abir asks if he can’t see Kuhu’s lies. Kunal continues backing Kuhu and says Mishti is irresponsible and she didn’t even care for her baby, that is why she is childless. Abir gets more angry. Mishti enters and asks them to stop fighting. She asks Kuhu to inform Kunal that she had sent her to bring butterscotch ice cream. Kunal says Kuhu just today told that she cannot withstand butterscotch smell. Kuhu continues acting. Abir walks away saying Kunal will know Kuhu’s true face and will repent. Kuhu thinks she won over Mishti and now she will continue troubling her.

Parul maasi feels sad seeing Kunal and Abir fighting. She reminisces incident when baby Kunal is brought and Abir excitedly welcomes him. She prays god to keep both brothers united.

In room, Mishti writes a diary for her baby describing how Abir is behaving. Abir enters and says baby’s mother is nicknamed angry chorni. Mishti asks him to stop as she wants to teach only good to her baby. Their romantic nok jhok starts. They both then go out to check on Kuhu when they see Kunal hiring servants to take care of Kuhu and instructing them about her eating schedule. Abir asks what is he doing, Mishti says she is there to take care of Kuhu and apologizes her. Kunal says baby is Mishti’s, Kuhu sacrificed and became surrogate for them, but they don’t care for Kuhu and are irresponsible, so he will not take chance until delivery and they can go. They both walk sadly. Kunal says whatever he is doing is because of Mishti’s carelessness and closes door on them.

Mishti cries looking at ultrasound film and reminiscing Kuhu’s challenge to sideline Mishti, Abir’s words that even their children will fight in the future like they are, etc. She imagines Parul with Abir coming to console her and takes her to Kuhu. Kuhu holding her hand on her tummy says baby is missing mamma. Kunal says baby is part of Mishti and apologizes for keeping her away from baby. Kuhu also apologizes and makes feel baby kicking.

Abir brings her coffee, but she walks away. He thinks Kunal and Kuhu insisted for surrogacy, even he backed them, now he cannot change it, but can try to lessen Mishti’s pain. He sends her old pics. She reminisces the events and tells baby that papa is reminding her that she is strong and original angry chorni, when she can fight for other’s rights, why can’t she fight for her right, taking care of baby is her right.

Nursse checks Kuhu’s BP and Kunal asks if she prepared Kuhu’s diet chart. Parul enters saying Mishti already prepared it, then apologizes. Kuhu says she is feeling more hungry. Parul says she will bring something. Kunal says he knows she is on Abir and Mishti’s side. Parul says they are his dear ones and he is taking mother away from baby. Kunal says he is doing for the baby itself. Parul walks away. Misthi disguised as Jugnu prepares soup for Kuhu.

Maami enters, and Mishti hides. Parul enters, and Mishti explains her soup’s ingredients which is good for baby. Maami hears them. Kuhu enters and gets happy seeing soup. Maami informs that Mishti made it. Parul says she prepaared it, but Maami gets adamant. Kuhu gets angry on Parul and orders nurse to prepare her a sandwich. Mishti feels sad hearing that.

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