Sunday Update on My Identity 11th July 2021


Sunday Update on My Identity 11th July 2021

Avni and Sunehri talks about financial needs. Sunehri says we have no help, just talk to Neil once, its ten years now, Vidyut is no more a threat, he is in jail, we can take the risk to talk to Neil. Avni says I will never change my decision, the love between me and Neil faded away ten years ago, we will live just by memories. Sunehri gets hurt. A girl tells Saisha that she is 18 now and will get proposals. Saisha says I don’t care, I have realized I m a princess, and there is a prince charming for me, its my 18th birthday. Sunehri says you worry if anyone of us get injured. Avni says nothing will happen, I won’t let anything happen. Sunehri says talk to Neil once.

Avni says no, I can’t let anything happen to Neil and perfect family, I will get ration, we will get money by end of month, Saisha will turn 18 and get voting rights, we have been waiting for this day since long, we have handled everything for ten years, we will manage it ahead. Saisha says why did superstar reply me, Kaira I want to go on KK’s photo shoot.

Kaira says his heroine has posted workout video. Saisha says help me locate KK, you are my only BFF, I will celebrate birthday with KK. Kaira says he is superstar, will he take you on a date. Saisha says yes, he will impress me, just wait and watch. They dance. Saisha says he picked me for dance and took me on a coffee date, he likes me. Sunehri says how will we pay lawyer, how will you manage alone. Avni says God is with us, we have to pray, this phase will also pass, some new way will come to our door. Door bell rings. A man says KK has sent me, I m his production manager, I need to check this location for his movie shooting, KK will stay here. Saisha smiles.

Avni asks here? He gives the booking amount and says we will settle water and electricity bills later on, even his bodyguard Neil will stay here. Avni says no, sorry. Saisha asks what’s the problem. Avni asks what’s your problem. Saisha says we need money, why are you refusing. Avni says sorry, you may leave. The man says its a golden opportunity, your property will be seen in film. Avni says no thanks, you may leave. He goes. Saisha says he will tell KK that we misbehaved, we need money, what’s wrong with you. Avni says I can’t let strangers come here, some decisions are taken for future. Saisha says nothing matters, everyone is insignificant here. She goes. Avni says no matter how much money they offer, you know Sunehri, I can’t do this, and why, we need to do party arrangements.

Sunehri says what’s the point in hosting the party if Saisha doesn’t attend. She goes. Avni says we will manage. KK asks Neil what will happen now. KK sees cheque. Saisha says I hate you, I lost a big opportunity today. Neil says why did she refuse such a big offer. Avni says I know you hate me, I do everything for your good. Saisha says thanks for giving me the best birthday gift, but you aren’t the best. She goes.

Avni, Tara and Sitara come home. Avni says Saisha won’t refuse to me. They get shocked seeing goons. Goon asks her to move back. He switches on gas knobs and goes out. Avni switches off the gas. Goon says Avni will die once I throw this lighter. Kids shout no and cry for Avni. He asks them to vacate house in 5 days and goes. Everyone hugs Avni. Sunehri says I can’t take a risk about your life, you won’t stop me now. Saisha hugs Avni and apologizes. Avni recalls Mishti and says as long as you are with me, nothing will happen to me. Saisha says I love you. Avni says I love you more.

Shweta asks Mitali to see Neil’s pics. She says he got smiling after going to Kashid. Mitali says he looks happier now. Shweta says yes, its because of you. Neil comes. Shweta says Neil won’t tell me, you tell me why he looks happy. A man says watchman stopped a mad woman at the gate. They go out to see. Sunehri says I know Neil, call him once. Neil says I know her, go. He asks Sunehri what happened. She says we returned cheque, but we need money, goon got his leader, he almost burnt…. He asks who… She says Sukoon ghar, help me. Mitali and Neil say we will help you. Neil says don’t worry, you and kids won’t be harmed, if Avni was here, she would have wanted this too. Mitali looks on. Sunehri says I wish Avni wanted the same. He asks what. She says nothing, just come and help us, we all are very scared. He says we will come there, its my problem now. She thanks him. Its morning, Avni decorates the house. She thinks everyone has come and opens the door. Neil comes in. She gets shocked and gets back.

Avni seeing Neil and turning away. He says excuse me… She goes off. Sunehri, Tara and Sitara come. Sunehri thanks him for coming on her one call. Mitali says KK’s shooting is going on, so police protection is given on its account, so don’t worry. They leave. Avni asks Sunehri why she got Neil here. Sunehri says yes, we need him, we want money and protection, you said we can’t take Neela’s money, we can’t fight with goons, I want to see you and kids fine, if you argue, I will tell the truth to Neil, its only a matter of few days, hide somewhere, go to some hotel.

Sunehri says its time for Avni to leave. KK thanks his female fans. Avni comes there. Sunehri signs her to go. Avni sees Neil outside and hides. He senses something. KK calls Neil. He says see this scene…. Goons come. KK says there is a tiger under the mountain, you have to jump down, we removed the tiger’s teeth for safety. Avni sees goons and thinks I can’t leave Saisha and kids alone, they are my responsibility. She goes back. Neil turns to see. A white board comes in between. Sunehri sees Avni going back. Avni locks the door. Neil comes there. Mowgli pushes him. Neil says let me go in and see what broke. Mowgli says Nilanjana is inside.

Neil says let me thank her for allowing shooting here. Mowgli says she is suffering from chickenpox, you can’t go in. Avni thanks Mowgli. Mowgli signs Neil and goes. Neil stands near the door. Avni stands at the other side. Neil says I just want to help you, shall I get a doctor for you, he can diagnose right, hello I m talking to you.

She hides behind the partition. He enters the room and sees her. He says sorry, I don’t want to make you feel comfortable, I just came to check you, Jaan didi, I mean Jaan, its weird, is your name Jaan didi, I mean its a beautiful name Jaan, why are you not answering, please say something. She coughs. He says I think you are really unwell, you have throat infection, come out, else I will come in. She pushes the partition and runs. Neil holds the partition and says I m fine, don’t worry. She locks the door. He says you are running away to save me from injection, don’t worry I had chickenpox in childhood, so nothing will happen.

Mowgli asks Neil why did he come in, no one is allowed here. Neil says forgive me, wait. He asks Avni can I make a tulsi kada for you, my Bebe says its best for infection, you will get fine, give me some signal so that I understand. Avni opens the door and signs thumbs up. Neil smiles and does the same. She shuts the door. Neil says she agreed for something, thank God. Mowgli asks Neil to come. Avni cries. Bin tere…..plays….Avni says you didn’t change, you are still crazy, you make me laugh and then cry. Saisha says KK is shooting here, its best day ever, God thanks for granting my wishes. Sunehri says don’t dance after him, focus on studies. Saisha says don’t talk like Avni, where is she. Heroine asks why did we come here for outdoor shoot, we have to shoot between chickenpox patients.

Mitali says it happens just once in life. Neil says I had it in childhood. Sunehri says I never had it. KK comes. Sunehri signs DD. Neil asks did you had chickenpox. KK says maybe, I don’t know. Neil says whoever had it can stay here, Sunehri didn’t had it, so DD take her to the hotel. Sunehri slips. DD holds her. She says sorry and goes. KK says you guys are cute. Mitali gets Shweta’s call. Neil says you got busy for an hour now, mom’s call. Mitali answers. Mowgli catches Saisha and says I m Jaan didi’s bodyguard, you can’t go there.

Saisha comes in a nd asks what happened, shall I come in. Avni says no, I have chickenpox. Saisha says you had it before, don’t be crazy. Avni says I have cough and cold too, you can catch it, don’t come closer, your exams are close, take Mowgli along. Mowgli says I was outside, Saisha got me here, I didn’t let superman come in, he had saved us. Saisha says I feel I used to call someone superman in my childhood. Avni says you used to get bad nightmares in childhood, I used to tell you that superman will come and save you. Saisha checks some clothes. She says one can boost confidence by being presentable, I will dress up and study better, will you sit all day like this. Avni says yes, illness is such. Saisha goes. Shweta asks is Neil is good mood or not.

Mitali says he is in good mood. Neil orders medicines for Jaan. Shweta asks is he calling you Jaan, so fast, I knew it, I will tease him now. Neil shouts Jaan…. Mitali smiles. Neil gets Shweta’s call. He makes kada. She asks who is Jaan. Neil says no one, I will call you later. Shweta says he got shy, I think he likes Mitali, he will smile and live like before. Mowgli says such a bad smell. Neil says its medicine for your Jaan didi, I didn’t see her. Mowgli says I will say how pretty she looks, she has long black hair, she is fair, she has round eyes, she wears glasses. Tara and Sitara come to him. Mowgli says her cheeks are round, she has a mole under her lips. Neil recalls Avni.

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