Sunday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 19th September 2021


Sunday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 19th September 2021

Majaaz coming to Aayat’s house. He asks where is Mariam. He looks for Mariam. He sees Mariam’s drawings and cries. He asks Aayat where is Mariam. He says I have taken big risk to come here and take Mariam, where is she. Aayat says Mariam was worried, I have sent her to India. He gets shocked and says I know you are lying, you always lied to me, I don’t trust you, tell me the truth, where is my daughter. Mariam runs on road. She sees a reporter covering a Baraat. She goes to him. He asks what problem do you have. Aayat says I heard that you escaped from police, I thought you won’t come here, so I have sent Mariam, trust me. He says you are lying, Mariam can’t go anywhere, if you are saying truth, tell me with whom did she go. She says I have sent her with Farhaan. He gets shocked.

He asks did you go mad, why did you send her with Farhaan, Mariam has a big threat by Farhaan, you did a big mistake, Farhaan isn’t a right guy, how shall I explain you, if anything happens to her, I will not forgive you. She says Farhaan is a nice guy, he will drop Mariam home. He shouts Farhaan is a terrorist. Aayat and others get shocked. Farhaan looks for Mariam. His boss calls him and asks him to find Mariam fast. Aijaz prays for Mariam and Majaaz. The people scold Aijaz and say Majaaz is a terrorist, he should get punished. Aijaz gets worried. He falls down the stairs and faints. Hamdam says the world knows who you are. Majaaz says I m tagged terrorist because of your son, this is the truth. Aayat recalls Farhaan’s words. She calls Farhaan. He disconnects. Aayat says I had a doubt on him, it means this is true. Zain and Meher come home. Gauri asks did you talk to lawyer, where is Omkar. Zain says we are trying, Meher asks her not to worry. Madiha gets a call. She gets shocked.

Hamdam says you are blaming my son, he is very decent, he didn’t lie to us, Mariam has no danger from Farhaan. Aayat asks her to shut up. She says I know how decent and innocent is your son, worry for his doings. Majaaz says you are hiding something from me, tell me the truth. Aayat says nothing, they were lying to me. She threatens Hamdam that she will inform police about Farhaan.

Majaaz asks them about Farhaan’s friends. He says we have to go to his room and get some clue. Mariam says let me talk once about my dad, he has come to take me home. Doctor treats Aijaz. He says Aijaz got a minor heart attack. Madiha gets shocked and asks will he get fine. He says he is fine, he should stay here for some days. Majaaz checks Farhaan’s room.

Aayat gets Madiha’s call. Majaaz talks to Madiha. She asks did you reach well. He says I m fine, are you all fine. He hears Meher’s voice and asks is dad fine. Madiha says yes, he has some weakness, he is fine, just come back with Mariam, Mariam would be happy seeing you right. They cry. Meher asks him to get Mariam back. He says yes, I will get her soon, happiness will return in haveli, I will call you later. He ends call and cries. He says where are you Mariam, I m dying to see you, to hear your voice. Mariam talks on tv. He asks where are you, I m waiting for you. Majaaz and Aayat see her. Majaaz says I m here, where are you, I m coming. Mariam asks him to take her home. She says I love you, I miss you. He says I also love you.

Reporter asks him to come to pick his daughter. Majaaz asks Aayat about address. She directs him. He rushes. She thinks to do something before he reaches. Farhaan sees Mariam on news. He also goes with goons. Baraat reaches. Media covers the baraat. Majaaz reaches there and looks for Mariam. He asks people about place. The man says you are at wrong place. Majaaz says why did Aayat lie to me, just Aayat can answer me. Farhaan looks for Mariam. She hides from him. Majaaz comes there and sees Mariam. He shouts Mariam. Farhaan sees Majaaz and runs away. Mariam sees Majaaz and smiles. Aashiyana tera….plays…. They smile.

Aayat coming to Mariam. She catches Mariam. Majaaz gets shocked. Mariam shouts. Aayat asks policemen to see Majaaz. Majaaz thinks I have to go, so that I get Mariam. He runs. Aayat smiles. Mariam asks her to let her go to dad. Aayat asks her to shut up. She asks doctor to give her some injection to faint her. Doctor says I can’t do this, we will take her for operation. A lady shuts Mariam’s mouth. Aayat says great, I know Majaaz is finding some way to find her. Majaaz comes home and shouts Aayat. He asks Junaid where is Aayat. Junaid says Mariam….

Hamdam says he has blamed our son, he doesn’t need us. Majaaz catches Junaid and threatens him. Hamdam says you did a big mistake by sending Mariam here, Mariam’s life is in danger because of Aayat. She tells everything. Majaaz cries knowing how Aayat tortured Mariam. Junaid also tells him. Majaaz says forgive me Mariam, this happened because of me. Farhaan sees him and gets shocked. He goes. Hamdam smiles. Majaaz says if Aayat hates Mariam so much, why did she get her here. Junaid says she got her here to save her son’s life. Hamdam says Aayat used Mariam’s bone marrow for Jibraan, Mariam underwent much pain.

Majaaz recalls Mariam’s words and cries. He recalls Aayat’s lies. He says this happened because of me. Hamdam says this time is not for this, Aayat took Mariam to hospital, to give her kidney to Jibraan. He gets shocked and asks what, Aayat is going to transplant Mariam’s kidney. He sees Mariam crying and coming to him. She says I missed you a lot. He hugs her. She asks why didn’t you come before, Aayat used to torture me a lot. He asks her to come to him, he has come to take her. He sees her gone. Junaid asks what happened, is everything fine. Majaaz asks where did Majaaz go. Hamdam says you go to hospital before it gets too late. Majaaz asks hospital name.

Rifat and Choti play. Zain and Mahira come and tell about Aijaz’s condition. Fawad comes from school. He asks Mahira is her dad a terrorist. Rifat smiles. Mahira goes. Zain scolds Fawad. Rifat thinks to find some way soon. Farhaan gets scolded by his boss. The lady asks Mariam not to cry, else she will put the tape in her mouth. Mariam cries.

Mahira cries. Zain asks her to lighten her heart. He says I will always support you. He gives her tissue. He asks her not to feel bad of Fawad’s words. She says yes, I have to get habitual to these taunts. Jibraan asks how did you come here. Mariam says Farhaan is bad, he didn’t let me meet dad, my dad has come, I have seen her. Jibraan says don’t worry. Mariam says my dad says one who tries never fails. Jibraan sees smoke alarm. Mariam and Jibraan get idea. Jibraan shouts in pain. Aayat comes. She says I will call doctor, you will get fine, is this any mischief. Jibraan asks when will doctor come. She asks him to take rest.

Mariam says now I will reach dad. The lady looks at her. Mahira asks Zain not to do formalities. Zain asks what. Mahira says you are making this tough by showing sympathy. Zain says I m not doing any drama. Rifat and Fawad come. She says we have given such values to children, but my children need parents less now. Fawad makes sorry card for Mahira. Mahira smiles and thanks him. She says its cute like you. He says don’t pull my cheek. She asks why, its my right. He says I m big boy now. Zain says you will always be Nanhe. Mahira says we all will call you Fawad now. She hugs Fawad. Majaaz comes to hospital and sees Aayat talking to policemen. Inspectir asks her not to worry, nothing will happen to her daughter. Mariam and Jibraan light some papers. Majaaz thinks Aayat has made police alert and against me, I have to reach Mariam somehow.