Sunday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Life 29th August 2021


Sunday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Life 29th August 2021

Aayat hiding from Aijaz. She steals the money. Mariam’s friends see her. Aayat hides and leaves. She calls goon and says I m reaching there with money. She goes out and sees the entire family. Majaaz checks her bag and gets money. He asks Aayat what’s all this. Aijaz says we are so tensed and you are stealing money here. Akshay says I found her medicine bottle in Mariam’s room. Majaaz asks what’s all this, where were you taking money. Aayat says I m going to pay kidnappers, they called me for ransom. Rifat asks why did kidnappers call you. Aayat says don’t know, maybe kidnappers learnt that I m her Mariam. Omkar says you have hidden such a big thing, Majaaz call police. Aayat says no, if they know this, they may harm Mariam. Meher says this is risky, we should seek help of police. Madiha says let Aayat go, I don’t want Mariam to have risk.

Majaaz asks Aayat to go. She goes. Majaaz says we will seek police help and follow Aayat, we will keep distance so that Aayat doesn’t know. Aayat goes to meet goons. She gives them money. Goons refuse to send mariam. She says I will take Mariam with me. She fights with them. Goon threatens to kill Mariam. She gets shocked. Police comes there. Goon scolds her and threatens to expose her. She says just take the money, I will pay you more money later, you will get caught, I didn’t call police, give Mariam to me and let me go. The goons agree and give Mariam to her. She takes Mariam and goes away. She smiles and says you think its easy to cheat me and escape, this godown is empty because of oil leakage, a small spark can burn the godown to ashes. She throws a lighter and ignites fire. The goons get burnt. She leaves from the godown.

Majaaz and police comes there. She gives Mariam to Majaaz and says I don’t know how place caught fire, I was scared and got Mariam from goons. Inspector asks them to take Mariam home. Majaaz asks Aayat are you fine. She says yes. He says I will never forget this favor. They leave. Mariam comes back home. She plays around. Madiha asks her to be careful, she may get hurt. Aayat coughs and bleeds. Majaaz asks them to call doctor. Doctor comes and checks Aayat. He says she can’t be alive for more than a few months. Aijaz and everyone get shocked. Doctor says try to keep her happy. Aayat says Mariam…. Majaaz goes to drop doctor. Mariam asks is Aayat going to die. Meher says no, she will get fine. Mariam says we will go with Aayat, we can’t send her alone, Aayat saved my life, we should save her life, we will make her fine together. Majaaz cries. He recalls Aayat. He goes to Aayat and says congrats, Mariam is going with you to Pakistan. Madiha and Aijaz get shocked.

Majaaz saying I have good news, you will get fine hearing this, congrats. Mariam is going with you. Everyone gets shocked. Majaaz says I will come along, I will arrange visa. Mariam hugs Aayat. Madiha goes. Aayat thinks how will I accomplish my goals if Majaaz comes with me. Mariam tells her friends that she is going to Pakistan. Madiha asks her to enjoy Mahira’s marriage. Rangeela repairs the camera and gets it.

Mariam thanks him. She says there is no roll in this. He says it will come tomorrow. She asks how will I click pics. He says I will click pics. She asks what’s in your bag. He says its a professional camera, you can’t use it. They fool him about Meher’s fake praising for him. He gives the camera to Mariam. She thanks him. Madiha welcomes Rifat. Rifat gets the shagun. Mariam records the video. She greets them. Mariam and Fawad give an angry stare to each other. Mariam likes the dupatta. It gets torn. Rifat asks what have you done, it was Mahira’s dupatta. Madiha scolds Mariam. Aayat comes and asks why are you scolding Mariam. Mariam hugs Aayat and says I m going with Aayat, if you scold me, I won’t return, I will stay with her. Aayat says I will fix the dupatta tonight. Meher asks Mahira to sleep in her room, so that the kids can sleep in her room.

Mahira says they will like to sleep together, I m tired, I m going to sleep. Mariam starts reporting with her friends. Majaaz asks Madiha why are you upset, you will miss Mahira right. She says no, Mahira will always be happy with Zain, I m worried for Mariam. Mahira packs bags and tries to elope. Majaaz says she is going with me to Aayat’s house, you trust me right. Madiha says yes, I don’t trust Aayat. He says I know, but Aayat gave birth to her, she has a right to spend time with Mariam, I promise I will get Mariam back, I did mistake, you can punish me, beat me up. She asks what. He says yes, I can’t bear to see you sad.

She beats him. He laughs and says it hurts. Mariam says mum and dad are busy in pillow fight, its really strange, my dad who beats up the villains is trying to escape from my mum. Mariam goes. Akshay says I m still waiting for you Madiha, Majaaz you find someone else. They laugh. Mariam comes to Meher’s room and sees her trying the lahenge. She says Meher got fat. Meher asks them to run away. Mariam says we have come to Mahira’s room. She sees Mahira gone. She says there is a dupatta rope, what’s the mystery. Meher hears this and gets shocked. Mariam comes to Aayat. Aayat throws the wine on seeing her. Mahira calls Rihaan and says I will be waiting for you. Meher stops her and says you are leaving us for him. Mahira says I love him. They argue.

Mahira says I m helpless to run away as mum was helpless and eloped to marry dad. Meher says she married the right guy, Rihaan is wrong. Mahira asks don’t I have the right to choose my life partner. Meher says you have all the right, but this is wrong. Mahira asks what should I do. Meher says I will talk to mum and dad, I want to meet Rihaan once, leave everything on me. Mahira asks are you playing any game with me. Meher says you are my sister, I want to see you happy. Mahira thanks Meher and hugs. Mariam records Aijaz and says he is talking to his friend. He scolds Mariam. Mariam and her friends disappear. Rihaan asks what, will she help us. Mahira says yes.

Sarfaraz comes and hugs Rihaan. He says you have fulfilled your promise, you are eloping with Mahira, Aijaz’s reputation will be tarnished. Rihaan says no, that plan failed, Mahira will marry me, that’s a promise, it would be better if she runs on marriage day, they will get more defamed. Sarfaraz says what a plan, great. Meher looks on shocked. Sarfaraz says you will divorce Mahira and make her cry so much, that Aijaz dies, then my revenge will be fulfilled.

Rihaan says yes. He thinks this is not your revenge, but my true love. Meher says Rihaan…..Mariam goes to do dance practice. She keeps the camera there. Aayat talks to doctor and says everyone melted seeing my drama, I have to make Majaaz away, once Mariam gives a new life to my son, I don’t care if Mariam dies. This gets recorded in the camera.