Sunday Update on Lost in Love 22nd May 2022


Sunday Update on Lost in Love 22nd May 2022

Pakhi is unable to sleep imaging Virat and Sayi’s chemistry today. Virat stands on terrace when Sayi takes green tea for him and says he had heavy food to celebrate her test results. He says he came in her for fresh jokes. She jokes. He says they need to go for her admission tomorrow and she should show her documents once. She says she already arranged and kept them in a file. He insists. She says he acts like Aaba, then thinks nobody cannot be like her Aaba. Virat says nobody can be like Kamal sir. She says there are similarities like today he brought balloons and candy floss for her, she felt really good, but was angry when he left without informing. He laughs and says he didn’t know that she would miss her so much that she will stop eating or drinking.

Pakhi walks in and gets jealous hearing their conversation hiding. Sayi says she wasn’t missing him. He says she was. She says she thought he went to office without informing. He says she really was missing him, asks to show her documents once. She says she already told she arranged them in order in a file. He insists and holding her hand drags her to room and ask to show it. She shows file. He opens file and checking documents mimics her and asks to check again. She checks ands says everything is in order. He says passport size photos. She says she forgot and doesn’t have photos. He scolds her that her one mistake will make her lose the admission and continues scolding that photo studio will not open before 9:30 a.m., how will he get her photoshoot now, etc. She starts crying. He stops and offering her kerchief to wipe her tears asks not to worry, he will manage. She says when he has solution for the problems always, why he scolds her always. He asks her not to cry as he will get her photoshoot and even accompany her for admission process. She asks sure? and wipes her tears.

Next morning, Pakhi walks to Bhavani’s room and asks if she can come in. Bhavani says she doesn’t need permission to come in. Pakhi says she got a letter from Samrat’s office to claim his money. Bhavani asks how much. Pakhi says she didn’t check as she doesn’t even know Samrat properly and doesn’t have right on his money. Bhavani says she shouldn’t say that as she is Samrat’s wife and giving an example of moon and moonlight says husband and wife’s relationship is of moon and moonlight. Pakhi says she needs to visit Samrat’s office. Bhavani says she should inform Virat. Pakhi says Virat doesn’t have time as he is busy with Sayi’s college admission process. Bhavani yells that Sayi is troublesome to everyone and takes her along. Virat ready to leave asks Sayi to come out of bathroom soon. She says she is coming and delays. He says they need to reach soon. She walks out ready and says let us go. He stands freeze mesmerized with her beauty. She shakes hands and asks what is he looking at. He says nothing and walks out.

In living room, Ashwini walks to Pakhi and asks where was she, if she prepared tea or not. Bhavani yells that she should search her bahu Sayi instead of Pakhi. Karishma with Saloni brings tea. Bhavani says she will wait for Virat here and will speak to him once he comes down. Karishma informs that Virat is busy and is going with Sayi for her admission process. Ninad yells that Virat is not listening to them at all and they need to speak. Virat walks down with Sayi. Bhavani asks him to take Pakhi to army headquarters as she got letter to claim Samrat’s money, he should go and help her complete the process. Virat says he is going with Sayi for her college admission. Ashwini asks them to have breakfast and go. Virat says they will have something outside and not to make lunch for them. Bhavani yells followed by Ninad who yells that Virat has disappointed him and is a disgrace to him. Virat asks what did he do.

Ninad yells that he forgot his responsibility towards family and duty, he had gone to Gadchiroli to perform his duty, but married Sayi and brought her home, etc. Virat says he is performing duty itself as he had promised to help Sayi in becoming a doctor. Omkar walks in and yells next that he already had wrned him not to take Gadchiroli posting as its surrounded by goons and dangerous people, he didn’t listen and brought his dangerous wife to trouble them. Virat says baba and Omi kaka are unnecessarily stretching the issue. Pakhi asks if he really wants to have lunch outside and why is in such a hurry that he wants to skip breakfast. He says he needs to get Sayi’s passport sized photo and what is wrong if they have breakfast outside, its better than staying hungry. He tells Bhavaniand Ninad that he is going out with Sayi and will discuss about it for sure once he returns in the evening.

Bhavani stops him and asks whether he wants to follow family rules or not. Virat asks what she means. Saloni says Bhavani means whether he took her permission before deciding about getting Sayi’s admission. Virat says he already informed them about Sayi’s wish and his support, etc. Ashwini asks Bhavani what permission she is asking about. Ninad yells at her not to talk senselessly as she is dumb. Virat warns her not to speak with Aayi in front of everyone like this. Ashwini says she cannot bear Ninad’s bitter words anymore, so he should keep them to himself. Virat tells Sayi let us go as we are getting late. Bhavani stops him and says Sayi will not get college admission.

Bhavani orders that Sayi cannot take admission in college. Sayi asks why. Bhavani shouts to shut up. Sayi says its about her future and she needs to know. Virat says Sayi is right. Bhavani says Chavan family bahus cannot study further or work after marriage. Ashwini asks why she wants to do the same she did with her. Virat asks what did Bhavani do. Ninad yells at Ashwini not to dig the past as she will get only sand and stones from it. Shivani says whatever they get, truth should be out. She informs that Ashwini wanted to continue her studies after marriage, but Bhavani stopped her. Ashwini says she still repents for not completing her graduation and requests Bhavani to let Sayi study further as she can become a good doctor. Bhavani says when she cannot become a good bahu, how can she become a good doctor. Virat says Sayi can become a good bahu slowly and surely will become a good doctor.

Pakhi says she is a postgraduate and had a good job, but she sacrificed it as she wanted to become Chavan family bahu. Virat says there is no competition between her and Sayi, everyone has right to take decisions and if Sayi wants to become a doctor, they should support her. Sayi asks Pakhi not to interfere. Pakhi yells to control her tongue, this is a joint family and they have to follow rules, but Sayi doesn’t; she had left home to restart her job, but returned respecting family values, etc. Ashwini says when Sayi’s husband and sasuma/MIL don’t have any problem, then why is Pakhi interfering. Bhavani yells at Aswhini to leave the house if she wants to interfere. Ashwini says she stopped her studies and did whatever Bhavani ordered, but she cannot see Sayi’s future being ruined. Ninad yells at Ashwini again. Virat warns him to stop misbehaving with his mother in front of everyone and change his behavior. Sayi backs him and says Ninad questioned her behavior and he himself misbehaves, youngsters learn from elders. Saloni shouts to shut up and stop misbehaving with elders.

Sayi says she will get admission at any cost to fulfill her Aaba’s wish and for that she is ready to leave home and stay in a hostel. Bhavani shouts she wants to get away from responsibility and asks Virat if he can hear his wife’s rubbish. Virat says Sayi is right and he supports her. Sayi asks him if he married her to fulfil his responsibility or pitying on her. He says he married her under pressure, but didn’t marry pitying on her, he married with his wish. Sayi says then he should inform it to everyone. Virat announces that he married Sayi with his wife to fulfill his promise and nobody should misbehave with Sayi from here on. Bhavani says she cannot let Sayi get away from her family responsibilities and when no Chavan bahu went to college, even Sayi will not. She snatches Sayi’s file and throws it in air. All certificate shatter on floor.

Devi enters and seeing that says one shouldn’t disrespect knowledge, who did it. She picks certificates and asks Virat and Sayi to help. She reads certificate and asks if Sayi is going to college, its really good, even she wanted to go to college, but her aayi stopped her; she asks if her aayi is stopping Sayi from going to college, she will stop her. Ninad yells at her and asks where did she learn this rubbish from. Bhavani says who else than Sayi. Sayi hugs and thanks Devi for her support. Devi asks if Sayi will become police officer like Virat. Virat says Sayi will become a doctor. Devi asks if Sayi will treat her as everyone say she is ill. Sayi says she will and promises her. Ashwini and Shivani cry emotionally while Bhavani and her team fume in jealousy. Devi walks away asking Sayi to study well. Virat wiping his tears tells Sayi that they are getting late and tells Bhavani that they should change over time and if they don’t time will change them else; its time for them to change some of family rules. Bhavani stands frowning. Virat holds her hand and says its not necessary to continue same old rules, change is the new rule and if they don’t change, how will they build a better future; though family bahus cannnot study or work further, it doesn’t mean it will continue, they need to change this rule today itself as Sayi’s admission is today. Bhavani walks aside freeing her hand.

Ashwini pampers Virat emotionally and says she is proud of him and herself that she is his mother and must have done good deeds that she got a son like him who can differentiate between right and wrong; she felt good seeing him raising his voice for his wife. Pakhi tells Virat that if he has explained everyone, then he should explain that if rules will be changed only for his wife or.. Virat says there is no time for argument as Sayi is already late. Sayi says she wants to take everyone’s blessings before going, but everyone cursed her instead. Ashwini says her aayi’s blessings are with her and blesses her. Virat throws flying kiss on Ashwini and walks towards door with her. She runs back and touching all elders’ feet greets them bye and runs away. Virat follows smiling.

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