Sunday Update on Lost in Love 19th June 2022


Sunday Update on Lost in Love 19th June 2022

Ashwini asks Pul sakit if he wants to take Devi with him today. Devi panics and says Bhavani and her team will kill Pulkit. Pulkit calms her down and says he is going now with a reason and will return soon to take her with him. Virat asks what is that reason. Pulkit says Devi wanted to marry as a traditional bride and him coming on horse like a traditional groom with baaraat and marry her, he hopes they don’t mind it. Virat happily says why would they mind. Pulkit thanks hm. Jealous Pakhi says he is going against his family to support his wife in her wrongdoing. Virat says their family didn’t do anything good for Devi Tai, so they should let Devi take her own decisions. Sai tells Devi says they will fulfill her dream and get her married lavishly. Shivani asks Devi to get happy. Sai yells there is no need to get happy as Pulkit has come with a bad intention. Omkar asks where was he till now. Saloni yells Bhavani is right. Pulkit asks them to stop their wrong allegations to hide their crime; if Sai had not informed her about Dev, he wouldn’t have come here. He asks Bhavani if he should inform everyone what they did with him and Devi.

He thanks Virat and Sai for reuniting him and Devi and thanks Ashwini and Mansi for blessing them. Mani says they should thank him instead. Ashwini hopes god reunites Devi and Pulkit soon and she is sure that Devi’s mental condition will stabilize after marriage. Shivani says she is right, but they cannot trust Bhavani and her brothers as they would never want Pulkit and Devi reunite. Mansi says Pulkit should take his wife along facing all the hurdles. Pulkit says he married Devi on Maha Shivrati and reunited with her on the same day, he will take back Devi soon. Devi dances with him singing that Devi’s husband Pulkit is found. Ashwini and team get happy seeing that while Bhavani’s team fume in jealousy. Devi asks Pulkit if he will come to take her back and will not forget her. He says he lost her once and cannot lose her again, he takes Mahadev’s oath and promises to take her in Palanquin soon, and leaves greeting everyone. Devi waves him bye. Virat signals Sai. Sai takes Devi with her, leaving Bhavani and her puppets burning in anger.

Sai takes Devi to her room. Devi cries emotionally. Sai gives her water. Devi says she got her ready so well and made her look beautiful. Sai says she is very beautiful. Devi feels shy that Pulkit will marry her and take her along. Sai says she will dance in her wedding and gets sad saying her Aaba was very excited about her wedding and told he will dance a lot. Devi hugs and wipes her tears and says she can fulfill her Aaba’s wish during her wedding. Sai nods yes. Devi says she is like her baba/father who scolds her and gets angry, but loves her a lot. Sai says she will bring her red bridal dress. Devi says she needs different color as Pulkit had told that he will bring her most beautiful and unique pink sari. Sai says she will bring her pink sari. Devi says her aayi will try to stop her marriage again. Sai says this time she has even her brother’s support, so nobody can stop her marriage. Devi says her Veeru is a policeman and will put aayi in jail if she tries to stop her marriage. Sai thinks Bhavani will try to stop marriage for sure and may go to any extent, but she will not let and hindrance stop Devi and Pulkit’s marriage.

Bhavani walks to Pakhi’s room and apologizes her for scolding her when she informed that Devi is in Sai’s room. Pakhi says elders look good blessing and not apologizing. Bhavani says she must be feeling bad. Pakhi says she is not and didn’t know that Pulkit came to meet Devi and is challenging that he is Devi’s husband or else she would have kept quiet. Bhavani says she must be thinking why doesn’t she liked Devi and Pulkit’s relationship. Pakhi says Bhavani can never do anything wrong against family and must have taken a right decision. Bhavani says Pakhi trusts her so much, but Sai brought Pulkit home and opened the page of past which she had torn long ago; now only Pakhi can save Chavan family’s dignity. Pakhi asks what she can do.

Bhavani says she should know what had happened first and starts her story that her husband late Nagesh Chavan was a kind man and used to help everyone; he brought his dead servant’s son Pulkit home and took all his responsibilities; she kept him in her home and took care of his studies, but didn’t know that the snake she is feeding will bite her one day. Pakhi asks what she means. Bhavani says in greed servant dreamt of becoming damad/SIL; Devi got admitted in Pulkit’s college, she used to stay in hotel and fell in Pulkit’s love and got pregnant; by the time she found out about Devi’s pregnancy, it was too late, so she got Devi admitted in a hospital and got her delivery. Pakhi asks if Devi has a child, where is he/she. Bhavani says in orphanage as she couldn’t let the world know that her daughter is an unmarried mother.

Sai asks Ashwini how does she or anyone know that Devi and Pulkit are married. Ninad enters and yells not to interfere and concentrate on her work. Sai says Devi is her family member and its her duty to look after her happiness. Ninad orders Virat to explain his wife or else.. Virat asks him to explain first why doesn’t anyone in this house know about Devi and Pulkit’s marriage or they are just acting; if he doesn’t think they are responsible for Devi’s condition. Pulkit says they just know that Pulkit and Devi studied in same college and didn’t know about their marriage. Ninad shouts there is no use of knowing what and how happened, they just have to save Devi from Pulkit. Sai says Pulkit is not a thief, he is Devi’s husband and its his right to take her along; she doesn’t know what happened earlier and just wants Devi’s happiness. Virat says Sai is right, even he will do his best to get Devi’s happiness back.

Bhavani continues describing Devi and Pulkit’s story to Pakhi and says even she wants her daughter’s happiness, but she didn’t have any option left. Pakhi asks if Pulkit didn’t question about his baby. Bhavani says he had come to hospital to meet Devi after her delivery, but she lied that his baby was born dead; he didn’t believe her, but then Ninad and Omkar threatened and kicked him out of there. Pakhi asks what happened next. Bhavani says after that incident, Devi’s mental condition deteriorated; Pulkit came once and told we have forcefully held his wife, she and Ninad threatened to send him to jail if he returns again and lied that Devi married someone else and will never return to Napur. Pakhi asks why did she lie. Bhavani asks how can Chavan family’s only daughter spend her life with a servant’s son. Pakhi asks if she knows where is Devi’s baby. Bhavani says no, she doesn’t even know if it was a boy or girl. Pakhi asks what she wants from her, she means how can she help her. Bhavani says she should speak to Virat and convince him to drop the idea of Pulkit and Devi’s marriage.

Pakhi asks how can she. Bhavani asks not to deny as only she can convince Virat, though he gets into Sai’s trap sometimes. Pakhi asks what will she tell Virat. Bhavani asks to explain him that Pulkit has returned with wrong intentions. Pakhi says Virat will tell how can they separate Pulkit and Devi when they are already married. Bhavani says Pulkit and Devi are telling that they married in a temple, but only god knows if its true or not; people will badmouth about her if they find out that she lied about Devi’s mental condition; they have to stop this marriage or else Devi’s past will tarnish their family’s image; though Pulkit has become a big doctor and professor, he was their servant and will always be; so Pakhi should speak to Virat and stop this mishap. Pakhi says she will see what she can do. Bhavani says only she can save this family’s dignity or else Sai has already ruined it.

Sai hearing their conversation and taunts Pakhi that educated people don’t backbite others. Pakhi says its bad to even listen to other’s conversation hiding. Sai she was not listening to their conversation, she had just come to call them for pooja and when she came here, she saw their parnindan paramanandam/backbiting. Pakhi says Bhavani came to talk to her something important and her issue arose during chat. Sai says they can discuss about her in front of her, doing backbiting is a sin and she doesn’t want them to do sins. Bhavani yells its better to bear the sin instead of speak to a home destroyer like her. Sai says she is trying to build Devi’s house and return her happiness, but Bhavani is against it. Bhavani shouts until she is alive, she will not let this marriage happen. Sai challenges that their marriage will happen until Bhavani is alive and she will see who will stop it. Pakhi tells Bhavani its waste to argue with Sai. Sai says she didn’t know Pakhi knows her so well. Ashwini enters and asks what is she doing here instead of bringing Bhavani and Pakhi down for pooja. Sai says she came for that, but stood hearing their wonderful conversation. Ashwini says let her also hear their conversation. Bhavani yells and walks down to pooja venue.

Family members stand up seeing Bhavani. Bhavani asks them all to sit and asks Pakhi also to sit. Pakhi tries to sit next to Vrat. Ashwini stops her and asks why is she sitting next to Virat. Pakhi reminisces Ashwini asking Sai to sit next to Virat and pray Mahadev whole night. Saloni asks Ashwini if there is any problem if Pakhi sits next to Virat. Ashwini says Sai should next to Virat and pray Mahadev whole night. Ninad yells that Sai doesn’t have interest in pooja at all and is not present here. Bhavani yells at Ashwini that her bahu called her for pooja and herself is missing. Sai enters with Devi and says all family members are present now. Her team smiles seeing Devi while Bhavani’s team fume in anger. Devi requests Bhavani to let her sit for pooja.

Bhavani yells at Sai that she brought Devi in front of Pulkit in the morning and now brought her down for pooja. Sai says Devi was waiting for Pulkit since years and when Mahadev blesses Devi, who is Bhavani to stop her from sitting in pooja. Bhavani and her puppets frown more in anger. Ninad yells if she has taken oath to oppose Bhavani always. Omkar yells Bhavani is elder of this house and when she doesn’t want Pakhi to sit in pooja after thinking much. Sai says what had happened to her think when she separated Pulkit and Devi, when Mahadev has united them today, nobody can separate them again and their marriage will happen again for sure; hence Devi has right to pray for her and her husband. Pakhi asks how can she be so sure that Pulkit and Devi are married. Sai says when Devi herself told she remembers marrying Pulkit, then what problem she has.

Ashwini asks Pakhi and Ninad when Devi wants to sit in pooja, they should let her do so. Ninad shouts if anyone asked her opinion. Virat asks him what wrong did Sai say, he doesn’t see anything wrong if Devi sits for pooja. Pakhi says he doesn’t find wrong in Sai at all. Virat says let us talk about current issue and says Devi is a family member like them all and will participate in pooja. Devi gets happy hearing that. Virat walks to her extends his hand. Devi gets afraid seeing Bhavani. Sai asks her not be afraid of anyone as she and Virat are with her and they all will perform pooja together. Devi holds their hands and walks to pooja venue. Sai asks Devi to sit between then. Devi says how can she sit between a husband and wife when they reunited her with her husband. Ashwini says Devi is so understanding. Pakhi stands jealous. Bhavani asks her to sit with her. Ashwini asks Virat and Sai to perform Shiva Abhishek, and they do so.

Next morning, Virat is ironing his uniform when Sai brings him prasad and breakfast. Virat asks if she broke her fast. She bites a fruit and says now she did. He also bites a fruit and says even he did. He holds her hand and thanks her for helping Devi while nobody bothered about her. He then leaves her hand remembering her asking not to hold her hand often. She makes him hold her hand again and says he can hold her hand for good reasons. He smiles at her. She asks why didn’t he think before her that Devi is married. He says how could he think as he was small when Pulkit used to stay here, he never thought that Devi and Pulkit can love each other, he was in academy when family came to know about them, and he was told that Devi loves someone and is heart broken when he returned from academy.

She asks why didn’t he question Devi. He says no as Bhavani told that Devi’s mental condition will worsen if he speaks about it, so he didn’t question about it, but now he thinks he should have questioned Devi and not trusted Bhavani. She says its not his mistake as Bhavanis’ words are considered final verdict, he blindly trusted Bhavan like others. He says he didn’t. She says she forgot to tell that Devi and Pulkit have a daughter. Virat stands shocked.

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