Sunday Update on Lost in Love 15th May 2022


Sunday Update on Lost in Love 15th May 2022

Sayi vents out her anger when Virat when he takes her to room on Ninad’s order. She yells that is wrong if she tries to find out Devi’s past, how will she harm Devi tai, he scolds her for everything, she is also a family member, scolding him repeatedly and controlling her is not part of deal. He says she is using word deal a lot and reminds her that interfering in his family issues is not part of deal; he doesn’t want Devi tai to remember her past and cry. Sayi asks what had happened to Devi tai. He says its none of her business and there is no use of scratching the past, she shouldn’t interfere in other’s issues. Sai says she doesn’t like interfering other’s issues, but what is wrong if Devi herself wanted to discuss her past, Devi is so innocent that she will never hurt her, she can decrease Devi tai’s pain if not ward it off.

Virat asks her to just do as he says. Sai walks to kitchen and sees Ashwini, Saloni, and Karishma there. Ashwini tells her that she will cut vegetables and cook food now. Karishma says she will rest then. Ashwini asks her to wash silver utensils. Saloni says why should Karishma wash utensils when they don’t use it at all. Ashwini says her bahu will cutting vegetables and cooking food. Karishma says they will ask Pakhi as she is free. Ashwini asks where is she. Sayi says she had come to their room last night. Karishma amazed asks if she troubled them even on their suhagraat. Sayi says she came to take headache medicine from Virat, got angry on them, and left. Bhavani enters and yells to stop backbiting with her saas and concentrate on cooking; Pakhi is ill, so she didn’t come to kitchen.

Virat hears that passing by and walks to Pakhi’s room. Pakhi looking at Virat’s pic gets alert hearing door knock. Virat says he heard she is not well, she was having headache last night and didn’t take medicine along, so he brought medicine, she should visit doctor and he can take her. She says he doesn’t have to worry for her. He asks why is she saying that. She says when heart pains, even body pains and she will learn to live with it. Virat says until he is there as a friend, he will be worried for her; justifies that whatever she saw last night is not true, actually Pakhi jumped on him seeing lizard. She says he easily justifies himself. He says she has to believe that Samrat will return and even her happiness will return forever. She says she doesn’t think she will be happy again. He says she will, keeps medicine, and walks away asking to take care of herself. She thinks Samrat may return, but her happiness will never be.

Sayi studies and prays Aaba to pass her in exam and clear her medical entrance exam. She searches her marks sheet, climbs chair to pick her suitcase above cupboard and slips. Virat holds her on time. She gets conscious. He asks if she didn’t sleep yet. She asks if he cannot see. He asks why she didn’t sleep yet. She says she is not the only person who is not yet asleep. He asks who else didn’t sleep. She says Pakhi didi and asks him to pick her suitcase. He lifts suitcase and starts sneezing. She asks if she should bring medicine from Pakhi’s room as she saw him going to Pakhi’s room with medicine. He asks if she is spying on him. She says their room is not in different cities. He says Pakhi is unwell and he went to check on her as a best friend. She asks why he insists on my best friend. He says he had already informed her not to interfere between their friendship. She says she doesn’t mind if he speaks to her whole night, but Pakhi shouldn’t come to her room at night.

He says she looks jealous. She says if he shouts like this, Pakhi will come asking what happened Virat, if everything is fine. Pakhi enters saying same. Sayi says she predicted right. Pakhi says she saw them fighting, so came in; if Sayi is fighting because Virat came to her room. Sayi asks why did she come to their room at night, husband and woman fight, that doens’t mean a third person will interfere. Pakhi says she is right. Sayi says he wanted Pakhi to guide her, but she herself is doing mistakes. Virat asks her to control her tongue. Pakhi says she just came to check if everything is right. Sayi says she herself is ill and wants to check on us. Pakhi asks why is she speaking rudely. Virat asks them to stop. Sayi says they both can go out and sleep, not in her room. Pakhi walks out asking Virat not to visit her room from hereon, else Sayi will create an issue again.

At midnight, Pakhi wakes up thinking if she spoke a lot rudely to Pakhi, then thinks she didn’t; checks calender and thinks only 3 days are left for her exam. He wakes up and asks what happened. She says she is having headache and not in a mood to fight. She says her today’s quota of fight is over. She holds her head. He massages her head. She says her medicine is in Usha’s room. He asks to name the medicine, he will search it in first-aid box. She hopes she gets admission in a college and she shifts to hostel, gets a scholarship to pay hostels’ fees. He asks if she will stay in hostel. She says she doesn’t want to stay here and interfere in other’s lives, also repay his money with interest. Virat says as she likes, but till then finger on her lips. He gets pain balm. She says nothing will happen with it. He says shhhh and applies balm on her forehead. She says its a migraine. He says he knows about it and asks to keep her mouth and eyes shut for some time. She says Aaba used to massage her head with hot oil and used to describe his case studies. He says Kamal sir was a great man, even he has 1-2 stories. She smiles. He thinks she looks more beautiful when she smiles. Pakhi stands on terrace and reminisces her mother’s words. Virat makes Pakhi asleep and looks via window.

Virat wakes up from sleep when Sayi puts her hand on him in sleep. He keeps her hand aside, she opens eyes, he asks her to sleep as it happens sometimes. She makes a pillow wall and says it will happen now. He suggests her to become architect seeing her skills. She says very funny and close eyes. He looks at her via hole between pillow wall. Serial’s title song..plays in the background. Next morning, Sayi walks into kitchen and seeing Ashwini and Saloni discussing what to prepare in breakfast asks how about thalipeeth. Saloni says her wishes are high. Sayi asks what if she prepares thalipeeth for everyone. Ashwini asks if she knows to cook. Usha says her Sayi learnt cooking from Kamal dada. Ashwini says she didn’t know Kamal dada was also a good cook, but Virat knows only to boil water. Sayi says nobody can be like her Aaba and asks Ashwini to go and rest. Ashwini insists to help her. Pakhi tries to enter kitchen but stops seeing Sayi and Ashwini. Virat gets ready for duty in police uniform when he gets a call that DIG wants to meet him at 11 a.m. to brief him something. Pakhi hearing his conversation thinks Sayi didn’t prepare breakfast yet and Virat will get late for duty.

Bhavani with her puppets walks to dining table. Virat joins them. Pakhi applies butter on bread. Ashwini walks to them and requests to wait as Sayi is preparing special Marathi breakfast for them, says soon Sayi will leave her behind in cooking. Bhavani as usual yells that she didn’t reach anywhere and is hoping her bahu to surpass her. Ashwini asks Pakhi why didn’t she come to kitchen. Pakhi says she came but returned seeing Ashwini teaching cooking to Sayi. Ashwini says one needs to learn who doesn’t know to cook, but Sayi knows to cook. Bhavani praises Pakhi again and yells at Sayi and Ashwini. Ashwini requests again to wait till Sayi brings breakfast. Sayi brings breakfast and asks everyone to taste it and review. Bhavani yells that she is copying Pakhi and asks if she is competing with Pakhih.

Sayi says she competes with only herself and not others, she just wanted to feed them nutritional breakfast as br*ast butter is not sufficient. Pakhi yells if she was so worried, why didn’t she prepare breakfast on time, Badimaa needs to have medicines on time. Sayi says when she came yesterday, Pakhi came a few days ago, Aayi/Ashwini knows who eats at what time. Bhavani says she would rather die hungry than having her breakfast. Sayi takes plate from Pakhi and serves Bhavani breakfast asking why would she die. Pakhi says she prepared breakfast already. Virat stops her. Ninad enters and gets happy seeing his favorite breakfast, tastes it and praises Pakhi’s culinary skills. Saloni says Sayi prepared it. Ninad’s tone changes. Ashwini asks what will he do now. Ninad says they don’t disrespect food, so he will have it. Badimaa continues her tantrums and walks away. Sayi and Pakhi serve breakfast to Virat at once, and Virat eats thalipeeth. Karishma praises Sayi. Saloni thinks Karishma changes her side so easily.

Virat reaches IG’s office where IG asks if he went to Gadchiroli to perform duty or forcefully marry inspector Kamal’s daughter. Virat says he just performed duty and explains whole story. IG informs that there is a complaint against him from Vithal Mane. Virat says Vithal is trying to take revenge from him with baseless allegations and his son is responsible for Kamal’s death. IG says his posting his held until enquiry is complete. Virat returns home and fumes discussing about it with Sunny over phone, he feels as if going to Gadchiroli was his mistake. Sayi brings food for him and hearing his conversation thinks he is talking about her and he is right that she is a problem for him, if he had not come to Gadchiroli, he wouldn’t have to marry her. He asks him to sit and have food as he didn’t have anything since morning. He pushes tray away shouting he doesn’t want to. Pakhi rushes in asking what happened.

Sayi comments that she came to interfere and says Virat shouldn’t have insulted food and she knows he is angry on her as she didn’t let him have Pakhi’s breakfast in the morning. He shouts to stop talking rubbish. She says again aayi prepared this food and he shouldn’t have insulted it, now he will clean the mess. Virat stands aside fuming. Pakhi asks him to calm down as he is mature and tell what happened. Virat says he worked so hard to become IPS officer, but he will lose his dream job. Pakhi asks to explain detail. Virat says Gadchiroli’s goon Vithal has alleged that he married Sayi forcefully and there is an enquiry on him now. Pakhi says he burnt his life turning to protect other’s life. Virat says he realized decisions taken in a hurry are wrong after reaching Gadchiroli. Sayi feels sad hearing that.