Sunday Update on Anupama 19th June 2022


Sunday Update on Anupama 19th June 2022

Baa asks Anu if she wants to work. Anu says yes, she wasn’t allow to work last time, but this time she has to work for the family; as Baa told, they should increase earning instead of cutting down on expenses, she just wants to follow that and will try. Devika voice messages her didi reason behind Anu coming to school late and requests to give Anu another chance, says she will guarantee her that Anu will not repeat her mistake; hopes did agrees and Anu gets a job soon. Rakhi while returning home looking at Toshu’s engagement reminisces the event and thinks she knows they will not agree even after being insulted by her, Anupama will plead and Vanraj will shout, she is waiting to enjoy the drama. On the other side, Nandini asks Samar to discuss his problems like a true friend; already Anu has lots of problems to deal with, so he shouldn’t bother Anu. Samar says he has 2 problems, one is job. She says she spoke to someone and hopefully he will get a job soon. He is amazed and says he didn’t tell her about it at all. She says world waits to hear problems, but not friends and asks what is his another problem.

Samar says Rakhi aunty broke Toshu and Kinjal’s alliance and he is unable to handle it and vents out his frustration whole day on mummy as he is unable to meet or speak to Kinja, and Rakhi is sending Kinjal to America within a week. Nandini suggests him to not let Toshu alone as a person feels more lonely when he is sad. Samar says Mr. Shah was only Toshu’s friend and he is feeling more lonely. Nandini says Toshu’s reaction is normal in this situation, so he should keep Toshu busy with an argument or dance or anything engaging but not let him alone as he may harm himself in depression.

Kavya orders dinner from hotel. Vanraj requests if she can prepare chawal for him. She says she also works along him and will cook something in breakfast, but not now, then thinks he must be thinking Anupama would have cooked something, says she will prepare khichdi for him. He hugs and thanks her. Anirudh opens door and walks in smirking at them. They both stand frustrated.

Anu offers tea to Toshu and asks him not to worry as she spoke to his papa and they will find a way out. Toshu shouts that she and papa closed all his ways out, Rakhi canceled alliance, papa is roaming with his girlfriend, leaving him and Kinjal suffer. Samar asks him to stop venting out his frustration on mummy as Mr. Shah is the problem. Toshu shouts he doesn’t need his gyaan, only he knows what he is going through. Samar says he should understand that mummy is going through and should stop increasing her problems if not decrease, so he should stop blaming mummy for his problem. Anu asks them both to stop and says she is trying to solve this issue. Toshu walks away they shouldn’t react when he and Kinjal take up some big step. Samar suggests Anu to speak to Rakhi alone as Mr. Shah will spoil the issue more. Anu says some issues have to be sorted out together and as parents she and Vanraj will solve this issue together.

Anirudh taunts Kavya and Vanraj that he doesn’t mind as he is habituated to see his wife with his girlfriend. Kavya shouts how dare he is to enter her house without her permission. He says one can get duplicate keys for 100 rs. Kavya shouts just get lost right now. He asks why she is shouting so much, if she lost her morales along with shame, she should respect her guest. Vanraj shouts what guest, get out before he kicks him out. Anirudh asks who is he to kick him out of his own house. Vanraj shouts shut up, this is Kavya’s house. Anirudh says his general knowledge is also bad like his character, this is his house and even Kavya. Vanraj shouts shut up. Anirudh says Kavya threw his golden color shirt saying its too loud, her boyfriend is much louder; he stays in his house whenever he comes to Ahmedabad, if anyone has problem, they can leave; he doesn’t have problem to stay with them as happy family, but if anyone has problem with it, he can go. He lies on bed and seeing wet towel asks Kavya if she didn’t train her boyfriend not to throw we towel around, he never threw wet towel like this.

Vanraj asks Kavya to send her husband away. Kavya requests Anirudh. Vanraj asks why is she begging in front of this man. Anirudh says until he is in Ahmedabad, he will stay here and doesn’t mind Vanraj staying with them as he has barged into their lives since 8 years. Vanraj shouts again. Anirudh warns to stop shouting as people will find out that wife’s boyfriend is staying in his house. Vanraj then shouts at Kavya for all the problems, asks why did she give keys to her husband, and shouts he left his house for her and now leave her house for her husband, he is like a laundryman’s dog/dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka now, he is leaving this house. She pleads not to return to Anupama and to shift to a hotel room. He says she should bother about her husband now and walks out. Kavya hopes he doesn’t go back to Anu.

Vanraj stops his car outside his home reminiscing Anu’s words, Anirudh’s taunts, and himself shouting he is dhobi ka kutta now. Shah family is busy having dinner when he enters in and greets them Jai Sri Krishna. Pakhi happily hugs him. Baa gets happy seeing him. He says he came here for Toshu as he doesn’t delay when its a question of children; gets tempted seeing food. Baa says he came at the right time as bahu prepared baigan bharta. He says its okay. Baa insists followed by Pakhi. Anu offers plate and pushes bharta near him, and Pakhi brings chair. He starts eating food and says he heard Mrs. Dave came here, he thought he and Anupama should go and speak to her and he is ready to go to that woman’s house for Toshu’s happiness. Anu asks if he came here to inform this and goes to get rotis. Samar follows him. Bapuji thinks if one leaves house’s lakshmi, even saraswati, annapura, and Lakshmi get angry on him; Vanraj is not even getting proper food; he was angry on Vanraj, but now pities on him. Samar walks to Anu and asks why is she preparing food for Vanraj. She says they always respect their guests and offers rotis to Vanraj. Vanraj gets Kavya’s call, he rejects it and picks roti. Kavya gets angry seeing him disconnecting call.

Anirudh says Vanraj is not a kid to be worried, he should have called her and found out if she is same with me. Kavya pushes him away and shouts that she was getting happiness after a long time and got Vanraj, but he interfered between them. Anirudh says if there was someone else than Vanraj, he would have trashed his girlfriend’s husband and took her along, but he walked away showing attitude. He challenges her that Vanraj is egoistic and will not stay in any hotel, so he will go back to his parent’s house and must with Anupama now. Kavya stands worried. Vanraj thinks he did a mistake leaving his house, now he doesn’t even know where he will sleep tonight.

Vanraj washes his hand after having dinner and thinks he had proper food after so many days. He turns and sees Anu standing, asks towel to wipe his hands. She says she didn’t know he was coming, else she would have kept it. He asks how will he wipe hands then. She says she cannot give him pallu like before and warns him to keep his lies aside and enter house as she doesn’t know why he came back this time. He shouts Anupama. Toshu walks in. Vanraj says he wants to speak to Toshu. Anu walks away. Baa with Samar watching this comments that daughter should be like Anupama who lost important relationship of her life, even then she didn’t lose faith on relationships and left Vanraj and Toshu alone. Samar says Mr. Shah didn’t do anything for mummy till now and hopes he does something for his son at least. Vanraj tells Toshu that he knows Rakhi is an arrogant and irritating woman and was not happy with Toshu and Kinjal’s alliance, so she was just waiting for a chance. He says he knows how to handle Rakhi and Toshu should trust him.

Toshu asks if he should trust a man who left them; its not Rakhi’s mistake, what if Pramod uncle was in papa’s place in the resort, Baa and papa would have reacted same like Rakhi but with a better language; his life’s tragedy that he and Kinjal are punished for others’ mistakes and affairs. Vanraj shouts Toshu. Toshu says he just shuts opponent by shouting; if he doesn’t want to hear truth and came for him, what will he speak with Rakhi, how will he face her, in fact he didn’t do anything till now while mummy did everything and even fixed his and Kinjal’s alliance and knows to set things right, but he knows to spoil the issue like before and even this time, so he and Kinjal has to do whatever they have to. He walks away thanking him for his concern while Vanraj stands shocked.
Vanraj sees Anu and asks if she was hearing their conversation hiding. She says she came in when Toshu was leaving angrily, what did they speak. He says Toshu thinks they cannot do anything for him, so he and Kinjal will do something for themselves. Anu asks if he told this. He says he fears that Toshu may do something wrong, so she should explain him not to make any mistake in anger.

They both walk down when Kavya calls on landline and asks Anu to give phone to Vanraj. Vanraj picks receiver. Kavya yells that he finds ways to return to that house, if he wanted to return to his house, why did he come to her house. Vanraj says he came here for Toshu as he got panic attack, now he is going; she should say if he should return to her house or check in to a hotel. Anirudh sings Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Vanraj says he got his answer and disconnects call saying he will check into a hotel. Anirudh says he won the bet. Kavya gives him money saying she lost, she can lose everything but not Vanraj, Anirudh can take everything but leave her and Vanraj alone. Anirudh says life is all about perspective, the place she is standing, she thinks he is interfering between her and Vanraj, but where he is standing, he thinks Vanraj interfered between their relationship and he will not let any evil eye fall on their relationship, he won this bet today and will win back her one day.

Toshu runs outside house in anger. Samar and Nandini watch him silently. Anu thinks it is not right to speak to Toshu now and will speak to him later. Nandini tells Samar that Toshu looks very upset. Samar says bhai is both angry and helpless, here he is angry and Kinjal is crying on the other side; mummy cannot even cry trying to console Toshu; love always hurts. Nandini looking at her tattoo says, he is right, love always hurts. He says she can share it with him as mummy says love gives injuries and friendship gives medicine, he will just listen to her as a true friend. She is about to speak when Toshu tells Samar that he wants to meet Kinjal right now, its not in papa and mummy’s control now and he cannot see mummy’s insult again, so he wants to meet Kinjal right now. Nandini says Rakhi aunty will not let Kinjal out at this time. Samar says if Rakhi aunty finds out, she will call police, they can think something else. Toshu runs away saying if they cannot help, he will find a solution himself. Nandini asks Samar to go behind Toshu and thinks why there is no happiness for lovers.

Baa sees Anu doing something and asks what is she doing. Anu says she is tying Toshu and Kinjal’s named threads together to unite their faiths. Baa asks why is she uniting her faith with teekhi mirchi/Rakhi, hope she would have tied her and Vanraj’s named threads together. Anu says whose hearts don’t unite, their faiths also won’t; Toshu and Kinjal’s hearts are united, so she is doing this. Baa nods yes.

In the morning, Anu hurriedly performs pooja when she hears landline ringing and picks it. Rakhi shouts where is her daughter, she is missing since last night, she is sure she must be at her house or Toshu would have eloped her. Anu calls Toshu. Rakhi says he has eloped with Kinjal for sure, so she is coming with police. Anu calls Samar and Toshu. Whole family walks to her. Anu says Rakhi called and told Toshu eloped with Kinjal. Baa asks if nagin went mad, why would Kinjal be here. Anu gets worried for Kinjal and asks Samar to call Toshu. Samar stands silently and then says Bhai was very upset last night and insisted to meet Kinjal and after meeting her asked him to go home and not inform about them to anyone, he doesn’t know where they are now. Anu asks him to call Toshu. Samar tries and says bhai’s phone is off. Anu asks him to call Kinjal then. Samar tries and says even Kinjal’s phone is off. Anu stands tensed. Vanraj in a hotel room reads Kayva’s messages and seeing Samar’s call picks it thinking even he needs father’s help now. Samar informs that Toshu and Kinjal are missing since last night, so if Vanraj can come home now. Vanraj also stands tensed. Anu asks Samar to check with Toshu’s friends. Samar says he tried everywhere and nobody knows where bhai is. Anu thinks where Toshu must have gone.

Vanraj runs in and asks Anu if she found where Toshu is. Anu says no. He asks when did she find out Toshu is missing. Anu says when Rakhi called her sometime ago. He shouts she was sleeping and didn’t know where her son is. Baa signals him to calm down. Anu says they should file police complaint first. Bapuji says bahu is right. They all walk out and see Rakhi with police. Baa thinks she really came with police. Rakhis shouts where is my daughter. Family walks to her, Anu says their children missing, we both are in sorrow and should know that children will not return with their shouting. Rakhi shouts shut up. Vanraj says you shut up. Rakhi says how to trust this family, don’t know who is with whom, he had gone to an outsider leaving his wife and now is supporting his wife, why they are afraid of drama while their whole family is a drama. Anu asks if she will get back her daughter if she shouts. Rakhi shouts her daughter is missing and complains inspector that this family trapped her daughter by sending their son to a costly coaching institute. Vanraj says for the better future. Rakhi says exactly, he secured his future by trapping her daughter, continues shouting..

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