Sunday Update on A Magical Love Story 5th September 2021


Sunday Update on A Magical Love Story 5th September 2021

Aman saying why is Roshni missing Farah, Roshni lost her Ayana powers, she should have romance back. Rehan comes home saying don’t know when will I get Farhan back. Aman asks did you say anything. Rehan says I was upset about Farhan, what happened, tell me. Aman says nothing. Rehan takes his car keys by magic. Aman asks for the keys. Rehan says matter shouldn’t be hidden from a brother. Aman and Rehan play with their magic. Someone leaves a spy bug to Khan mansion and watches everyone.

The angel statue says this is Hamlal, it means a Jinn hunter is looking for Jinnat, if he knows that there are jinns in this house then…. Rehan asks Aman does he have that problem. Aman says shut up, I don’t have any such problem, give me the car keys. Rehan says I can’t see you upset, tell me, I m your younger brother. Aman says let me go, I m getting late for work. The spy Hamlal reaches the door. Dadi comes and asks what’s happening, is there any kids’ party happening, why this magic show, stop it Aman and Rehan. Aman gets the keys. Dadi asks Aman to go. Aman leaves.

Roshni comes to meet Farah and Tabeezi. She says maybe they aren’t home. She hears a sound and picks up a vase. She screams seeing Shayari and drops the vase. Shayari says I m Rubina’s niece, Shayari. Roshni says I m Farah’s best friend. Shayari jokes on the broken vase in shayari. Roshni laughs and says your name should be funny shayari. Roshni says I m also not talkative. Shayari says I m also silent types. They talk a lot and laugh. Roshni picks the glass pieces. Shayari hides the glass pieces under the carpet. Roshni says I had come to meet Farah and discuss my problem. Shayari says try the new friend if best friend isn’t here. Aman says I will get the solution when I understand the problem, Roshni goes away from me, what happened to her, Tabeezi.

Shayari says your friend loves her husband, but she stays away from him, maybe she has some bad qualities. Roshni says no, she is perfect. Shayari says tell your friend to do what her husband doesn’t like, he should be annoyed and then he will stay away. Roshni laughs. Tabeezi asks Aman to do what Roshni likes, understand her, she will come to him. Aman says I have to do whatever she likes, I will do everything. Roshni gets hurt by the glass piece. Shayari says sorry, you got hurt because of me, I couldn’t clean it well. Aman asks why is this happening.

Tabeezi says because of miscarriage, we didn’t tell her anything, she doesn’t know what she lost, but she would feel that emptiness, mother’s heart is such. Aman nods. Shayari throws out things from her purse. She gets the band aid. Roshni says its so cute. Shayari says my aunt has kids, I love them, I wish they never grow up. Roshni cries and says kids are such. She thinks why do I feel like I lost something. Shayari says any wound can be healed by cute shayari and aid. She does shayari. Roshni laughs. Shayari says couples need space, ask your friend not to feel guilty. Roshni says yes, I don’t have to feel guilty. Shayari says your friend. Roshni says yes, my friend. Shayari says I understood your friend is really good, tell her, not to worry. Roshni thanks and hugs her. Roshni comes home. She eats a lot of food, sitting over the kitchen counter.

Aman sees her and says Roshni… Roshni says I went to meet Farah, I thought she went to halwai shop, I went there and got some food packed. He asks some? She says yes. She eats everything. She cracks a joke and laughs. Aman recalls Tabeezi’s words. He takes the noodles from her hair and eats. She thinks he used to get annoyed, now he is eating the fallen noodles. Hamlal spies around Rehan. Roshni thinks Aman is coming close, think what annoys him. Rehan turns to see. Hamlal hides. Roshni tells about meeting Shayari and jokes. Aman laughs. Roshni says my humor is such good. Aman says you know what Rehan did, he took my car keys and flew it by magic, I have also shown him magic, Dadi came and scolded Rehan, I m Jinnat King. He talks non stop like her. Roshni looks at him. Aman asks her to sit and listen to him. Rehan looks at a car. Phupi says you are upset as if Imran took your bride, not bike.

Dadi says Aman left this car for you, take the car, maybe you find your bride. Rehan drives off. The spy bug follows the car. Rehan stops at the signal. Shayari knocks on the window. She says my friend met with an accident, will you please give me lift. He lets her in. She thanks him. He asks her to put the seat belt on. Her phone rings. She starts talking to her friend. He says you said your friend met with an accident. She says people can have 3-4 friends, this is my second friend. She continues the talk on the phone call. He says look….

She says either speak good or don’t talk, I m going to give an interview at Rehan enterprises, what, you have seen Rehan Khan, I feel the guys with beards are thieves, maybe he is handsome, just wish me all the best. Rehan hears her. She increases the car temperature. Rehan says you lied to me to get the lift. She says I have my interview in some time, let me concentrate. Aman says Tabeezi, I tried to do what Roshni likes, but I m worried for her. Tabeezi says Roshni needs rest, let her sleep. Aman says her behavior got strange, she forgets things and goes away. Tabeezi says Roshni got you from death, love is really madness, she will have weakness now, give her vitamin tablets. Aman asks will the tablets affect, I m ready to get her treated. Roshni hears him. Tabeezi asks him to take Roshni out. Aman says I will tie her up and take her. Roshni imagines and shouts I m not mad. She says Aman thinks I m senseless, what shall I do now.

Shayari irritating Rehan with her talks. Rehan says you don’t know that I m Re…. She says you talk so much, my phone battery is down. She gets the charger from the purse. He asks her to be careful. She drops the drink on his clothes. He stops the car and gets down to clean it. She says sorry. The spy bug marks him. The info starts passing about him. Jinn Shikari sees Rehan on the screen. Aman says I asked the doctor and took the vitamins. Roshni worries and imagines he is calling her mad. Aman says I will make you have the tablets. She runs. Aman comes to the room and looks for her. He opens the cupboard and asks what are you doing here.

Roshni says cleaning. He asks her to come out. She says my Naankhatai is ready. He asks how did you know. He tries to make excuses. She says if I overdo, I will look really mad to him. Shayari says you look free, but I have an imp interview, shall we leave. Rehan gets angry and turns to her. She gets in the car and locks the door. He shouts open the door. Police comes. Inspector asks are you troubling the girl. He asks Shayari is this guy teasing you. Shayari apologizes. She says I m getting late for interview, I have to go, I will tell him sorry after returning the car, I m going to cheat him. She says yes, this man is so bad, I stopped the car to make a call, he is asking me to open the door. Rehan says she is lying, its my car.

Inspector asks her to go. She thanks the police. She sees Rehan and says I will return the car later. Shayari drives off. The bug Hamlal falls. The scanning stops at 99 percent. She saves Rehan this time. Roshni reads the books. Aman says I didn’t see you reading books before. Roshni says I read Ayana book and saved you, one becomes intelligent by reading the books. He asks why are you reading books. She sees him with tablets. She says I have seen the accounts, I found many errors. He asks do you know checking account errors. She says no, there are punctuation errors. He says wow, you are so smart. She says I m smart, intelligent and very fine. Aman thinks she doesn’t know that she is much weak after the miscarriage. He says I m lucky that you came into my life, you take the tablets and take care of your health, its vitamin tablets.

Shayari goes to park the car and hits around. She says that guy will take my life. Aman says you have to take the tablets thrice, have one dose now. Roshni makes it fall down and says I will pic it and have it. He says its fine. He gives another bottle. She laughs and says you are so smart. He says fine. She says I will go and have water. Shayari waits for the interview. She sees a girl crying and leaving. Shayari thinks I need this job, else aunt’s children will have to quit the education. Roshni calls Shayari. She says my friend’s problem is increasing. She tells everything. Shayari asks why don’t you, I mean your friend go and tell everything to her husband, unless she is also hiding something, I have another good idea. She tells the idea. Roshni laughs and says I thought I m the smartest girl, but you are also smart, how is your interview going. Shayari says I don’t think it will go well. Roshni wishes her all the best. Shayari knocks and enters Rehan’s cabin. She greets him. He turns to her. She gets shocked.

She says you changed your clothes, you followed me, how did you reach so soon when I took the car. Rehan asks what are you doing here. She says I came to give interview, come here, Rehan would be coming, don’t sit on boss’ chair. Rehan says I m that rude Rehan Ahmed Khan. She asks is that you, sorry Sir, I didn’t say bad to you, you have a big heart, I perfectly parked the car, check my qualifications once. He asks do you think you will get the job. She drops the file. The hot coffee falls over him. He gets angry. She says sorry. He shouts get out.

Roshni changes the tablets. She says Shayari gave a good idea, I will eat the mints and Aman will think I m having the vitamins. She hears Aman talking to Tabeezi. He says I don’t know why isn’t Roshni taking the vitamins. Roshni eats the tablet. Aman sees her and says she took the vitamins. He goes. Roshni asks what shall I do of these tablets now. She plays with the tablets. The tablets fall near his feet. She worries. She throws her dupatta over Aman’s face. She goes to take the dupatta. They smile. She says my dupatta is filmi, it flies seeing you. Aman says when Roshni gets fine, I will take her out. Tabeezi asks him not to worry. A stranger enters her house and takes the book. Tabeezi hears some sound. She goes to see. She sees the jinn book books flying in the air. She says this happens when someone tries to steal the book.