Saturday Update on The Frontliners 21st August 2021


Saturday Update on The Frontliners 21st August 2021

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Sid and Ishani getting angry seeing each other. They ask what, nothing… okay then…. and turn away to go. Sid thinks why am I behaving strange. Shashank joins the board meeting. He says Vardaan has kept the proposal of second hand machines, we all have a right to ask him few questions. He asks Vardaan why is he nervous. Vardaan says no, ask me. Shashank asks are you a doctor. Vardaan says I m chief financial officer.

Shashank asks what’s your duties. Vardaan says to see the business and profits. Shashank says you have nothing to do with patients. Vardaan says right, it doesn’t mean that I have no humanity, I took Juhi’s advice. Juhi says I have no problem with this deal, machines are just 6 months old. He thanks her and asks Shashank to put more light on this matter. Shashank asks Juhi to think as a doctor. The man says Shashank is right, doctor’s opinion also matters. Vardaan asks Anjali to say. Anjali says I agree with Shashank in this matter. Shashank looks at her.

Sid and Ishani see each other. Asha sees them and smiles. Sid asks for Jessica’s reports. Ishani goes. Asha teases Sid about Ishani. He says there is nothing like that, I can prove it. He shows his GF’s pic. Asha says Jai ho and goes. Anjali says this proposal is too perfect so I get doubts, I m a doctor, if I m not sure, I won’t use such machines on my patients, sorry Vardaan, I won’t give you vote. Vardaan asks them not to doubt on the machines. He asks Mr. Mistry to clarify. Mistry says the machines are running perfectly, Shashank trusts Juhi and sent her. Shashank says I trust her, but everyone makes mistakes. Juhi says and also those who roam as Lord. Sid thinks of Ishani and smiles. Ishani comes to him. He sees Ishani in his GF. She asks why did you call me here for a date. He says I was missing you a lot, I m a dedicated doctor, I thought to call you, thanks.

Vardaan says you have checked the reports, its time for voting. Shashank says I won’t let this happen. He checks the reports and says its wrong, I had sent my technicians team and got the machines tested again, I have those reports, I think Juhi should check reports first. Vardaan and Mistry worry. Juhi says machines are 3 years old. Vardaan asks what. Shashank says there are many lies, you will just get reads. Juhi says machines couldn’t pass 10% safety tests. She asks Mistry how can he sell such machines. Shashank asks how did you think you should buy such machines.

Mistry says the machines are safe to use. Vardaan thinks and blames him for changing reports. Shashank laughs and says you think I don’t know your deal, you wanted to make Mistry the CEO. Vardaan says trust me, Mistry cheated me. Shashank asks Mistry to just leave. Mistry goes. Shashank asks Juhi does she think it was not her mistake. He goes. Vardaan thinks to stop Mistry from telling everything to Shashank. Sid sees Ishani in his GF again and smiles. Ishani comes and gets shocked seeing them. She cries. His GF holds his hand and says you are so sweet. Ishani thinks why do I care. Sid gets his hand away. He smiles imagining Ishani.

Ishani cries. Sid says its something wrong, you are not her. Ishani goes. His GF asks are you making me jealous, look at me. She gets close. Sid makes her away. He says I can’t do this. Rahil smiles. Sid comes to Rahil and asks for Ishani. Rahil says she left, she had seen you with your GF. Sid asks how can she go like this, I m her boss. Rahil jokes. Guard says madam just went from here, she was crying. Sid worries. Ishani comes home. Sid comes to meet Ishani. She shuts the door and says I was sleeping. He says listen to me, hospital guard said you were crying, I didn’t wish to make you cry.

Sid asking Ishani to listen to him. He says sorry that I scolded you. She opens the door and sees him. He gets in and asks do you stay alone. She says no, there is everyone. He looks at her. She says I m happy that I stay alone. He says its good, else the person would die eating this boring food. She asks him not to comment on her food. She asks will you eat frozen food. He says yes, get it here. He dumps the food in bin. She says I was hungry, you threw it. He looks inside the cabinets. She asks what are you finding in my kitchen, what are you doing. She says Aloo… He says I was eating matar paneer. He says it was bad, many diseases happen because of food, eat healthy and stay healthy, I won’t let you eat this since I have come now. She says thanks angel for saving me from eating this frozen food. He says I have come on a horse. Her heart beats.

Anjali comes to Vardaan. He asks her to leave. She asks why, can’t I come to meet you. He says I thought you reached here by talent, you are here by nepotism. He gets angry. She gives him a drink. He says you supported your dad. She says it was professional. He says it was personal, your dad didn’t give you any value, like I gave you, you did this with me, why do you think earning money is wrong, Sanjivani would have got shut without me, you couldn’t understand I m doing this for Sanjivani, for everyone. She says you are hurting me. He says I m sorry Anjali. She says you didn’t value me, you tagged me a price, I m not on sale. She goes. He drinks and throws the glass.

Sid says I will make Aloo parathas for you. Ishani says fine, you know it. He says yes, mum taught me everything, didn’t she teach you. She recalls someone teaching her to make rotis. She says my mom tried, but I was very young, she passed away, life has taught me a lot. He asks where is the flour. She says I will give it. She goes to take the box. He goes to help. She asks what are you doing, my bp is high. He says we will add less salt, measure the flour, you will help me in cooking. She asks what.

They cook together. She sees butterfly. Tu hi meri shab….plays… She thinks what’s happening. He thinks she is mad. She stares at him. They make the parathas. He says I just came here and thought to visit you. She asks why didn’t you go with your GF. He jokes. She smiles. He asks why are you so happy. She says I m not getting happy, I m feeling bad, that girl was a nice person, she was dumb, but why did you come here. Sid asks why did you cry, you trouble me, I didn’t cry right, I don’t know why I came here, it just makes me feel happy. She calls him out. His imagination ends. She asks why did you come here. He says to make parathas, its done. She says wow, its perfect, round and smelling good. She tastes the parathas and likes it. She cries. He asks what happened, is it spicy. He gets water. She says no, no one did this for me, and I…. He asks I….. She says thanks for parathas, its tasty. He eats it too. He feeds her. They smile.

Its morning, Nurse says Sid takes care of Jessica well, reports are going to come, everything will be fine, Jessica…. Shashank consoles her and asks her to show reports, its his right, just prepare for her marriage. Ishani wakes up hearing phone ring. She says this isn’t my phone. She sees Sid beside and gets shocked. Her imagination ends. She goes out and sees Sid sleeping in the hall. She wakes up Sid. Sid answers Asha’s call. Asha asks where are you, tell me, Aman was calling Ishani, she isn’t answering. Ishani signs don’t say. Sid asks what happened. Ishani’s phone rings. Aman says Ishani’s ringtone. Ishani runs and disconnects. Asha says Jessica’s reports are coming. Sid says yes, we are coming. Asha asks we? Sid disconnects. Sid and Ishani come and see the reports. Juhi says cancer is at stage 4, it has spread in her body completely, she doesn’t have much time, 6 months or 1 year. Shashank gets sad.