Saturday Update on Strange Love 4th September 2021


Saturday Update on Strange Love 4th September 2021

Jyoti says its long she spoke at home and calls Anjali. She asks how is she, I m fine, and is everyone fine. She asks is she really fine, did Baba tell you anything again. She says why does Shlok and Varad not see his reality, you see your children will talk to you well and Baba will be left alone. Renuka sees the dish burning and scolds Jyoti. Jyoti says she was talking to Anjali. Renuka gets annoyed. Jyoti says she will cook again. Renuka gets angry and leaves.

Shlok comes to Niranjan and looks at him. He looks angry. Niranjan gets glad seeing him and hugs him with love. He asks what happened, is everything fine. Shlok says I got to know your reality. Niranjan asks what reality. Shlok says don’t act, Astha told me everything about you. Niranjan is shocked. Shlok says he is feeling guilty, he regarded Astha wrong and punished her, he was wrong, as he was only mad after his father, she tried convincing me, but today after knowing everything, I will choose Astha over you, she was always right, and you wrong. Niranjan says my son. Shlok points finger on him and says don’t touch me.

Niranjan says know about my truth too, what I did was for the family. Don’t doubt on my love, there is no proof that can go against me, you have to choose me, you are my son before becoming Astha’s husband. Shlok says yes, unfortunately I m your son, now its time to support her, she was always right, even then she had to prove that she is right, but not anymore, now I will support her. Niranjan says no. Shlok says Mr Agnihotri. Niranjan stops him but he leaves. Niranjan wakes up by the bad dream and wishes this dream does not turn true, is it the sign of upcoming danger, no I won’t let this come true, I can do anything, no Astha, I won’t let you take my son.

Anjali talks to the maid and asks her to cook food according to everyone’s taste. She says don’t tell anyone that I made you cook this. Sojal talks to Anjali. Anjali says she kept fast as its Astha’s presentation. Sojal wishes the best for Astha. Niranjan and Varad come there and look at the ladies. Hey sit for breakfast. Kavya asks for chocolate. Sojal goes to get it. Anjali thinks Shlok and Astha will come now, I will ask Sojal to put their plate. Kavya tells Varad that she won’t talk to him, as he has made Sojal cry. Sojal comes and hears them.

Sojal gives her milkshake. Varad asks Sojal what is Kavya saying, what are you teaching her. Sojal says I did not teach her, you taught her as she is seeing all this. Niranjan leaves the food and goes. He is shocked seeing Shlok and Astha come home together. He sees Astha wearing Shlok’s coat. Astha stops Shlok and gives the coat back. Niranjan looks on angrily. Anjali smiles. Niranjanassks Shlok to get ready for the presentation. Shlok says he has to say something, Astha saved his life yesterday night, he is here because of her. Niranjan says we will talk later, go and get ready. Shlok leaves.

Niranjan calls someone. Astha gets ready smiling thinking about her and Shlok. Music plays………………She says she has to show everyone that women can do anything, she has to give the presentation well. Anjali wishes her all the best making her eat curd and sugar and hugs her. Astha says she will leave now. She sees Shlok coming and smiles. Shlok sees her at the other side of the rope. Astha crosses it and comes to him. She says all the best. He says you will need it, all the best Astha. She says time will show this. Anjali asks Shlok to have curd and sugar. Shlok acts rude and says no need.

Astha says we both are your children, whoever wins, it means you win. She leaves making Anjali smile. Jyoti cries seeing her brother’s pic and says its going wrong, first Baba’s truth, then Varad and Mansi’s affair, I have to talk to Varad. She calls Varad and talks to him. She says she came to know about Mansi and him, he can’t go away from Sojal. Ankush bumps into a lady and the sweets fall. He says its your mistake, and taunts her.

Kalindi comes and sees them arguing. Kalindi says Mayuri ji, come in. Mayuri asks who is this ill mannered guy. Ajju changes the topic. Mayuri asks again. Ankush smiles. Ankush says Kalindi, tell her who am I. He says some far relations and hugs Ajju. Ajju asks him to behave well. Ankush says fine, and leaves. Mayuri asks them to shoo him off, else they will lose respect. She gives them sweets and leaves. Kalindi says when everyone comes to know the truth, what will we do. Anjali sees diya blown off and goes to light it. She says she is feeling scared for Astha since morning and prays for her.

Jyoti being upset. Renuka asks her to make tea as sshe is having headache. Jyoti does not hear her. Renuka scolds her and says she will make it herself. Jyoiti stops her and says she will make it. Renuka asks what is going on with her, why did you come running that day, what happened in your home, I m a mother, I m have seen the world, I know you are hurt by some big thing, I will not ask again and again, tell me, nothing can be hidden to me. Jyoti says leave it, you won’t understand, I will get tea. Renuka gets annoyed and says she is fed up of her, she accepted her and her daughter too, you gave me wrong reply, I will ask Sid today will he want me or you, Sid was good before, and he changed because of you. She leaves.

Astha prays to get an auto on time. She sits in an auto and leave. She thinks Bappa fulfilled her wish soon, the presentation should happen good, I will check papers once again. She checks the file and the auto driver looks at her in mirror. She sees the way and says this is not the place I told, where did you bring me, stop. He says I got you to right place. She says stop and says she did not said this. He says I was told this address and shows her the knife. She gets down the auto and many goons surround her. She shouts for help and asks them to leave her. They take her somewhere.

They shut her mouth and take her. Shlok thinks why did Astha not come till now, but why am I thinking about her so much, I want to see her lost face, where is she, I will have fun of winning when she loses. He calls Astha and can’t connect. He gets worried. Niranjan comes to Shlok and asks him to come for the presentation. Shlok says he is calling Astha. Niranjan asks him to focus on presentation and switch off the phone. Shlok says yes and does so. Niranjan leaves. Shlok thinks he is feeling strange, but dad is right, I should concentrate on the presentation.

Astha keeps screaming and says let me go please. The man asks her to sit else he will kill her. She asks why is he doing, she has to go office to give presentation, its big day for her, you can kidnap me later. They ask her to shut up and bring the rope to tie her to the chair. She says stop it and they stop asking what happened. She says tie calmly, else marks will be forever. She asks why are they doing this with her, they look from good family. They say we have kidnapped you for two hours, then we will leave you. Astha is stunned.

She says two hours? But why? The man shows knife and asks her to sit quietly. She says please let me go, its my presentation. The man asks her to be quiet, he will get mad if she speaks again. They leave. She says Bappa, the presentation will start now, I m fool, I should have gone with Shlok, please do something to make me reach there on time. Sid comes home and asks Renuka why is she annoyed. She says you go and ask Jyoti. He says tell me. She tells him everything and says she always give me wrong answers, she says I won’t understand, she is lucky to have a mum in law like me, and she does not value me. Sid says she is worried and maybe she said this, she will not wish to hurt you.

She says you have to decide I can’t be with her. Sid laughs and says you are my life, and world’s best mum, I will take Jyoti’s class and come. Renuka gets glad. Astha tries to free herself. She starts crying loudly and the goons ask her not to do the drama. The man says we will leave you in one hour. She says she is feeling dizzy and she needs three tablets every hour, free my hand, I will take tablet and then tie my hand back. She says I m saying the truth, I need tablets. She starts showing she is unwell. The men get tensed and opens the rope.

They check her purse and find the tablets. She gets up and takes her purse. They look at her. Niranjan and Shlok are in conference hall and some presentations are shown to the client. Astha throws the oil box and the men fall. She runs after troubling them. They ask her to stop. She asks why, are you my elder brother that I listen to you? She leaves. Niranjan asks Shlok why is he restless. Shlok says Astha………….. Niranjan asks him to concentrate on presentation. He says it looks you don’ worry for my respect, I will myself give the presentation. Shlok says no, I do respect you and I will give presentation. The goons run after Astha.

Shlok looks at the door and waits for Astha. Astha calls Shlok and his phone is off. She calls Anjali and Astha’s phone gets off by low battery. Anjali also tries calling her back. Astha stops a man and sees his new scooty. The man says I bought it today, is it good. She fools him and says she has four children and a short story. She says my children are waiting for me, I m tensed as people kidnap kids these days, please drop me to the school. The man says fine. She gets happy.

Niranjan thinks seeing Shlok’s worry, I don’t want Astha to give presentation and get this project, as I ended her hopes, as if Astha wins, it means Anjali’s victory which I can’t let it happen.