Saturday Update on Strange Love 31st July 2021


Saturday Update on Strange Love 31st July 2021

Shlok seeing Astha disturbed. He hugs her and Sita comes. He says again her. Sita says Anjali asked to bring jewellery for baby. Shlok says tell her we will bring it. He asks her what happened. She says nothing. He says lets go for shopping jewellery for Pari. She says yes. Sojal sees them going and asks where are they going. Astha says to take jewellery. Sojal thinks she will also go, and she won’t need to pay if Shlok is coming. She says I will also come, wait, I will bring my purse. Jyoti talks to Sita and says what Kalindi told her about massaging baby. Anjali says suggests and Jyoti hears this and goes against her. They argue indirectly. Anjali leaves annoyed.

Anjali keeps the garlic and leaves. Jyoti takes it. Anjali comes back and sees this. Varad shows Jyoti and her daughter’s pic to Mansi and she likes it. They are at a café and he says only beautiful adorable girls come in my life, you, Kavya and Pari. She says that’s very cheesy and they laugh. Sojal, Astha and Shlok come there as its raining outside. Varad says I think when you did not come in my life, what would I do. Mansi says lets go, I have a meeting. He leaves from his chair to just come back.

They don’t see Varad as of now. Sojal sits near Mansi’s table. Sojal says I want to eat pau bhaji. Shlok orders the food. She sees Varad and reacts. Mansi hears her. Shlok and Astha turn to see Varad. Varad is tensed seeing them. Sojal gets up and asks what are you doing here. Did you come to meet any client. Shlok says thank God you came. Mansi comes to them and smiles seeing Sojal. She says Sojal right. Mansi says Hi. Sojal asks how do you know me. Mansi says because of Varad. Astha thinks where she has seen before.

Mansi says we came here for meeting, ok Varad enjoy time with family and leaves. Sojal says you came on right time, we were ordering now, come sit. Its night, Pari cries and Jyoti wakes up. Jyoti consoles the baby and she does not keep quiet. She says what happened to her, is she having stomach pain. She gets tensed. Anjali hears Pari’s cry and Astha too wakes up by the sound. Anjali says Jyoti won’t take my help, what to do, I can’t let her cry. The baby continuously cry. Astha sees its 3.05am. She says why is Pari crying, I will go and see why is she crying. Jyoti says what to do, how to make her quiet, don’t know.

Astha and Anjali bump into each other. Astha says you here. Anjali says I can’t go in, I think she has stomach pain, you go and see her and guided her to check her or bring her out, but no Jyoti will be angry. She says I will make hing water for her that will give her relieve. Astha says fine, I will see her. She comes to Jyoti and asks what happened, why is she crying so much. Jyoti says don’t know. Astha says maybe she is having stomach pain, I will take her out. Jyoti says no, everyone will wake up. Astha says no, you take rest and give her to me. Astha takes Pari and goes out.

Anjali applies the hing water on her stomach. The baby becomes quiet and they smile. Anjali says now she is fine, Jyoti used to look like this when she was small. Astha says take her. Anjali says no, if anyone sees, it will be an issue. Astha says take her and play with her. Anjali takes her and smiles holding her. Astha cries seeing this. Shlok wakes up and sees Astha is not in the room. He comes out of the room to see while Anjali is playing with the baby. Anjali cries with happiness and hugs Astha.

Anjali says now you take her, someone will come. Astha says play more, I told Jyoti to take rest and I will keep Pari. Anjali sees ok and plays. She says take her now, someone will see. Shlok is coming. Anjali says sing a lullaby for her, she will like her. Anjali leaves. Shlok sees Astha with Pari and smiles. Astha sings a lullaby for Pari. He comes to her and she asks did you get up. He says yes, if you sing so bad, everyone will wake up, looks like Pari likes it. He says so I married you, our tension over, you look good with kids, if you say……. She says go and sleep.

He takes the baby. Tu hi mera hosh bhi………………plays……………. Astha smiles seeing him play with the baby. They have an eyelock. Its morning, the naming ceremony arrangements are being done. Jyoti asks Astha and Sojal to get ready as Naam Karan will start now. Anjali thinks she will also change the saree as its her grand daughter’s Naam Karan. Astha asks Jyoti to go and change. Astha tells Jyoti that Anjali did all this. Jyoti says I don’t want to take her name and spoil my mood. She leaves. Shlok gets ready and Astha comes to conquer the mirror. They both look very cute.

Her hand gets hurt by the pin and he cares for her. Mere Mahiya…………….plays………….. as they have an eyelock. Maina khudko tujhme tujhko mujhme karliya hai shamil………………plays………… He hugs her and says you are looking gorgeous. He kisses on her forehead and she hugs him being shy.

Niranjan coming to Anjali and asking her not to get ready. He throws her saree and says if she is not related to us, let her get any name, her identity is by the in laws, will you celebrate the birth of a daughter. He says wear anything and go. Sojal asks Varad to give Rs 1000 for makeup items. He says take it from wallet. She sees a jewellery set in his bag and smiles. She is glad thinking it’s a beautiful surprise for her. She wears it and asks him how is she looking. Varad is shocked seeing this. He smiles and says yes, I brought this to surprise you and you saw it. She says thanks I will wear this today and hugs him.

Kalindi comes with Ajju and Avdhoot. Kalindi says it would have been good if Sid came here. Ajju says he loves her a lot and I wish he gets her. Avdhoot says don’t dream this impossible thing, don’t talk this here as it can affect Astha. Astha welcomes them. Kalindi hugs Anjali and meets Jyoti and her baby. Sojal sees Astha brought the gift and gives gold bangles for the baby. Astha says this is from us with lots of free love. Anjali smiles and says this is from your dad’s side. The pandit asks for the name and everyone suggests. Anjali says Anaya, it mean free from all bounds. Astha says yes, it will be that now.

Astha tells everyone and says lets make chits and keep the one that comes. Sojal says fine. Astha writes Anaya on all chits though everyone says different names. Jyoti picks the chits and says Anaya. She smiles and says her name will be Anaya Agnihotri. Abhay walks in and says not Anaya Agnihotri, but Anaya Abhay Deshmukh. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Jyoit cries seeing him. Niranjan smiles in his room and says who says I can’t change the air, I did what I want, Jyoti has to go with Abhay, girls should not stay in Maayka, its time she leaves and I do her bidaai.

Sojal thinks its tv serial villain’s entry, Jyoti’s life is like a serial. Avdhoot stops Kalindi from saying anything. She says Jyoti is like my daughter. He says no. Ajju says Shlok will manage, we should not say anything. Abhay walks ahead and Shlok comes in between. Abhay apologizes to him and says I m ashamed, if you want to beat me, you can. He starts crying fake crocodile tears. He says I know I have hurt Jyoti a lot. Shlok asks Anjali is she happy now? He says you might be happy seeing him here.

He says he is out of jail because of you. Jyoti scolds Anjali for putting her in hell by freeing Abhay, now be happy. Niranjan comes and sees this bold side of Jyoti. Jyoti says if you wanted to kill me, you would have given me poison. Abhay requests Shlok to let him see his daughter once and folds his hands. Astha stops him and scolds him, as he lost the right to see her now, she is Anaya Agnihotri, Jyoti’s daughter, not yours. Abhay says you are right, but everyone gets a chance to prove he is innocent. He says you want to know who is real culprit.

He goes and brings his Bua to them and says she is the real culprit. He blames her for everything and asks her to tell the truth. Sulbha Tai takes all the blame on herself and says your daughter is so sweet that I felt she can take my son away, Abhay did not care about girl or boy, but I cared, as I wanted a son and this made me blind, don’t know how I treated her, I filled Abhay’s ears that we want a son, not a daughter, we want a heir. I m ashamed for falling so low and broke my son’s marriage. This is because of my greed, don’t punish him, save his marriage and forgive me.

Niranjan comes and scolds her. He says how dare you think you will do this with Niranjan Agnihotri’s daughter, its her values that she kept quiet for so long time, but it does not mean I and her brothers can’t do anything. Abhay falls in his feet and apologizes asking for one last chance, promising he won’t do this again. He cries loudly. Niranjan turns. Abhay says fine, I will die here and takes a knife in his hand to cut his nerve. Niranjan stops him. Astha says what happened, cut your hand, if you decided and accepted your crimes.

Niranjan takes the knife and throws it. Astha says he is acting, he won’t do this as he is a coward. Abhay says forgive me. I m saying the truth, else I won’t be able to live, give me once chance. He says I love Jyoti a lot. Niranjan says give me some time to think. Abhay keeps apologizing. Shlok says what there to think now. Abhay says till you forgive me, I will sit in your house’s door, I request you to let me see my daughter’s face once, I m her father. Niranjan allows him. Jyoti is shocked and stops Abhay.

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