Saturday Update on Strange Love 26th June 2021


Saturday Update on Strange Love 26th June 2021

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Kalindi waiting for Jyoti and Sid. Sid brings Jyoti. Kalindi stops them at the door and brings water to make bad sight away from Jyoti. She ties a black thread to Jyoti’s foot. Sid smiles. He says this is cheating, you don’t care about me. Kalindi smiles. Ajju says I m for you. Kalindi says come inside. Jyoti hugs Kalindi and says I can;t stay one day away form you, I missed you a lot. Kalindi says me too. Astha and Sojal come to Anjali. Astha asks Anjali to let Sojal go and meet her mum, please let her go. Sojal cries. Astha says you are also someone’s daughter. Anjali scolds Astha and asks her to think only about them, not their mum’s house. She says Sojal’s mum is shifted to good clinic and she is fine, go and do your work.

Astha says she can go and come back. Anjali asks them not to argue. Astha leaves. Sojal holds Anjali’s leg and requests her to let her go, she has only her mum and no one else. Anjali sees Niranjan’s pic and asks her to stop crying and see the kitchen work. Sojal pleads to Anjali and Anjali is rude and strict. Sojal says if Jyoti was in my place then what. Anjali says Jyoti can’t be in your place, if I die, even then I won’t call Jyoti. She says do what you want, else go to my room and take the shagun. Sojal cries. Astha sees her and feels bad.

Astha consoles Sojal and asks her to be strong. She says Anjali asked you to do what you want, now go and meet your mum. Sojal says no, I can’t go without her permission. Astha insists and asks her to come before 4pm. Astha makes Sojal go. Sojal says I m tensed, I did not go out without Anjali’s permission till now. Astha says you are not doing anytthing wrong, but come on time. Sojal leaves. Astha sees Anjali. Kavya sees Sojal going. Anjali asks Astha where is Sojal. Astha says she might be in her room. Anjali asks why are you looking afraid. Astha says no. Anjali asks her to tell Sojal the work. Astha says yes. Kavya says but mum…… Astha takes Kavya with her. Anjali asks what was she saying. Astha lies and leaves.

Varad calls the clinic. Astha asks him not to worry. Varad says how should I not worry. Astha smiles and sends him that I have sent Sojal. Varad says you know mum. Astha says she should see her mum, she will come home soon. Varad says you don’t know what you did. Astha says trust me, everything will be fine. He says fine, but bring her before time, I don’t want anything to happen. Kavya asks Astha did she lie. Astha says sometimes if we lie for some good cause, its not lie. She asks (update credit desitvbox: amena hasan) Kavya to promise she will not tell anyone. Kavya promises. Varad smiles.

Jaya is watching tv and laughing. Sojal comes to meet her and hugs her. Jaya eats fruits. Sojal says you look fine and I was so worried. Jaya says I had fracture and my bones broke, but Niranjan is a Lord, he shifted me here, this room is like five star hotel. Sojal says if Anjali knows I came here, she will not leave me. Jaya says when I saw this room, I felt happy. She says you also break your bones and come here, then we will have fun. Sojal says I have to leave. She leaves.

Kalindi calls Avdhoot and asks him to come soon for the puja. She says what will I say there, fine come soon. Jyoti says you are looking very pretty. Kalindi says thanks, I made the food, eat on time and lock the door, we may come late. Jyoti asks her to take pics there as she is missing her family. She says my parents don’t know I m not with Abhay, record the rituals. Kalindi says I will. They leave for Anjali’s house. Anjali calls Abhay to invite him. Abhay gets tensed seeing her call. Anjali invites him in the rituals. Abhay is shocked. He says we would have come but we did not know this would happen, we came to Kolahpur. Anjali says fine, sorry we could tell you before, take care of Jyoti, we will come there to meet you all. Abhay says fine. He ends the call and tells his Bua that Anjali is coming Kolahpur, where did Jyoti go, now people are also asking about her.

He says I m fed up now. She says we have to stop them at any cost. Jyoti eats food and feels restless. She thinks what to do. She says it won’t be good to call Kalindi back, I will call Sid. Jyoti calls Sid. She says come here please, I have some work, come soon. Shlok sees Astha getting ready and comes to her. She opens her back string and she says Shlok what did you do. He says I did not do, I will tie it. He ties it and smiles. She says over? She says this is not the time for romance, I have to get ready else Anjali will scold me. Khuda………………..plays……………… He makes her ready. Sajna ve……………plays…………

Mann ke munder pe baitha hai gher ke………………plays…………… He makes her wear bangles. They have an eyelock. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon……………….plays……………….. He kisses her hand. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhade tu…………………plays……………… They get closer. He goes ahead to kiss her and she sees the time and panics. He hugs her. She says anyone will see. He says you are my wife. She says I have to go and leaves. He says I don’t understand.

The bell rings and Jyoti smiles. She opens the door. Sid comes and asks what happened, are you fine. Jyoti says yes. She says I wanted something. He says you scared me, tell me what you want. She says Imli (tamarind). Sid smiles and says you called me to have tamarind. He says fine, I will bring. She says come soon. Anjali talks to Niranjan and tells him that Abhay and Jyoti are in Kolahpur. He says we would have felt good if they came. She says girls look good in their in laws house. he says go and see Astha and Sojal. Anjali leaves.

Astha calling Sojal. She gets worried as Sojal did not come till now. She asks Sojal where is she. Sojal says I m on the way, I m reaching now, don’t take tension, I will come on time. Astha says come back soon, I can’t hide that you went to meet your mum. Sojal says I m coming in 10 mins. Anjali hears this and scolds Astha. She says guests and the pandit came, how could you send her, call her and ask her to come. Astha says don’t worry, she is coming. Astha asks Bappa to send Sojal to home soon. Sid brings tamarind for Jyoti. Jyoti says not this, I wanted the raw one. She gives him the address. He says fine, I will bring. Jyoti smiles. ‘Sojal is tensed as she is getting late.

She says if I don’t reach home on time, it will be a big problem. Varad asks Astha did you talk to Sojal. Astha says yes, she is on the way, I think she stuck in traffic. Varad says you took a big risk. Astha says I took risk for good thing, don’t worry, she will come on time. Astha calls Sojal again.

Astha sits in the puja with Shlok and waits for Sojal. Shlok says you are looking very beautiful today, are you blushing or is it the color of love? Niranjan welcomes the guests. Kalindi and Ajju also come for the function. Anjali and Niranjan greets them and asks about Avdhoot. Kalindi says he went for office work as there are elections. He says I understand, come. Kalindi hugs Astha. Astha asks where is dad. Kalindi says he was busy in some work. The pandit asks Astha to bring her marriage ghatbandhan. Astha goes. He asks them to call Sojal.

Niranjan asks Anjali to call Sojal. Anjali says she will be coming now. Niranjan asks what do you mean, is she not at home. Anjali says yes, she is not here, she went to meet her mum, she will come. He asks you know all guests came and Sojal is not at home, who will do the rituals. He scolds her and asks her to come in the room. He goes to the room. Anjali gets tensed. Niranjan gets angry. Anjali is very much scared of him and cries. She comes in the room and closes the door.

Niranjan picks a big stickl and she gets more scared. He looks at her with anger and hits her. Astha hears the sounds of the beating and goes to see. She has the ghatbandhan in her hands. Astha sees Niranjan beating Anjali and is shocked. Anjali cries. Niranjan scolds Anjali for not making her bahu understand that Maayka is not important after marriage. He says you failed to explain this to Sojal. Astha says Baba, you have beaten and slapped Anjali, who is your wife. She says no Baba, I will not let you torture her like this. She says I will show your evil face to everyone. Niranjan warns Anjali again.

Niranjan asks Anjali to make Sojal come in 15 mins. Anjali cries. He says if it does not happen, then I don’t know what I will do with you, come down in 5 mins. Astha looks on. He holds her face and aasks her to cover up everything and wipe her tears with a smile. Anjali smiles. Astha cries seeing this. Astha hides. Niranjan leaves. Astha thinks how Niranjan looked like a hero to her and Anjali looked the vamp. Astha sees Anjali hurt and crying. Astha thinks Anjali was hurt before too. She thinks of Anjali standing out at night. She thinks Niranjan has been torturing her always and she did not tell anyone. Anjali wipes her tears and smiles. Astha leaves.

The pandit asks Shlok to call Astha. Shlok tells Varad that he will call Astha and he should call Sojal. Kaka asks Varad to call Sojal. Varad calls Sojal. Varad tells Kaka that she is not taking my call. Anjali cries thinking of her bad fate. She covers her wounds. Astha is shattered seeing the shocking truth. She thinks what I saw was it true, is it means that Niranjan makes Anjali speak and she does what he says. She falls on the stairs and Shlok holds her asking what happened. Kalindi and Ajju see her. She asks what happened. Astha says she is fine. Shlok asks do you want anything, are you fine. Astha says yes.

He takes her to sit for the puja. Anjali does her make up and thinks of Niranjan’s words. She smiles. She calls Sojal and iss worried. She leaves from her room. Shlok asks Astha is she fine. She looks disturbed. Niranjan comes there smiling. Astha looks at him and now he looks a villain to her. Shlok thinks what happened to Astha, why is she so scared, what is the matter. The puja starts. Niranjan gives a calm smile and asks the pandit to do the puja well and acts sweet to Astha.