Saturday Update on Strange Love 19th June 2021


Saturday Update on Strange Love 19th June 2021

Jyoti asking Sid to take Bappa’s blessings as its first day of office. She brings curd for him. He says don’t spoil my habits, you won’t be here forever. He leaves. She says he is right, I can’t take advantage of his goodness, before leaving, I should have some money. Kalindi and Avdhoot come to meet Astha with sweets. Anjali taunts them. Kalindi says we forgot everything and want to make a new start, we want to invite you all, because of so many misunderstandings, there was a stiff between both families, and there was tension too, but not anymore. Being a mum, I could not see the truth, I did some mistakes. Anjali says some? Many mistakes. Kalindi says I did not come here to argue, I can’t change your thoughts, can’t we forget everything and make a new start.

Niranjan comes and says we can surely do that. He greets them and welcomes them inside. He calls Shlok and Astha. Astha is happy to see her parents and greets them by a hug. Shlok comes and Niranjan asks him to take their blessings. Shlok greets them and they bless him. Kalindi tells him that we came to invite you all to come our home, we will be happy. Anjali says its tough for all of us to come, we will send Astha. Niranjan says Shlok will come with Astha.

Niranjan says we also want to start again with new happiness. Aditi looks at them and gets jealous. She plans to hurt both Astha and Shlok. She says I have to end your story soon Astha, you will be hurt and Shlok will be in pain. Jyoti tells Sid that items at home are over, bring it. Sid says its my first assignment, take this money and go to buy the items. He leaves. Jyoti says how can I go out. Astha and Shlok are leaving for dinner. Astha says I m feeling good that we are going my home together. Shlok says hurry up. Astha ties the back strings of her blouse. Shlok comes to her.

Aditi talks on phone and says what, health is more bad, its my duty to give him back his life. She thinks she has less time and she has to do everything fast. Shlok ties the strings. Astha looks at him in the mirror. Music plays…………Aditi looks at them and is shocked. Kaisi hai ye kadi jo tute hi nai……………..iss pyaar ko kya naam doon…………….plays………………….Aditi is angry and breaks a vase in anger. Shlok ask sAstha to hurry up. Astha asks him to wear the coat as it suits him a lot. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon………………plays…………. She makes Shlok wear it. Astha says lets go, we are very late.

Jyoti thinks of calling Astha and says I don’t trust anyone else than her. She calls Astha from a PCO. Shlok and Astha are on the way. Astha’s phone rings but she is busy in staring at Shlok. Jyoti could not talk and also she loses the call. The man says the call was connected. Jyoti thinks when will she talk to Astha. Astha asks Shlok did he think why did she not take divorce. She says I can think of anything, I feel you are very happy with my decision. Jyoti says Astha knows Abhay’s truth somewhat, she will understand me, its useless to talk to Anjali, she will send me back to Abhay.

Astha and Shlok’s car passes by Jyoti. They don’t see each other. Its night, Kalindi takes out silver plates as Shlok and Astha are coming for dinner. Ajju says I brought a gold ring for him. Astha and Shlok come and greets them. Astha hugs Kalindi and Ajju happily. Kalindi says the arrangements are not done. Astha says relax, I m your daughter, where is dad. Kalindi says he has to go to office for some work. Ajju asks them to come inside and asks Kalindi to serve them dinner.

Kalindi makes Shlok eat a lot. Astha takes care of him. Kalindi is happy seeing them happy. Shlok’s stomach gets upset and he asks for washroom. He comes out looking pale and runs back again. Ajju asks are you fine. Shlok says yes, I will be back. Astha laughs. Ajju says Kalindi you made him eat so much, see his health…. Shlok comes back again and sits. Ajju says I will bring lemon water. Kalindi asks Astha to bring medicines. Shlok says I m fine. Kalindi says she has to talk to Astha. They leave. Astha comes in her room and sees it unchanged.

Astha hugs her. Kalindi asks are you happy. Astha says yes, a lot. We have fights even now, but no tension. Ajju talks to Shlok. Kalindi gives a set to Astha. Ajju calls Kalindi and says its late now, they have to go home. Kalindi says sorry to Shlok for making him eat so much. Kalindi does their tilak and Ajju gifts a gold ring to Shlok. Astha signs Shlok to take it. Kalindi asks Shlok to take care of Astha. She says I get hurt when she gets hurt, as I m her mum, you will understand this when you become a father, I m sorry for my mistakes. Ajju says forget everything and asks Astha when is she giving them good news. Astha and Shlok look at each other.

Sid thinking why did Roshni not come back till now. Jyoti comes home and says she is tired. He gives her water. He looks at her. Jyoti cries. Sid sits close to her and wants to ask her, but does not. Astha and Shlok come home. Astha thanks him for behaving nicely with her family, they might be proud of her. Astha gets hurt while walking. Shlok says can’t you see and walk. Astha says I m fine. Aditi looks on. Shlok holds Astha’s hand and says come. She says I m fine, why do you worry about me so much. She says I felt nice today, thanks. Shlok leaves. Aditi smiles and asks how was the get together, its good Shlok is taking care of you. Astha says good things happens with good people, so I tell you not to hurt anyone. She says I m worried about you.

Aditi says when a couple does not sleep together, I understand how strong is their relation, I will end your relation. Astha says people like you have small mentality, husband and wife’s relation is of love and togetherness, not only if they sleep together, I know you don’t like me, but come with me.

Shlok has heart burning. Astha brings Aditi to her room and says wait here. Shlok looks on. Astha says keep this mat in store room. Shlok asks whats the problem in this. Astha says it has bugs. She asks Aditi to take it and leave. Astha says thanks, good night and closes the door on her face. Shlok asks what happened to you. Astha says why are you so happy. Shlok asks where will you sleep. Aditi throws the mat. Astha sleeps on the couch. Shlok looks at her. She says good night. Shlok sleeps. Astha also sleeps, but then she wakes up and sees a rat. She gets up and says Shlok…….

She jumps on Shlok’s bed and is scared of the rat. She lies beside Shlok and hugs him. Music plays……………. Shlok holds her hand in sleep. Astha sleeps there. Its morning, Jyoti is washing clothes. Jyoti slips by water and falls. Sid cares for her and asks what happened. She gets stomach pain and says take me to doctor fast. He takes her. Aditi knocks the door in the morning and steps inside. She is shocked to see Shlok and Astha sleeping together holding hands. She gets angry. Shlok wakes up and sees her. Aditi greets good morning. Shlok then finds Astha beside her. Aditi says I m sorry. Shlok says its ok. Astha looks at Aditi and smiles. She acts to Shlok that she is sleeping. Aditi leaves.

Shlok looks at Astha and wakes her up. He says come on get up, why are you sleeping here. She says I have the right to be on your bed, I m your wife. She thinks I know you also love me, just tell I love you once. He asks what is this? She laughs. She calls him Buddu. Khuda……………plays…………………She holds her hand and flirts with him. He says you have become very naughty. She says I know, you tell me what am I thinking now. She thinks tell it Shlok. He says I m not an Antaryaami. She says I….. He gets closer to her and asks what I…. Iss dil ka ab kya karun……………..plays………………. She smiles and says I have much work. I will tell later.

The doctor checks Jyoti. Jyoti prays for her baby’s safety. The doctor says don’t worry, everything is normal. Jyoti cries. Sid asks doctor is everything fine. He makes Jyoti sit. The doctor tells she is fine and also the baby, you should take care of your wife. Sid is shocked and looks at Jyoti. Astha sees Aditi’s bag in her room and thinks I may get anything which may prove her reality. Astha checks her bag. Aditi comes there. Astha hears her coming and hides behind the door. Aditi is shocked to see her bag open and turns. Astha rruns till then. Aditi takes he purse and leaves. Astha says this time I will find out where does she go and why.

Jyoti apologizes to Sid for hiding this. Sid says I understand that something wrong happened with you, but today I want to know, please tell me whats your problem. Jyoti says my husband does not want daughters, he has killed my two daughters and he wanted to kill this baby also, but I decided that I will not compromise with my daughter’s life and I was running from him that night. Sid gives her water and says drink it. He smiles and says your husband is a fool, girls are so cool, they cook so well, and are amazing. He compares boys and girls and says I don’t know how to tell that I like girls a lot. He says why do girls cry so much, from where do you get so many tears. Jyoti smiles.

Aditi comes to the same house again. Astha comes after her. Astha says this is the same place, whats special here. Astha says where did she go. Astha pulls the door and sees Shlok’s photo inside. She is surprised.