Saturday Update on Sacred Relationships 24th April 2021


Saturday Update on Sacred Relationships 24th April 2021

Kuhu seeing Abir and Mishti at the door. Kunal asks what are you doing here. Nidhi says Meenakshi gave me a work. Jugnu says she asked me to clean the room. Mehul stops them. He says this house has hidden many secrets from me, my own son, don’t hide anything more, just take care of my son, I know he won’t talk to me, tell Meenakshi. Nidhi says but she isn’t at home. Mehul says fine tell her when she comes back. Nidhi says if she worried for Kunal, she would have not gone to Maheshwaris to fix Abir and Mishti’s engagement. They ask what. Kunal says she made me do a lot and went there. Mehul thinks Meenakshi wants to win Abir, but she left Kunal free here, I will play my move now. Meenakshi asks Abir are you happy. Mishti greets her. Nanu says I m waiting for this day, since I knew that Abir loves Mishti, he will get punished for breaking bro code. Parul says Abir is such good. Rajshri says yes, Abir is a diamond, you have given him good values and upbringing. Abir says Parul also gets credit for this. Parul says I used to steal laddoos and feed him. Meenakshi says you are telling this now, Abir was so fat in morning. Nanu jokes.

Meenakshi says we will have many differences, but we love our family a lot, that’s why, you joined Kuhu’s relation with us, I got another relation, if you have no objection. Vishwamber says your sons have won our heart, we were going to come, but we stopped thinking of your problems, we want to give Mishti’s hand to Abir. Nanu asks Vishwamber not to take dad’s name. Rajshri thanks him and calls him Bapu ji.

Meenakshi says I came to make one relation, but there are many relations joining here, Abir when do you want to get engaged. Parul says he will do it today if possible. Varsha says I don’t think Abir will do it without Kunal. Shaurya asks her to get sweets. Abir asks Mishti to talk about courtship. Kuhu feeds them sweets. Kunal comes and says so matter reached here, no one found it necessary to inform me. They ask him to come. Kunal says mum left me at home. Meenakshi says I can never leave you, it was auspicious day, so we have come. Kunal says yes, but you forgot the papers. Kuhu thinks is that divorce papers. Kunal says mum knows about it. Meenakshi says we will go out and talk. Abir says yes. Vishwamber says we want to know what he wants to talk. Abir says no, I will…. Kunal calls the lawyer. Kuhu thinks Kunal will talk of divorce in front of everyone. Mehul says enough, I can’t eat so much. Nidhi says don’t tell Meenakshi what I told you. He says you just make good food for me. She goes. He says now I don’t need to do anything, Kunal has gone to defeat you. FB shows Kunal arguing with Nidhi.

Mehul says Nidhi is doing what is told to her. He asks Nidhi to go. Kunal says its our family matter. Mehul says you haven’t seen me, how will you accept me as family, Abir has responsibility to keep family together, you took this responsibility, you want to protect Abir, why are you doing this. Kunal asks how shall I protect Abir. FB ends. Mehul says Kunal would have played my trick. Abir checks the papers and gets shocked. Kuhu asks why did you come here. Lawyer says the papers aren’t final, you can make changes, then both the parties can sign. Kunal says I have done as you told me. Meenakshi asks what did I say. Nanu asks them to tell fast. Abir says its Mishti and my prenuptial agreement. They all get shocked.

Parul asks what does this mean. Abir says Kunal feels Mishti is marrying me for money, if we sign this, Mishti won’t get the house and business share, they are preparing for our separation. Meenakshi asks why are you doing this. Kunal says I m just protecting my family as you asked me. Nanu asks Kunal to stop it. Abir says its mum’s mistake. She says I m saying the truth, I didn’t do this. He says you made Mishti say all that to Kuhu, you wanted to separate them, you have done this, its your thinking. Meenakshi says I didn’t got these papers made, you agree if you want else not. She goes. Kunal gives the papers to Mishti. He goes. Nanu gets unwell. Everyone holds him. Mishti says Kunal did this, you should not talk like this with Meenakshi. Vishwamber says I would have not tolerated this if it happened with Rajshri, Abir is hurt as Mishti was the target. He says we have seen dreams for Abir and Mishti, but the dreams caught bad sight. Nanu says yes, but dreams didn’t break. Vishwamber says I don’t want to break Mishti’s heart, her intention is questioned, how will she get respect there, sorry, we have to think about this alliance, we need time. Nanu nods. Rajshri says there can’t be better match than Abir for Mishti. Nanu says I m also a daughter’s dad, I can understand your pain. Abir and Nanu leave.

Kunal says I don’t care what you will say now. Meenakshi says you proved that you don’t care for me, why did you lie to me. He asks why did you force me to marry Kuhu. She says you are taking revenge, don’t go against me. He says we have to change our time, I did what I found right. She asks is this right. He asks you found Mishti right, you ruined our lives. She says you never loved Kuhu, you had no sympathy for her, I knew why she went to her Maayka, did I ask you anything, Mishti is not imp, Mehul has done all this, you all are his pawns, he wants to make Abir away from us, he wants to break our family, I was bringing Mishti close to keep Abir home, why don’t you understand, I went to fix engagement date, I wanted to assure Abir that we all are with him, you ruined it, tell me, what shall I do, how shall I fight with Mehul, when my son is against me.

Kunal says I m not against you, I can’t support you in this, you made me swear, I make you swear now, whatever Mishti did with us, she can’t come in our house. She gets shocked.

Rajshri saying Kunal can’t see Mishti and Abir’s marriage happening. Jasmeet says until when will Mishti trouble us, why can’t we listen to Kunal. Kuhu says I will talk to Kunal. Varsha says no, we elders will talk. Rajshri says it will be Mishti’s decision. Mishti says I want to talk to Abir, he is also fighting this battle. She calls Nanu. He says I couldn’t support you. She says I know you are with us, I m worried for Abir. Nanu thanks her. She says Abir has to face his family. Abir sits sad. Mishti is also sad. Nanu comes to Abir and asks him not to run away from home. Abir says I feel like home here, dad used to get me here. Nanu says your dad ran away from the house. Abir says its fine, he left me, because no one supported him, like they aren’t supporting me today.

Nanu says there is much difference between you and dad. Abir says no, there is no difference in how they treat me and my dad, you told me you will help me in writing love letters and Kunal will deliver the letters, you both will convince Meenakshi, but this didn’t happen, the family didn’t support me, I m being punished for falling in love. Nanu says I supported you, I asked Mishti to fix the engagement. Abir says Meenakshi has hurt Mishti. Nanu says Meenakshi didn’t do anything, Kunal did this. Abir says wow, good news, my brother did this, why does this happen with me, why do I get my happiness in pieces, you love me, but its not unconditional, I have to pay a big price for this, I love you bro. Nanu says I love you too bro. Abir says I can’t take this anymore, my family will not accept Mishti, I can’t leave Mishti and dad. Its morning, Abir says I have come to take to Vishwamber and Rajshri.

He greets them. Mishti looks on. She thinks why isn’t he talking to me. Meenakshi comes to room. She looks for Abir. She says where did he go. Mehul comes and says he isn’t with you, he wants to fly, I will give him this freedom, you had 20 years but the future will be mine and Abir’s. Vishwamber says I can see Mishti’s future, so I took some time to think. Abir says yes, I also thought about it, I can’t force anyone to like Mishti. Vishwamber says we trust you, you will protect Mishti. Abir asks why shall Mishti go in such a house where she needs a shield. Varsha comes. Abir says I promised you that I will keep Mishti happy, but my family will always give her responsibilities, which aren’t happiness, I don’t want to take her to my family. Mishti says I need to talk to Abir, give us some time. Abir says no, after marriage, I want to live separated with Mishti and my dad, I decided to leave mum’s house, when family asks a price for relations, its not good, Mishti will come to my house, I promise to make my own house before engagement.

Nanu says this was a house of my dreams, Meenakshi fulfilled the dream, today this dream is breaking, home is made by relations, will you all support me. Kaushal says yes, tell me what to do. Atul says we will support Abir. Ketki says I m also with you. Nanu says Atul will support Kunal, Ketki you help Abir. Parul says a storm has struck this family before your birth, we all faced it, that storm is striking again, will you support us. They say of course and join hands. Abir comes and thinks are we together, how will I tell them my decision. He asks where is mum.

Mishti says I don’t understand. Vishwamber says its a tough decision, family is imp, one should get love from family, whatever your decision, we will be with you. Kuhu says you know what will happen when Abir tells this to Meenakshi, there will be a thunderstorm. Meenakshi gets shocked. She asks what did you say Abir, you will leave the house, will you leave me and all of them.

Abir says you left no option for me. She says I went there to fix your engagement for your happiness. He asks what happened there. Nidhi cries and says you are leaving us, why. Abir says I m going to live separate, I don’t want to do this, but I m helpless. Parul asks why. Abir says I m always tried to give love to this family, but you won’t accept Mishti and Mehul. Nanu says there will be some way. Abir asks what way, I can’t live without Mishti. Kaushal asks will you leave us. Parul says we won’t let you go. Abir says I love you guys but I love Mishti also, I m here until engagement. Ketki says we all are with you. They cry. Atul says we are together, right. Abir hugs them and cries. Meenakshi sees Mehul smiling.