Saturday Update on Never Say Goodbye 23rd July 2022


Saturday Update on Never Say Goodbye 23rd July 2022

A leap of one week.

Sujata and everyone are talking about Madhav. Vividha says Madhav is still in trauma, he always says leave me, let me go to mumma. Ravish comes and says I spoke to lawyer, decision will be in our favor, doctor proved Kangana is mentally unstable. Ravish says Kangana was used by someone, that old man who helped Kangana, we don’t know who is he. Vividha says why did he take my baby. Atharv says don’t know where is our baby. Ravish says its my mistake. Atharv asks why are you saying this. Ravish says I should have been careful, that man’s bad doing ruined many lives, I m sorry.

Atharv says no, its not your mistake, you gave so much love to Madhav. Ravish says I m worried for that lost baby. Atharv says no, Madhav is our child. Its night, Vividha cries. She thinks of her baby. Atharv wakes up and asks Vividha why did she not sleep. Vividha says a stranger took my child away, why did he do this with us. Atharv says we should understand, we can’t control everything, we should compromise with some things. She asks are you able to live without our baby. He says when thinking becomes burden, strength gives courage. She says I don’t know about my child, how will my child be, I could not see him once, I don’t know its a boy and girl, if that man wants to hurt us, he will be preparing to hurt us again, don’t know what storm will come in our life and why. He says enough, no storm will come. Someone brings a little girl near their house.

Vividha asks Madhav to come and sleep. Madhav runs. Atharv asks what’s happening. Madhav says I m trapped. Vividha says Madhav is troubling me. Madhav says its my birthday today. Vividha says its tomorrow. Atharv says you sleep now, I will wake up when Ravish comes. Vividha asks Atharv to spoil Madhav more. Madhav sleeps. Vividha says Madhav slept by difficulty, he said he will wake up with Ravish comes. He says he will grow up into naughty guy. She asks him to teach discipline to Madhav. He asks her to come with him, he has to show something. She says you and Ravish spoil Madhav a lot, Ravish is always out on coffee, dinner date, even she buys gifts for Ravish, since they started going on date, they are happy, you never took me for candle light dinner, tell me, you are always busy in work, you were romantic before, you remember when did we spend special time, when did you praise me, when did you get rode for me. He smiles and takes her to surprise her.

She smiles. He asks will you like to come on romantic date with me. She says yes. He asks her to go and fresh up, clothes are ready for her. She gets the gifts. Atharv comes there. She asks what’s this, its western, I can’t wear it. He says you were seeing this dress in magazine, so I got this, when we took Madhav for dental checkup, you were seeing this sandals in some shop. She says I did not wear such clothes. He asks her to wear it now, you know me well, no woman needs permission from any man for anything, you can do anything you like, my support is always with you. She says I m married, I have a son. He asks why, is there age limit written, its not kids clothes, anyone can wear it. She asks won’t you have problem if I wear this. He says no. She says if strange people see me. She says I don’t bear anyone badly eyeing you, I don’t want you to live life thinking of others, its your life. She asks shall I try. He asks her to go.

Vividha changes and comes. Atharv looks at her and smiles. Jaana na dil se door….plays………….. He makes her wear sandals. She slips. He holds her. She says I will wear flats. He says no, I m there to support you. They go for their candle light dinner. They spend some romantic time. They have dinner. He asks her for dance. They have a dance and share an eyelock.

Vividha and Atharv dancing. Inna sona kyu rab ne banaya…..plays…. She thanks him for the beautiful date and proving her wrong. He says fine, how did I prove you wrong. She says I thought you don’t pay attention towards me, I now realized you always focus on me, I did not know I can carry this dress and heels so well, I m looking so good. He asks how do you know, you did not see mirror. She says I can see in your eyes. He asks what did you see. She says your eyes make me feel too. He asks what. She says I have to read it. He asks her to read.

She says after reading your eyes, I feel I m world’s most beautiful woman. He says right, even my eyes are saying that, you are world’s most beautiful woman. They get close. The door bell rings. He says romance is not there in my fate, I will just come. He goes to check. Ravish comes home. Atharv asks did you not come early. Ravish says we thought we will get late. Guddi comes after him. Atharv says yes, your attendance was needed, I was busy bro, Guddi you understood right, Ravish won’t understand. Ravish asks did everyone sleep. Atharv says yes, Madhav was not sleeping, I said Ravish will come and wake you up, then you have to make him sleep. Vividha comes wearing gown over the dress. Guddi asks what’s this gown over dress. Vividha says I was thinking to have bath. Guddi asks bath at this time, that too in high heels. Vividha says no, Atharv was saying I should wear heels. Guddi teases her. Vividha says its Madhav’s birthday party, I thought to practice today and get comfortable. Guddi asks Ravish to come. Ravish says I will meet Madhav. They leave.

Vividha checks all doors. She goes to Guddi and asks where are you lost. Guddi says you scared me. Vividha asks how was your evening. Guddi asks her to tell about her romantic date, I have seen preparations on terrace, is that dress connected to your date. Vividha says leave about me, tell me how is it going with Ravish, I m sure its something good. Guddi says I think Ravish is thinking about our relationship. Vividha asks did he say. Guddi says no, I felt so, there was light music at the place, I felt good seeing Ravish paying attention to me and taking care of me. Vividha smiles.

Ravish comes out of Madhav’s room and sees Vividha. He says its easy to wake him up, but tough to make him sleep, his thinking is going ahead, his questions are not ending, he wants all answers, why are you looking serious. She says even I want some answers from you. He says I did not understand. She asks him to come along. She says I know you are always clear and confident about what you want to do, today I feel you are not clear. He asks the matter. She says you are a nice man, you always kept other’s happiness over yours, Guddi can’t get a better person than you but… He asks her to say what is it. She says you are with Guddi, I don’t know what’s in your heart, I m scared there should be none in your heart, Kangana shouldn’t be there in your heart, we all know you got feelings for Kangana, but when her truth came out, the time was painful for you, Guddi is a nice girl, she has seen a lot in her life, she was unlucky in love, Guddi has many hopes from you, she loves you, I don’t want you to give her expectations which hurts her. He says Guddi is a nice girl. I respect her feelings, I never lie, I had feelings for Kangana, I don’t know how much right it was, before I could understand it, so much happened, now I have moved on.

She says just understanding this is not needed for commitment, Kangana left from our lives, we all should move on, its Madhav’s birthday tomorrow, I want you to do something for Guddi, that makes her happy. She goes.

Its morning, Madhav looks for Atharv and Vividha. She surprises Madhav and wishes him happy birthday. Madhav asks for gifts. Atharv wishes him and gifts him. Madhav asks Vividha to gift him as well. Atharv jokes and asks him to think something new. Madhav says I will play with new toys and then bath. Atharv says have bath first, what will you have now. Madhav says chocolate cake, its my birthday today. Atharv takes him. Vividha checks some papers and recalls her child. She cries. She says don’t know if anyone is celebrating your birthday or not. The girl is seen sitting quiet and seeing the cake, and balloons. Vividha says I wish I could tell you, we love you a lot, I don’t know your likes or dislikes, I just pray you come back to me, be happy, happy birthday. The girl cuts the cake and eats. Vividha sits crying.

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