Saturday Update on My Identity 24th April 2021


Saturday Update on My Identity 24th April 2021

Avni asking Bebe why am I getting punished for Ashish’s doings. Shweta says not Ashish, when your mum enjoyed with a stranger, did she not think all this. Ali says enough, do you know what you are saying, its written on this certificate, Avni Mehta, father name Ashish name. Shweta asks did they marry when Avni was born, answer me. Dayaben asks where is pandit ji. The lady signs there. Gurumaa comes and shows her face. She says I m pandit ji’s right hand, you can ask later, we should leave now. They leave in the car.

Prakash says you told all little things, why not this. Avni says I was going to tell you. Shweta says I knew you will say this. Avni says I know I did mistake. Bebe says no, your mum did mistake and you will always bear its punishment. Ali gets angry. Shweta says what type of woman was Aisha, is Avni really Ashish Mehta’s daughter.

Neil, DD and staff dress are at some dhaba. Neil says we are undercover, we have to catch raghu pandit today. A lady orders poha. Neil recalls Avni and thinks I couldn’t tell her before leaving from home, I will try now. He does not get network. Avni says enough, you have no right to tell anything about my mum. Bebe says you have no right to raise your tone, what did Shweta say, you know what society calls such women. Avni says you don’t know anything how many sacrifices that woman gave. Bebe says you can never erase this stain. Amol says we don’t want to erase it, one you are calling stain is our pride, we are proud of our mum. Neela holds Avni.

Neil says innocent girls’ lives spoil and people blame them easily. DD says you are a good police officer and a better human being. Neil tries getting network. Gurumaa gets a call and says no, fate is such that I can’t meet you, take care. Dayaben talks to her. Gurumaa says you took your son’s life. Dayaben says you don’t know truth. DD says Raghu pandit’s car is coming this way. Neil asks everyone to take position. Dayaben says Ashish lost life because of that Daayan. The car stops.

Amol says Dayaben is Naagin, she raised me but she filled poison in my mind against my mum, my dad would have been good who made birth certificate for Avni, maybe thats why I want to become a good person. He shows Avni and his pic to Bebe and she is equal to my mum and dad, why is she always blamed, Dayaben sent her to jail for mum’s murder blame, I was against her always, but today I realize my mistakes, don’t punish her, you can make me out of this house, Neil also tested Avni and always supported her, you trust Neil. Bebe says if Neil trusted Avni, why would he send me pics and birth certificate. Riya recalls writing letter. Avni recalls Neil’s words. She thinks Neil can never cheat me.

Neil asks everyone to be alert. Bebe reads letter… truth is most imp, its time to tell truth, Ananya is actually Avni, I knew wrong happened with Avni, I did not wish to do injustice with her, she has faced much problems. Neil says we can’t miss them DD. Gurumaa says you wanted to know what work we do. She shows the truck. Gurumaa says you will know why we came here, the girls who go against society rules, we end their identity, we have to teach them, I want you to help us as our thinking matches, if you gave us loyalty proof, then you will stay under our shadow, this is my promise.

Bebe reads… Avni came in my life when Riya cheated me, I did not think Riya will run from mandap, I want to give a chance to Avni, her heart is clean, I hope you all forgive her for this small lie, yours Neil……Avni thinks no Neil can’t cheat me. Bebe says Neil would have forgiven you, but I will never forgive you, Avni’s identity will never be legitimate for society. Avni says but I can’t change myself for society, I m Avni, Aisha’s daughter, I don’t regret. Neil stops a truck and checks. His phone falls. He says there is no one in this truck. DD says info was right. Neil says I promised that girl’s family to get the girl safely, you all will not lose courage. He steps on phone. He picks the phone and sees Avni’s pic. He goes. Dayaben and Guru maa look on. Dayaben gets shocked seeing Neil and thinks Riya said Neil will not leave from home today, then…. Neil sees Dayaben and gets shocked.

DD saying they look from Raghu Pandit’s gang. Neil, DD and everyone run to catch the gang. Avni says I m sorry, none asked Dayaben if she is ashamed. Bebe says she got punished, Neil arrested her. Avni says she got punished for killing my mum, what about attempting to kill me, ruining my life, not letting my Naamkaran happen, none can see my mangalsutra, everyone can just see the stain on my forehead, that woman did not get punished. Shweta asks her to stop drama. Bebe says even if your tears are true, I can’t forget that society called your mum characterless. Prakash asks her to stop it.


Gurumaa runs and asks the women to run other side. Neil and DD follow. DD stops Neil seeing a truck coming his way. Gurumaa hides. DD looks for her. Dayaben falls down. Neil reaches her. Bebe says why shall I stop it, she lied to us, she cheated us. Prakash says she has hidden truth, but her intention was not bad. Bebe says person doesn’t put shoe on head, shoe’s place is in feet and its kept in feet. Avni says please don’t fight like this, I have always seen a mum-son fighting. Shweta says you care for our family a lot, you know what’s family. Avni says I did not know meaning before coming here, I didn’t have such fate, you got everything, I don’t want to lose you all, so I have hidden this. Bebe says I feel its too much, before your and our respect get ruined, leave from this house. They all get shocked. Neil says I caught you. Gurumaa gets Dayaben in car and they flee. Neil falls down.

DD comes. Neil says that woman went in that car. DD says women are also there in Raghu pandit’s gang. Neil says I feel I have seen that woman before. DD gets a call and says we got a clue where we seized that truck. Avni says Bebe would have thought well and decided this, I m leaving this house. Prakash says sorry I want you to take Ananya, I just regarded her my daughter, not bahu. I don’t want my daughter to stay in such house where she has no respect, please take her. He asks Avni to forgive him. He says Bebe your heart has become stone, you can’t understand what she did for this house. He says Neela ji, I decided Ananya will come back here when every member apologizes to her. Shweta says this won’t happen, we won’t apologize to her. He says pride is not good, one who doesn’t know bending, they break one day. Avni recalls her moments in the house. She cries and steps out of the house. She leaves with Neela, Aman and Ali.

Bebe asks Riya is there any joke going on, pack your bags and leave. Riya sees Shweta. Shweta turns. Riya goes. Neil gets a clue. He sees a godown and says I think the girls are held captive here, we have to release them. Neil says think if our sisters were in their place, I m also someone’s son, brother, and husband, we are policemen and have to protect a woman’s respect, if we can’t punish them, we have no right to complain, are you with me. The staff agrees. Neil enters the place.

Ali says I think storm is going to come. Avni says storm has come and ruined everything. Neela asks Avni to ask Neil about whatever happened. Ali thinks how to say its not Neil’s mistake, its my mistake. He says its not Neil’s mistake. Avni says Neil said he is giving me a gift, I will remember this always. Goon scolds the girls. Neil kicks the boxes and aims at the goon. The goon threatens to kill the girl. Neil lowers the gun and shoots at his leg. DD and staff come in. Neil asks DD to take the girls safely.

Riya talks to Shweta and asks are you happy now. Shweta says my revenge was fulfilled because of you, Avni’s chapter ended forever. Avni recalls Neil’s words and tries to remove mangalsutra. Avni cries. Neela consoles her and says weak people cry, my daughter is strong. Avni says I got alone. Neela says everything will get fine, stop crying. Amol comes and says don’t cry, sorry, even if world gets against you I will always be with you, will you tie this rakhi to me.