Saturday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 7th August 2021


Saturday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 7th August 2021

Mariam asking everyone to pray that she comes second. Mahira says I will just come. The teacher announces the rewards for the winners. Madiha says so this is the reason Mariam wants to come second. Everyone claps. The man asks them to take their seats. Akshay says I will come first. They all laugh seeing Akshay riding a little cycle. Akshay talks to Majaaz, like an adult. Mariam says Fawad has cycle with gears, I wish he doesn’t have courage. Zain asks Fawad to come first. Fawad sounds confident. Zain says if you have new cycle, it doesn’t mean you joke on others. Rifat says he got a chance to teach them a lesson today. Ashraf asks her to come, program is staring. Majaaz asks the man to let the kids enjoy, its not olympics that rules can’t get changed, kids should get a chance to participate with their own cycles.

The man says fine, I will allow Akshay. He tells Akshay that he can participate now. Zain gives balancing tips to Fawad. Mahira damages Fawad’s board. Zain sees Mahira running away and shouts thief. Majaaz wishes all the best to Mariam. Aijaz jokes on the teacher’s English. Madiha says Mahira didn’t come till now. Majaaz says don’t worry, she will fine. Mahira gets a call from Madiha. She says I m just coming. She makes a board for Mariam, and writes all the best sister. Zain and Fawad see her. Zain says I will show you how to deal with thieves. He comes to Mahira and scolds her for stealing. She scolds him back. He gets mesmerized seeing Mahira. Fawad calls him out.

Zain says actually, its our board. Mahira says I thought you are having a misunderstanding, I got this to please my sister, sorry. Zain says keep it, its okay, your baby sister would be as beautiful as you, best of luck. She thanks and goes. Fawad asks this is how you deal with thieves. Rifat talks to inspector on call. He says I m outside Majaaz’s house. She says teach a lesson to Majaaz. Mariam hears her and locks her in the washroom. Inspector asks for Majaaz. Servant says Majaaz has gone in Mariam’s school function. Zain and Mahira cheer for Fawad and Mahira. Mariam says race is won by courage, not by cycle. Fawad says right, I will come first. Mariam says I will come second.

The race begins. Teacher gets a call and talks to his wife, while being on mic. Everyone laughs hearing him. Mariam’s family cheers for her. Servant calls Majaaz and tells about inspector’s visit. Majaaz doesn’t hear his voice and says I will call you later. Mariam and Fawad argue on the way and race. Rifat calls Ashraf. He is busy in cheering for Fawad. Rifat shouts for help. Fawad makes Mariam fall. His friends catch Mariam and her friends. Mariam fights and drives ahead. Rifat’s phone calls in commode. She gets it back and makes a face. Zain says mum’s phone is not reachable. Ashraf sees her missed calls. Zain calls again. She says I m locked in bathroom. Zain goes. Mariam drives faster.

Mariam racing the cycle and passing ahead of Fawad. He speeds up and comes first. Everyone claps for him. Rifat comes to Wasim and says I won’t spare that girl. Mariam comes second. Her family claps for her. Akshay comes third. Servant calls Majaaz again and says police has come to arrest you, they went to Mariam’s school now. Majaaz gets shocked. Police arrives there. The race gets to final lap. Fawad falls down the cycle. Mariam becomes the first winner. Everyone claps for her. Fawad becomes the second winner and Akshay is the third one. Inspector asks Majaaz to come with him. Mahira and Meher hug Mariam. Mariam gets the prize and trophy. She doesn’t get glad. Akshay wins the cycle. He asks Fawad is he happy to come second.

Mariam looks for her parents. Rifat sees her and stops. Mariam says my mood is very bad today. Meher asks Majaaz what happened. Majaaz goes with police. Mariam gets sad and thinks of him. Rang de….plays…. Majaaz asks why did you call me here, who filed the complaint, I have to go home. Inspector asks what’s the hurry, let us serve you, you should print an apology, you would have been at home at this time. Madiha and Omkar prepare to go police station. Aijaz says how did police come here without my permission. Mariam asks why did police take dad.

Aijaz says don’t worry, I will get him home. Mariam asks shall I come along. Madiha says no, its not a place for kids. Mariam and her friends follow. Rifat says I have to see Majaaz and Aijaz’s insult. Aijaz and family talk to inspector. Inspector gets rude with Aijaz. Meher says you can’t take anyone into custody this way. She explains the laws. She says you are doing an illegal thing. Inspector says don’t teach me my work. Mariam and her friends reach there. Mariam gets scared seeing police. Madiha says Majaaz is framed, catch the culprit. Constable sees them. Mariam sees a devil in him. He says criminals are brought here. She says my dad isn’t a criminal. He says I know, kids can’t go inside, go home. Rifat comes.