Saturday Update on Lost in Love 18th June 2022


Saturday Update on Lost in Love 18th June 2022

Ashwini gets happy seeing Pulkit and asks how is he, he came after many years. Ninad asks Pulkit if he remembers what he did to him last time. Pulkit says he remembers everything and returned to correct whatever wrong happened last time. Ninad shouts he will torture him more than last time. Omkar yells when he knows that Devyani is married and is happy with her husband and children somewhere, why did he come here. He says he came to meet Devyani and before that will meet Sai. Ninad asks why he wants to meet Sai, Saloni asks how does he know Sai. Sai gets Devi ready and jokes that she is not looking good. Devi gets sad. Sai says she is looking very beautiful and wishes her happy Maha Shivratri. Pakhi walks in and yells that Bhavani clearly ordered not to let Devi out of room, Sai brought her to her room and got her ready for pooja even after knowing that Devi cannot sit for pooja.

Devi says she doesn’t like her and asks her to go behind Virat. Pakhi asks to stop as she knows who is teaching her this nonsense. Devi starts crying. Sai consoles her and confronts Pakhi that she doesn’t have any right to misbehave with Devi as Devi is family’s daughter and they are bahus, she didn’t get Devi ready for pooja though. Pakhi asks for what else then. Sai says she doesn’t feel like answering her. Pakhi walks away asking her to answer Bhavani then.

Pulkit tells Bhavani and puppets that he knows that Devi stays here and is mentally unstable now as Sai informed him everything. Saloni asks how does he know Sai. He says he is Sai’s professor. Ninad asks if he is PD professor to whose house Sai went for lunch. Omkar yells he is the one who called Sai alone to his house. Pulkit says he called Sai home to discuss about Devi. Bhavani yells why he wants to know about Devi. Pakhi walks down and informs Bhavani that Devi is in Sai’s room. Bhavani asks why did she inform about it. Pakhi says she herself told to lock Devi in her room. Pulkit says a mother is hiding her daughter. Omkar and Ninad yell that Devi’s mental condition is because of him and they will trash him if he doesn’t get out of house. Bhavani says Devi is already married. Pulkit says Devi is married to him and Sai told she lied to Devi that he married someone else.

Saloni yells that Sai did a big sin. Pulkit says she did a sin of trying to reunite 2 true lovers. Omkar threatens him again. Pulkit says he is not afraid of him now as he is not his poor servant anymore; he changed in 10 years, but they didn’t; he is famous now and sits among rich people, he is the most finest and reputed physician of Nagpur Dr. Pulkit Deshpande and is also Sai’s college professor. Ashwini and Shivani smile hearing that. Karishma asks Mohit if he knows what is happening. Pulkit says he knows that Pulkit used to stay here, but didn’t know that he had married Devi.

Shivani confronts Bhavani that she tried to separate Devi and Pulkit, Devi forgot herself and couldn’t forget Pulkit, she separated 2 lovers and did a big sin and should let them reunite. Mansi says Shivani is right that they shouldn’t separate 2 lovers. Bhavani yells that they both have gone mad, marriage happens between 2 people of same status and Pulkit is of low status. Sai enters with Devi and asks why she thinks so, Devi and Pulkit are perfect for each other. Devi gets afraid seeing Bhavani’s anger and hides. Sai says her husband has come to meet her. Omkar yells again. Shivani warns him that he has done a biggest sin by separating a husband and wife. Bhavani yells that she knows what is better for her daughter and will take her daughter’s life’s decisions until she is alive. Sai says she cannot take Tai’s life’s decisions as Tai is adult now and tells Sai that he is her husband Pulkit Deshpande. Devi notices Pulkit. Pulkit calls her. She asks who is he and how does he know her name. He says he is her husband Pulkit. Sai says he is her husband Dr. Pulkit Deshpande whom she married 10 years ago. Devi panics more. Sai calms her down. Devi walks in front of Pulkit and asks if he is the one whom she married, if he is her Pulkit. Pulkit nods yes. Devi says he doesn’t look like her Pulkit. Everyone look shocked.

Devyani asks Pulkit if he is the one whom she married, if she is her Pulkit. Pulkit nods yes. Devi says he doesn’t look like her Pulkit. He says many years have passed and he got specs after studying so much, she hasn’t changed a bit though and she is his wife. Devi asks if he married someone else and has a child. He says her family lied to her, he didn’t marry anyone else and has only her in his life and heart. Ninad shouts to get out now. Pulkit says even he doesn’t want to stay here, he came for his Devyani and will not go from here without taking her. Omkar yells next. Shivani stops her and says Devi’s condition is because of them and they should let her go with Pulkit. Bhavani yells until she is alive, Devi and Pulkit cannot reunite. Sai says they will reunite while she is alive, she doesn’t have any right to ruin her daughter’s life and its better she start Devi’s bidayi/farewell arrangements. Ninad yells to stop her rubbish or else he will hit her. Sai says she is not afraid of his threats. He angrily raises hand. Virat enters and holds it and asks how can he raise hand against his bahu/DIL, he cannot even think in his dream that his father can do this. Ninad shouts to explain his wife.

Virat sees Pulkit and asks what is he doing here after so many years. Pulkit says Sai called him and he is meeting his wife because of Virat’s wife. Sai says Pulkit is talking about Devi as Devi is his wife. Virat shocked asks Bhavani if Pulkit and Dev are married. Bhavani yells that he is lying or else she wouldn’t have hidden this truth. Pulkit says she is hiding this truth and he married Devi on Mahashivrati day in a temple 10 years ago. Devi reminisces marrying him. Bhavani yells again that he is lying. Devi says Bhavani is lying as she remembers marrying Pulkit and tells Virat that she married Pulkit. Pulkit gets happy that she remembers their marriage and says he will take her home. She asks him not to come near her or else her aayi will harm them. He says he will protect her. She says her aayi feeds her many medicines and make her sleep, she gets afraid when she wakes up; Sai is really good though and takes good care of her. Pulkit says he has returned now and will not let her alone.

Devi rubs her eyes and asks if he really has gone. He says yes. She says she will go to her room. Shivani stops her and says her husband has really come. Ashwini tells Devi that she knows Pulkit since he stayed here and he is a good boy. Shivani asks Pulkit and Devi to come closer. Pulkit extends his hand. Bhavani yells at Devi not to hold his hand and threatens her. Devi holds his hand. Ninad yells at him to leave Devi’s hand. He says he will not leave his wife’s hand. Bhavani threatens Devi and Devi leaves in fear. Sai assures Devi not to worry and Pulkit says Bhavani cannot harm them now as he is rich and family doctor now and poor like before.

Bhavani thinks she hid this secret for years and Sai ruined it. Pakhi turns starts and she asks Sai if she is not ashamed to ruin family’s dignity and inform their family secret to a stranger. Mohit says Pulkit is Devi’s husband and Sai didn’t do anything wrong by reuniting a couple, but Pakhi always wants to prove Sai wrong and even today she is doing same while she knows who is wrong. Saloni yells that he is not that big to differentiate between right and wrong and should shut his mouth. Virat tells Pulkit that he really didn’t know that Devi is married. Pulkit says his family didn’t let anyone know about it, Sai told that he became IPS officer, he was not present at home when their marriage happened, he requests him to take care of after Sai’s happiness. Virat says he cannot change whatever happened, but he apologizes him and Devi on his family’s behalf.

Bhavani yells he doesn’t have to apologize as she did what she felt right for her daughter and this family’s dignity; how can she let Nagesh Chavan’s daughter marry a servant’s son; she feels bad for Devi’s condition, but is happy that her daughter is with her safely and didn’t have to beg on road for 2 rotis. Virat asks in which era she is living, what difference does it make if a boy is rich or servant’s son, they should look at a person’s nature and not status, what is wrong if 2 people love each other, she should have thought if Devi can be happy without Pulkit; Pulkit earned his name and fame with his hard work, he is a doctor and professor, then what problem she has now. Saloni yells that he is opposing family again and supporting Pulkit.

Virat says its not about right or wrong but supporting truth; if he had known about Devi and Pulkit, he would have reunited them long ago; when Sai asked if Devi is married, he denied as he didn’t know truth then; now he realized that his family hid truth from him. He tells Bhavani that when they make a mistake, they should correct it. Bhavani yells that he is doing wrong by obeying his wife. Ninad yells at Pulkit to get out. Saloni yells he became a doctor doesn’t mean he can dare stand in front of them. Bhavani says Ashwini supported Sai and should be ashamed of herself. Ashwini says she is proud to support her bahu as she reunited our family’s daughter with her husband, Sai got Devi ready so well. She asks Pulkit if he will take Devi today. Devi says she will not go with Pulkit as Bhavani’s team will kill Pulkit.

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