Saturday Update on Lost in Love 14th May 2022


Saturday Update on Lost in Love 14th May 2022

Ashwini prays Ganapati Bappa after Virat and Sai’s wedding reception and asks Sayi to go and rest now. Sai says she will change her heavy sari first as she is tired carrying it. Shivani and Karishma hold Sai and taunt her she will not let her go in room so easily. Sai says she needs to change. Karishma says let someone/Virat come and help her change. Ashwini scolds her to stop. Pakhi asks them what are they doing here and goes to Virat’s room, stands disheartened seeing suhagraat arrangements. Shivani, Karishma, and Aswhini drop Sai in room and walk away taunting her. Virat enters. Pakhi walks away. He walks behind Pakhi, but Sai stops him. Pakhi wishes him happy postmarriage new life and beginning. Virat says he needs to speak to her. Sayi says she has problem and he cannot go out at his time. He stops, and Pakhi walks away. She closes door and goes to change dress.

Aswhini walks to her room and offers turmeric milk to Ninad. Ninad yells if she fulfilled her wish and performed Virat and Sai’s all post wedding rituals. Aswhini asks him to have turmeric milk as he may be feeling throat pain shouting at her. He angrily throws away milk and shouts disgusting, she is r3sponsible for whatever happened today, why is she acting as bothered about her after insulting him, Sai may have become Virat’s wife but can never become Chavan family’s bahu, so she should stop supporting Sai. Aswhini asks just like he left her and let her insulted by Vahini and himself, she will not leave Sai to suffer and will always support her. He shouts if she ever tried to find out what is wrong in their relationship. Aswhini says she feels she came here to work as a maid, they are married for 28 years and she got only taunts and insults from him and Bhavani and not love. He says didn’t try to find out why this is happening since 28 years, instead she is using her tongue with Sai’s support. Aswhini says she had a tongue since birth, but now got courage to speak with Sai’s support, she will not let Sai to suffer like her.

Sai changes her dress and asks Virat where should she sleep. He says they both can sleep on bed, he knows their marriage is a mutual understanding and will always be, he knows his limits and will not cross it. She says but.. He asks if she doesn’t trust him even now. She says she will sleep on ride side. He says if she is comfortable on right side, he will sleep on left. She thanks him. Pakhi returns to her room shattered and reminisces Virat and Sai’s growing bonding and love for each. She holds her hand in pain.

Saloni in her room tells Omkar that Sai’s daringness and arrogance is increasing each day. Omkar asks what happened now. Saloni says she is worried that Sai will make Karishma also arrogant like her, they will be in trouble after that; she will not support Karishma if she misbehaves like Aswhini is supporting Sai. He says she is right, Sai shut even Bhavani’s mouth and he is surprised to see Bhavani obeying Sai silently; he wants to see what will happen next. She says he is right, why Bhavani is tolerating Sai so much, now its Vahini vs Sai, she will not let the fire touch her veil though.

Virat thanks Sai for understanding what Kaku/Bhavani means to him, though her way of handling situation is a bit weird. She asks if she looks weird to him. He says a lot weird, she speaks unfiltered without thinking, but Kamal used to tell right that she is good at heart and cares for everyone; Kamal sir also was kind hearted like her, he was a true and honest man. He further says unfavorable situations have bounded them together and he would have supported her even if he had not married her. She asks to show her favor by pitying on her. He says to fulfill his responsibility and he wants Pakhi to guide her. Sai says she is mature and doesn’t like Pakhi guide her. Sai asks what problem she has with his best friend Sai, when he stopped her today to ask how is she after people and Sai insulted her, she stopped him. She says what people would have thought seeing Pakhi in his room at night. He says Pakhi feels alone after Samrat went missing. She says if he is so worried for Pakhi, he should go to her and chat whole night. She sees lizar and afraid jumps on him, then part ways nervously.

He corrects her hair tress and asks what happened. She says she saw lizard. Their heads strike. She strikes again and jokes that they get horns else. He says he is surprised to see a daring girl like her afraid of lizard. She says she is not afraid of even lion, but is afraid of lizard since childhood. Pakhi knocks door. Virat opens door. Pakhi says she is having headache and asks pain killer. He goes in to get medicine. She asks Sayi if she didn’t sleep yet. Sayi says before she cold sleep, Pakhi came. Virat gives medicine to Pakhi. Pakhi sees lipstick marks on Virat’s kurta and alleges that he is not only a liar but also a betrayer. He asks her to be specific. She looks at lipstick mark. He says this happened when Sai fell on him seeing lizard. Sai asks Pakhi to return to her room as she is feeling headache. Pakhi yells at her to dare not interfere or insult her. Sai says she didn’t say anything wrong. Pakhi says Sai or Virat are not wrong, but she is. Virat asks why is she feeling about Sai’s word, she is a kid. Pakhi walks away shouting Sayi is not a kid, she is fooling everyone acting as kid. Sayi angrily throws flower bouqet on floor.

Ashwini serves tea to family and Pakhi’s parents. Happily walks to them happily and asks when did they come. Shailesh says just a few minutes ago, and Vaishali says Bhavani invited them. Sai and Virat walk down. Ashwini greets them and makes them sit. Gurujii enters next. Ashwini asks why did he come. Bhavani says she called him to finish last right as Ashwini finished all rituals except one. Ashwini asks which ritual. Bhavani says karma samapti ritual where groom selects a name for bride and asks guruji to select a word for Sayi which can calm her nature and asks Sonali to bring rice thali. Guruji says checking Virat and Sayi’s kundali and janma thithi, he found Ja, Ka, and Da. Sonali says Jwalamukhi from Ja. Karishma Ka matching her name. Shivani selects Dabang. Bhavani asks Virat to select a new name and write it on rice thali. Sayi says what is there to select, Sayi is her only old and new name. Ashwini says she performed so many rituals and shouldn’t feel bad with last ritual.

Sayi says Aaba gave her this name and its his last gift to her, he even tattooed it on his wrist, so she will not change it. She requests Bhavani not to change her name as she will not change Aaba’s given name till her last breath. Bhavani says she will not change ritual’s significance with emotional flow; every bahu in this house has changed their name, her name was Chandrakala before marriage, Ashwini’s name was Sandya, Sonali’s name was Madhuri, Karishma’s name was Sweety; they all changed their names for Chavan family and even she has to to be Chavan family’s bahu. Sonali says Karishma is not marathi, even then she did. Sayi asks why didn’t they change Pakhi’s name then. Mansi says Pakhi’s husband Samrat left home next day after wedding, so they couldn’t change her name. Pakhi asks Sayi why she drags her in everything. Bhavani says she will not change the ritual at any cost and asks Virat to write his wife’s new name in rice thali.

Virat walks towards rice thali and writes name. Sayi thinks don’t know what he thinks of himself, he just obeyed family without bothering about her feelings. Ashwini looks at name and asks Sayi to look what a beautiful name Virat has selected. Sayi yells she will not change her name and everyone has to call her Sayi. Ashwini insists. Sayi turns and sees sayi written. Virat says name is a person’s identity and its only his/her right to change or not; tells Bhavani that he respects Sayi’s feelings and if Sayi doesn’t want to change, he will not. Bhavani walks away angrily. Vaishali tells Pakhi that Virat is under Sayi’s control completely now or else he wouldn’t have supported her going against whole family. Sonali asks Omkar why Sayi wants to become doctor instead of lawyer or actor as she frightens everyone with her justification.

Bhavani greets Vaishali and Shailesh bye and asks to come often as Pakhi will feel good. Shailesh asks if they can take Pakhi home for a few days as she will feel good in Samrat’s absence. Bhavani permits. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to go as Mansi is more worried for Samrat than her and she need to be with Mansi, she is Shailesh’s daughter as well as Chavan family’s bahu and cannot shy away from her responsibilities. Bhavani praises that Pakhi is a true Marathi mulgi and she is very happy to get her as bahu, they gave her good sanskars or else other young girls.. Shailesh thanks her. She asks them again to keep coming for Pakhi’s sake.

Sayi walks in a corridor when Devi holds her hand and insists to play with her. Sayi says she is busy. Devi says she is also like Pakhi who never plays with her, nobody plays with her. Sayi agrees, they both walk to lawn and plays step game. Devi says Sayi is too good, but her mother is not good and scolds her often. Sayi asks why her mother scold her and why she behaves like a kid. Devi says she was big earlier and used to go to college. Sayi asks then what happened. Devi says mother, hospital, medicine. Sayi asks what happened in hospital, who gave her medicine. Ninad and Omkar pass by and hearing their conversation scold Sayi to stop bothering Devi. She asks why should she and thinks why they are stopping her from finding out Devi’s past.

Ninad continues yelling that she is not their family member to question. Devi says they all scold her except Sayi, Sayi is good and they are all bad. Virat enters. Ninad asks him to control his wife as she is trying to find out Devi’s past. Virat takes Sayi away. Ninad and Omkar think of informing Bhavani and walk to her room. Bhavani searching headache medicine senses their tension and asks reason. They say Sayi is trying to find out Devi’s past. Bhavani yells at Sayi. Omkar says with all this, if she feels Karishma is better than Sayi. Bhavani yells if a donkey wins a rice, it doesn’t become a horse. She warns them to make sure Sayi doesn’t dig at Devi’s past and if she finds out Devi’s truth, don’t know what will she do.

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