Saturday Update on Lockdown Love Story 5th March 2022


Saturday Update on Lockdown Love Story 5th March 2022

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Inspector saying Sonam is Corona positive, we decided she will stay here. Dhruv says she won’t come here. Sonam says I have come. Some time back, Milky is doing an emotional drama. Dhruv asks what do you mean. She says if Sonam is here, then you have to accept me as my wife, I can’t be insecure. He says fine, I accept. He asks Shashi to come along, they will go and explain Sonam to leave. Shashi says take Nutan and Sheetal for this work, they can do it well. Dhruv says I forgot you all made teams, I will handle it alone. He angrily goes. Hulchul gets Sonam to his house. He says you are safe here until I leave you at Dhruv’s house, come. He introduces his mum. The lady blesses Sonam.

She says I know everything, good didn’t happen without you, welcome in our house. Hulchul gets Dhruv’s call. Dhruv asks him to meet him at crossroads. He sees Agarwal. Hulchul says I will meet Dhruv and come. Hulchul and Bablu come to Dhruv. They see Agarwal and sign him to keep quiet. Bablu asks why did you call him here. Dhruv says I got him to ask about Sonam. Bablu asks where is she. Agarwal says I saw her, she was feeling unwell, she said she has a trouble in breathing, I asked her to get checkup and not come back with corona. Dhruv says if she fell sick, you made her leave. He scolds Agarwal. He calls him selfish. Agarwal says she would have delivered Corona with items if I didn’t fire her. Hulchul thanks him. Dhruv says we will go to hospital. Bablu says no, no one can meet Corona patient, we are not her family. Dhruv asks them to say what to do. Hulchul says we will find out.

Dhruv says we will go, just sit. He takes Hulchul with him. The lady says once Dhruv’s anger calms down, everything will be fine. Dhruv stops Hulchul home. Hulchul signs Sonam. She sees Dhruv coming. Dhruv says I should have died today, even then I m alive, what shall I say, you know what happened with me, that girl played a game, I loved her a lot, I fought with my parents for her, she didn’t time from doing makeup, I made her out of the house. Sonam looks on. He says she didn’t leave the city, don’t know why, I will find her and make her out of the city. The lady says you loved Sonam a lot, she made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes. He says my love was not fake, truth is she never loved me, you tell me, does anyone leave marriage and make someone else sit, just to get makeup, my mum was dying, she just loves herself, she doesn’t think of anything else, I don’t want beauty, I m finding her to explain her to go away, that’s all. Hulchul asks if she doesn’t go then. Dhruv says you tell me what to do, I can’t bear her presence.

Sonam cries. Hulchul sees Sonam and says we will get her killed, this matter will end forever. Dhruv looks at him. He asks can you do this. Sonam gets shocked. Hulchul says I did a lot for you, just tell me, I will get it done. Dhruv smiles and says I would have broken your face if you were not my friend, I loved her, she didn’t understand my love, how did you think I can get her killed. Sonam cries. Dhruv says if you say such wrong thing again, I will beat you in front of your mum. Hulchul says you were so worried. Dhruv says yes, just find Sonam and explain her, threaten her, ask her to leave the city, ask her to forget me, if she stays here, my family will be in trouble, what’s left here, she can stay happy with her family and concentrate on her life, she can become a fashion designer, everyone is making fun of my marriage. Sonam cries.

Nutan and Sheetal try to explain Milky. Nutan says don’t know if Dhruv will come back home at night. Milky says I will wait for him all night. Sheetal says let her wait, Dhruv will compare Milky and Sonam’s love, he will realize her love is true. She asks Milky not to sleep. Dhruv lies on the sofa. Hulchul sees Sonam. He asks Dhruv won’t he go home. Dhruv recalls Milky’s words. He says I told you, I will sleep here, is there a problem. The lady says no. Dhruv asks Hulchul to go and sleep. Hulchul signs Sonam and goes. Dhruv sleeps. Sonam covers Dhruv with a blanket.

Sonam coming home to stay. Some time back. Sonam sees Dhruv sleeping and smiles. She recalls their moments. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays… She cries recalling how he ousted her. She covers him with the quilt. She goes away and shuts the room door. Milky waits for him. She gets Dhruv and Sonam’s pictures. She gets angry. Its morning, Sonam signs Hulchul to take tea for Dhruv. Hulchul sees Dhruv gone and signs her. Dhruv comes home. He sees Sonam and his pics all over the room. He recalls their moments. Milky comes to him and smiles. She touches his feet. He gets away. He asks what’s this drama. She says it was our first night yesterday, today is the first morning of our lives, bless me. He says I thought you will realize that I don’t care for this relation, you are making me Devta, this won’t work, what’s this decoration with pics. She says yes, you stayed away because of Sonam, so I got her pics to make you feel good, I know you are just acting to be upset on her.

Dhruv asks acting, you think I m just acting. He throws the pics and says I hate Sonam. He scolds Milky. She smiles. She says its good you had torn it, if I did this, you would have slapped me, I will wait to see our pic framed. He says its impossible, I don’t have a big heart, you and Sonam ruined my life, go away. Everyone comes out to see the police at the door. Inspector reads the names from the list. Sheetal asks did I get a lottery. Inspector says we doubt you all have corona. Sheetal says we didn’t go out. Dhruv asks how did this happen. Inspector says Sonam is Corona positive, her reports have come, we had done call tracing, she said she was staying here, you all will be home quarantined. Shashi asks where is she, is she fine. Inspector says Sonam has asymptotic corona, you three, Nutan, Sheetal and Milky were in close contact with her, Nutan tried to slap Sonam, Milky had blackened her face, Sheetal stays close to you two. Nutan says she is very clever, she is just defaming us by using Corona, she is not telling what she did.

Shashi asks him to keep the three women in isolation. Inspector asks them to stay at home in different rooms, Sonam and you all will stay at the same place for 14 days. Dhruv asks will Sonam stay here. Inspector says yes, she will stay here until her reports come negative, keep her in separate room, she will be free after 14 days. Dhruv says you are putting covid positive patient here, send her to any covid hospital and isolate her, she won’t come here. Sonam says sorry, I have come. She gets her bags. She says I have come to stay here in isolation. Dhruv asks what’s this nonsense, keep her in hospital. Inspector says hospital has no free beds, Sonam said you all were in close contact, why to keep her anywhere else, everyone knows about her, leave it, come and give the sample. Sheetal cries. Nutan scolds Sonam. Subhadra hears everyone on the call. Sonam says I don’t want anything from you all, I just want to stay here in isolation.