Saturday Update on Evil Eye 19th June 2021

Saturday Update on Evil Eye 19th June 2021

Ansh jumps down and saves Piya. Piya has fainted. Ansh says Piya open your eyes. Piya opens eyes and says sorry your plan ruined because of me. Piya says did Vishalika go? Ansh says yes she has gone. Piya says I am really sorry. I don’t know what happened to me. Ansh says it wasn’t your fault. Piya says what about Mohana? Everyone comes downstairs. Ansh says where is Mohana? Avi says she left. Ansh says she won’t sit down
Mohana sees in the stars someone will come and take my aikain powers? If I defeat him I will become very powerful for ages and if I lose I will lose all my powers. Nishant reads the stars are changing. He says something big is going to happen.

Piya says Ansh why are you here? He says I can’t sleep. Piya says is something bugging you? Ansh says I was so worried about you. Piya says don’t stress about it. Ansh says Mohana won’t sit down this time. She would come for her revenge. I don’t know if we would be able to face her. Piya says we can’t stop living because of that fear. It’s your birthday tomorrow. Everyone is so excited. Please sleep you will feel better.

Mohana comes to Patmyaan. She says someone is going to take my powers. Patmayan says who told you I would help you? Mohana says I am your daughter. Patmayan says I regret that. Why should I help you? You have always disappointed me. Mohana says okay don’t. I will find my answers. Patmayan says go from here. I don’t want to see your face. Mohana says I will go to Utar lake. Mohana says it only answers you so I will take you there. Patmayan says you can never be anyone’s.

Vedeshree says where is everyone? Avi says Chetali gave me a warning to be ready. Chetali says it’s birthday, we have to prepare so many things. Shekhar says I have arranged everything for the pooja. Vedeshree says where are Ansh and Pooja? They come downstairs. Everyone wishes Ansh. Ansh says where are the kids? Piya says let me call them. Piya asks the kids is everything ready? THey say yes. We will make his day very special. Pari says we don’t want to miss the pooja.

Saavi says to Naman we have to get ready. Dad has asked. Naman says you didn’t answer me. Saavi says you didn’t ask me. Naman says do you want to spend your life with me? She says I don’t know. What if you said that in jealousy? Living with you would ruin my mental balance. Naman says so it’s a no? Saavi says I need time to think. He says I am coming back in an hour and I need answer after that.

Mohana comes to the utar lake. She says I need answers. You know who I am. Rathores are doing pooja. Mohana says who wants to take my powers from me? Water splashes on her. Vedeshree gives pandit ji the kundlis. Nishant asked his help. He asked him not to tell them Nishant asked for it. So they aren’t worried. Pandit ji says I just wanted to check them. Lights go off. Ansh says let me check. He comes to the hall. It’s all decorated. Everyone wishes Ansh happy birthday. Pari and Adi fight who would eat the cake first. Ansh makes them eat the cake together.

Everyone dances and celebrates. Mohana says won’t you make me eat the cake? Mohana says why is she here? Piya says she said she’s here to talk. Ansh says she must have a huge plan against us. Ansh says we will attack her before she attacks us. Veedeshree says Ansh is right. They go downstairs. Mohana is dancing. Everyone is shocked. Chetali says what is up with her? Avi says what does she want? She says I want to dance on my son’s birthday.

Naman says did you answer my question? She says dad has called us. We have to go.
Ansh says stop this drama. We know you are here for something evil. Mohana says to give you the biggest good news of your life. I am going to die soon. Chetali says when? Vedeshree says how do you know? She says stars told me someone will take my powers. They will take my powers. And I will die. Chetali sees a smoke. She says what was that? Mohana says I want your help. Ansh says why would we?

Saavi and Naman come to Patmayan’s cave. It’s on fire. They see fire. Nishnat says no one has answer to this. Not even Patmayan. Patmayan’s cave is on fire.
Mohana says that evil power will come after Ansh and his family. Ansh says stop with your drama. You have been fooling us. But not this time. Mohan says I am not scared for myself. I only wanted to warn you. Ved says what if she is right? Ansh says she has fooled us before. Nishant calls Piya and tells her Patmayan’s cave is on fire.

Piya locks Mohana in a room. She says you will stay here till we decide what to do. Mohana says in heart I will use their powers to fight that evil power.

Nisant says we have to find out who did it.
Ansh screams in pain. Piya says Ansh what happened? He says I am better now. His back burns. Vedeshree says I am sure Mohana did this.
Saavi says how do know what his next plan is?
Vedeshree says that person is harmful to Ansh and kids too. Mohana says only Piya can stop him. Please shake hands with me and help me. Ansh says we can’t trust you. Nishant says why didn’t you tell us who that challenger is? A moon appears. Nishant says it’s telling us something. Piya says it would come tomorrow. Nishant says how do we know what to do? Piya says I have a plan.