Saturday Update on Anupama 23rd July 2022


Saturday Update on Anupama 23rd July 2022

Anupama confronts Baa for calling her a bad mother and says she will happily sacrifice her life if her daughter is getting even a second of happiness with it. Baa asks her to stop lecturing and think what will people think if she takes Pakhi to a psychologist. Anu says she is a bad mother if she thinks about others and not her daughter, and if her daughter’s mental health will get well if she takes her to a psychologist, then she will take her there definitely. Vanraj seeing her condition offers her water. He tells Baa that their situation is bad already and they shouldn’t worsen it with internal fights. He gets doctor’s appointment confirmation and tells Anu they should go now. They walk into Pakhi’s room and sees mamaji entertaining Pakhi with his jokes. Once Mamaji leaves, they both wish her good morning and asks how is she. She says bad as she troubled them and asks if they are angry on her.

Vanraj says not at all. Anu says they want to take her to a doctor. Pakhi says she is fine. Vanraj explains that Anu means a psychologist. Pakhi panics and shouts that she is not crazy. They both explain that just like when their body gets unwell, they visit a doctor, they need to visit a psychologist for their mental health. Vanraj tickle her and she laughs.

Vanraj and Anu take Pakhi to a psychologist. Doctor counsels Pakhi. Anu and Vanraj think they hurt their daughter unknowingly and are themselves are hurt with it. Doctor returns and says good they brought their daughter to her as she really needed psychological help, she is in deep fear that her parents will divorce and is unable to tolerate it as according to her a family means both parents and children stay under a same roof, but she is feeling her family is shattering. She tells Anu that she feels that her daughter is more disappointed with her as she never thought that she would react and take such a big step, she thinks her mother always adjusted and followed a policy of forget and forgive and this is hurting her a lot. Anu asks even if she thinks that they should stop their divorce and live together again. Vanraj asks if this is the only solution.

Doctor says she didn’t mean they should compromise on their feelings and live together, but if they have to get their daughter out of the drama, they have to give her time to accept the fact and spend a lot of time with her as she is feeling that she is losing her parents’ love because of their divorce decision; they should explain this calmly with love and until she understands it, they need to manage as she fears that she will lose either of her parents. She says she can give Pakhi anxiety medicines, but honestly Pakhi needs their love and care than medicines as parents’ love is her best medicine; they should take her out somewhere. They both say they will do same and can do anything for their daughter’s happiness.

Anu and Vanraj return home with Pakhi and don’t find family at home. Samar enters and says he is back, followed by family. Pakhi happily hugs him. Anu emotionally pampers him. Samar says he missed her a lot. She says even she. He says not more than him. She asks if she is a mother or him. He looks at Vanraj and asks Pakhi why did she do so much mishap when he just went out for just 1 week. She says sorry. He tells Toshu that she should be punished. Pakhi says no. Samar asks Bapuji what he says. Bapuji says yes my cute idiot and plays Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka Sabka Kehna hai…song. Samar and Toshu dance with her while whole family cheer them up. They give her gifts and money and get emotional. Pakhi asks them not to cry as she will be with them always. Vanraj seeing children happy says they will do it. Anu says they will, and they both laugh.

Nandini feels sad that Samar cheered up Pakhi and ignored his friend, at least as a formality he should have told. Samar enters and says I missed you, he thought she would have read it in his eyes, but when she left angrily without greeting him, he realized that she didn’t look at his eyes or didn’t understand. She blushes. He says she can control smile, but not blushing. She walks away shy.

In the evening, Vanraj feeds Pakhi and Anu feeds Samar. Samar enjoys food and says he missed her a lot. Vanraj smiles looking at them. Samar tells Anu that thank god that Pakhi is fine, cool dude/Bapuji informed what Baa told her, she cannot be selfish or else she wouldn’t have managed her marriage for 25 years, wouldn’t have let Mr Shah’s girlfriend enter home, would have separated a daughter from her father; in fact, she did right with people who did wrong to her. Anu emotionally says when he is around, she feels confident. Samar takes her to home temple and gives her his first earning. Anu says he should submit his first earning to god. He says his mother is his god. Vanraj notices that and reminisces scolding Samar. Anu asks Samar to give his first earning to Baa.

Baa says Vanraj gave his first earning to her, so Anu should get her son’s first earning. Anu happily shows her son’s first earning to everyone. Bapuji says looks like we saw light after a dark night, real earning his family’s happiness and he feels wealthy today. Anu signals Samar to take Vanraj’s blessings. He hesitantly touches Vanraj’s feet. Vanraj hugs him happily. Samar says they will party with his first earning. Vanraj they will party after a few days as Pakhi is going on a school trip to Panchgani and he permitted her. Samar says thats great as Pakhi would be with her friends and they need not worry. Toshu asks is it right to send Pakhi alone after so much happened. Vanraj says she is going with students and teachers. Toshu says they should be careful. Anu says there is a difference between being careful and being fearful, one who is careful crosses a road looking at both sides and one who is fearful doesn’t cross a road at all, so she doesn’t want any of her son to be fearful, Sweety will go on her school trip for sure. Mamaji claps and jokes. Anu gets more happy looking at Samar’s first salary.

In the morning, Anu and Vanraj return home after dropping Pakhi for school trip. Vanraj says he knows decisions is right, but he felt to get Pakhi back from school bus. Anu says she feels same, but she wants to let her daughter learn to fly herself and hopes she returns home happily like she left. Baa asks if they dropped Pakhi and if she was crying. Mamaji jokes people cry coming near her and not going away. Vanraj tells Baa that she went happily. Kinjal offers them tea. Vanraj says when Pakhi has gone, even he will. Baa says he should stay back for even mother. Vanraj says she is not understanding. Baa says he doesn’t know what happened in his absence.

Kavya gets Vanraj’s call and asks if Pakhi left for school trip. He says yes. She says let us have lunch together and then go home. He says he got a call from his aunt from Gandhinagar, his grandma/naani is getting emotional and wants to meet them all. She says they will go together. He says Naani wants to meet even Anupama and since Anu has holidays, Baa, Bapuji, Anu, and him are going for a chance as the recent days were tough on his family. She controlling her anger says of course, you have a great trip and disconnects call. She gets Anirudh’s message that he is reaching in 15 minutes; thinks earlier Anupama and now even children are troubling her, she has to take Anirudh’s help if she needs to end this chapter once for all. Samar seeing Anu preparing laddoos says he only saw mothers preparing only laddoos in movies and its very cliche. She feeds him laddu. He says badi naani is getting the best laddus. She says she kept one box at home also. He says he will handle home in her absence. He says Nandini helped her and Kinjal a lot in his absence and only dear ones can do so much help, anyways she is a family member.

He gets engrapsed in thoughts. She repeats. He says he heard it first time itself and reminiscing his name in Nandini’s diary thinks if he should inform mummy about it, he will inform till breakup. He notices Nandini entering and says his Mumbai friend pooja has such a silky hair, she doesn’t wear Indian dress and wears only short skirts and western clothes, girls look behenji type in Indian clothes. Nandini gets jealous hearing that. Anu alos notices Nandini and says she saw him dancing with Pooja, she is very beautiful. He says he used to call her Poo and she used to call him Sami. Nandini gets more jealous. He says he will bring her to meet mummy. Nandini walks to them and asks why would she come to meet mummy, she will spoil his name from Samar to Sam, Sami, Sammu, etc.; aunty will feel very bad, how does he know her hair is so silky, if he used to shampoo her hair. He says Pooja herself told, why is she feeling bad.

Nandini says why should she, he can go and oil Pooja’s hair and braid hair, she came to speak to aunty. He says she can. She says she will come later and leaves. Anu laughs and asks why he troubles her. He says she feels jealous but doesn’t say anything. She says she will soon, love has to be cooked in slow flame or else it will burn. He says love is not a kheer that should be cooked in low flame, he can’t wait to hear LOL/lots of love from her. She feeds him laddu and says lots of laddu, he will hear sweet if he has sweets, he should trouble her much and go and convince her. He rushes out. She prays god its her son’s first love and he should protect it. Samar runs behind Nandini and says he was joking. She says he should joke with Pooja from Mumbai, Sami and walks away. He thinks he will convince her anyways, he learnt living in Mumbai that anything can change in life, so he should do what he wants to.

Kavya meets Anirudh and gives him \papers to check and sign. He smiles at her. She asks why is he looking like that. He signs papers. She thanks him and says now their house belongs to only him from hereon. He asks what is she planning, says finally she will get divorce and why did she give house to him. She says she is getting divorce in exchange of house and its not a bad deal. He says whether she is seeking freedom for herself or Vanraj, she shouldn’t stop living life freely. She says he is taunting her even now, he always taunted her and at least while separating should stop taunting her. He says he knows and says he is just a phone call away if she needs his help. She says lets just be happy from hereon. He says we will be, hugs her and leaves wishing her god bless you. She notices a man watching her hiding, but ignores and leaves.

Anu packs Baa’s bags. Vanraj says she takes stuff from here and brings it back totally. Baa gets emotional saying she is a mother here and daughter there, so she needs to show her love to her mother. Kinjal asks Anu to return soon. Baa says they will return by night. Samar suggests to hire a driver as its a long journey. Bapuji says Vanraj will drive half way and then Anu will, its time for Anu to hold the steering and show them a way further. Vanraj says now even he knows that giving steering in Anu’s hands is safe as he couldn’t drive in stress while searching Pakhi. Baa says when they both learnt to drive, why don’t they drive life’s vehicle together. Mamaji says he is going to Baa’s house and will stay there for sometime and jokes with Samar. Anu warns Toshu and Samar not to trouble Kinjal for silly reasons; she prepared food, so Toshu should take it have it himself and not trouble Kinjal. Samar says only Toshu troubles Kinjal. Anu tells Toshu that he doesn’t get a chance to spend time alone with Kinjal, so he shouldn’t fight with her and keep her happy instead. She then asks Samar not to trouble Nandini as she was sad in his absence. They all leave. Family photo falls down.

After sometime, Toshu and Kinjal get ready for office. Kinjal gives instructions to Samar. Samar says mummy hasn’t left yet and says she is the best bhabi in the world. Kinjal and Toshu leave for work. Samar gets happy thinking he is home alone after a long time and imagines what all he can do alone, then gets bored and video calls Nandini. Nandini angrily asks why did he call her. He says he is alone at home, so she should come home and they can watch a movie. She asks why don’t he call silky hair Pooja. He says he called her first, but she is busy. She gets more jealous. He says mummy asked to check dance class accounts, so she has to come. She says if aunty asked, she will come and disconnects call. He feels guilty for lying her and hopes he calms her anger. He then sees Vanraj’s phone ringing nearby, calls Anu and informs that Mr. Shah left phone, so he will come and give it wherever they are. Baa says they have traveled far away.

Vanraj says its a question of one night, so he can switch off phone or else it will ring whole day. Baa says else maide ki katori Kavya will keep calling repeatedly. Hame Tumse Pyar Kitna Ye Hum Nahi Jante…song plays in FM. Vanraj smilingly looks at Anu. Anu thinks its the same song Vanraj sang for her. Bapuji asks Vanraj to increase the volume as its his favorite song. Anu reminisces telling Kavya that she has moved on and will not look back, telling Vanraj that people shouldn’t hate each other after divorce and should be friends instead. She hymns song looking at Vanraj and he also hymns with her. Pyar Tumhe Kis Mod Pe Le Aaya…song plays next. They all enjoy the song. Baa thinks they both look so nice together and prays god to reunite them.

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